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Full text of "Torch : [East Bridgewater High School yearbook]"

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"^1/ r /;//)v' lainial lo he n/r^ciis of I he Vivr//I, nnnikrs of I he 
Iwnuf/i (oniniiniily. " 

- f)anl;lin 'Delano 'Iioos(')r// 




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unwr y^wm 

Prom King 
Christopher Cepero 


Prom Queen 
Jamie Gilbride 



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."='- i**^ 







Queen's Court: 
Amanda Lucier 
Shannon Dednah 
Karen Zahka 
Samantha Wolfe 



King's Court: 
Nicholas DeMaio 
Thomas Horan 
TJ Collins 
Kevin Darragh 










AuM-esen Qrex^mry Ascl Hkkdo/i Baynah. Adam BtaMe 


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Kiudyn, BoyU 




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juiJyiAM^a. rJ^yxA^ Rkhard Cktrmesim Ktimi Cie^^'iewbi Sa/Uia C^Mx) KaMyn Coles 








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Itt '-MC 


Me^fum DeSawsa. K£utkarm£ VoImi C hri''iiop^ 'Oo^'U^m i -RyMi EaoAi. Awmm^o, ELmwd 

y V 

PLar&s WilUaMt Floyd 





VeMM^ Poilom. 




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Kcu^tm. Qa^aJ^tdiMi ^^tAr^ QiUwt 


JaMiA£ QilbrlcU StepkMvU QilcLeA VoauA Qilmeiix Soma. Qr 

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KerL Kummzui VmuA LoM^m MkkaA LoArn^m Qe^dd LeBruAtjK 



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AdMu. LUtU BruwAui Loneracui 





SeMt McDam 

McHuch CcdieeK McLoMMtliK Bailev Me^idvt}' Ai^a^im AAei^eiray IniiAduin MerriH 

>■ a"! 

Carey AAorriU Chri^LKe Morrl5^ey MkAaA Mt 

Meiis^ui Mafie HaHim Moukixlied 

'''** s: 

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CkeUea. Netfum. Stev-en. O'CamteU NkkoioA OUvhth MariMA. Pene^io MoUy PrHujr&w 






VoMiei VJJ^nYO Qir&aory Rpccio Lorl Kick 




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j'^. \ '*S'^ ^ i 

Ude ScAu/z CoyUlyK. Scudder Ckri/ftanker Suuutcnu Mcdtkew Simtk 



Tardie AAkkaA TeMler Kara. TPuAntoK 



Ke-iuieik Toib-ert Seiut T&t4UH.en/ik VoAviei TanmUas Bnidlev VMuieiiex 


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//wt Vaiioh 


:>erdi Vi^ao EibaJ^dk WdM^m A(urm WaU 


LcuM-tK WaUk McKenzle Walters VomaA Weh^tr 


SoAMMyKtka. Wffife 


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OcPeier 21- 22, 200^ 


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'i^A. ^% 

^•^ •€%; 


TJ Co lins, Drvyn DrDominici, Mike Bounanl, Jamir Ciilhridc \ Mall Koscnhci^. 
Molly Br()|)hy,Tom lloran, Jess Damiano^Bcn 1 1 ayes, Karen Zaiika 


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1 fc^BL r^^^^S^^^r 






^H -sir' ^^^B 

Treasurer Ed Pomfred 
Secretary Leah Fluke 
Vice-President Karena Garabedian 
President Karen Zahka 




Pamela Ross & Jamil Siddiqui 

First Row: Ed Pomfred, Craig Hastings, Mike Berry, Tom Horan, Will Kenney, Karena 
Garabedian, Karen Zahka, Leah Fluke. Second Row: Michelle Crum, Liz Fairburn, Chris 
tine Morrissey, Kaitlin Coles, Shannon Dednah, Sam Bosco, Ben Hayes, Lauren Walsh, 
Matt Smith, Brenna McAuliffe, Matt Rosenberg, Caitlyn Scudder, Lorraine Burger, Jess 

Andrew Alger 

Andrew John Andresen 

"Andy, Buddy Andy, Stacy, Squishy" 
"Who was the first person to look at a cow and say, "I think I'll squeeze these 
dangly things here and drink what comes out?" 
Activities: Outdoor Track, Drama, Art Club 
Memories: SG I love you, BF your my brother minus the whole have to live in the 
same house thing, SPF "Mommas gotta eat", CC "Yes i'm still short", NEO good 
times playing poker, JJ "I have a small straight", MC nice fro, AC where exactlv 
do I buy these tickets to this "gun show"?, Thanks mom and dad for everything. 
When you first wake up you can not play Zelda ( part of the greatest week of all 
time, if you don't know what i'm talking about you weren't there so don't worry 
about it.), i'm sure finally graduating from high school has its down sides its just 
i'm too lazy to find them out, with those last words I would like to say thank you 
fans don't call me i'll call you unless I don't want to in which case 1 will never 

talk to you again - adios EBHS. 

Gregory Alfred Asci 

"I'm old enough to know better but I'm still to young to care" 
Activities: Cross Country 1, Winter Track 2-4, Spring Track 2-4, Yearbook 12 
Future Plans: Go to College, be successful and have a good life 
Memories: Good times with JN, CM, MB, ES, PG, RZ, All the good times fishing with JN, MB, and ES. 
All those summer night fires at Joe's house, getting caught just about every time, just chucking stuff out 
into the woods. Think its all still out there? 311 concert with MB, yeah it was a good time. Keith Urban 
concert at UMass Amherst with PG and DL, leaving the concert early just to go back to room and go 
nuts! All the other trips 1 had to colleges, like Salem with MB, kid that stuff was bomb! Going to every 
football game with JN, PG, and RZ those nights always turned out crazy. Trips to Berkeley with JN Ln 
the middle of the night for no reason at all, prolly not at good idea. Fun times going 4 wheeling with 
j-na. Getting my life saved by the Marine that night at the bogs. Steph my best friend im going to miss 
you next year ly. Meg and Bethany thanks for all the good advice, you helped me through some hard 
times. Biss be good and watch out for those boys. Uncle Doug- yeah we had some good laughs. Auntie- 
thank you for always guiding me in the right direction. Nan, Mom, and Dad- I'm going to miss all you 

guys, thanks so much everyone. I love you. 


William Atchison 

"The guy is so smooth he could slide on sandpaper."- Ballad 
Activities: Hockey 3. 

Nicholas Paul Barnabe 



Justin Michael Barnes 

Adam Graeme Beattie 

"Our little group has always been and always will until the end." - Nirvana 
Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4 Capt. 4, All-Star 4. 
Future Plans: College, be successful, and have no regrets. 
Memories: "The Feev," Craigy Run, Andy's house, horseshoes, iced tea and Ice T, 
New Hampshire, the Boom Boom Room, Walshy's, Nature's Classroom, scavenger 
hunt, basements across Massachusetts and New Hampshire, the Super Bowl, play- 
grounds. Rodeo Burgers, the beach, fires, Cumby's, firewood, Bohemian Rhapsody, 
making breakfast. Pizza Hut, the trolley, Michael G.D. Dunn, cheese sandwiches. Elm 
Street Grill, scratch tickets, mall trips. Old Wapping Road, sing alongs, Wendy's 500, 
the Buzz, the Captain, the back parking lot, Alanis Morisette, DOME, the T, Boston, 
Kingston K.O.C., the Gallery with Java Bob and the Comic Book Heroes. SxCxAxTxTx 
and crew, you might as well be family. "We all were lost, now we are found. No one 
can stop us or slow us down. We are the named and we are known. We know that 

we'll never walk alone." 


Joshua Aaron Begley 

"To live is to suffer but to survive that's to find the meaning in the 

Activities: Football 1,2,3, captain 4 Weightlifting 1,2,3,4 
Memories: Burnin. I'll start back in the day in the middle school playing 
football at recess with the boys, EBCC Football was ill. Going to Call wit 
DV was an unreal trip. Freshman and Sophomore year parties wit DV EW 
and TS. FAD 5 illest goldie team ever, junior prom, McHugh's rocka. Week 
at Bernies, Feb vaca at Cols, deee, original crew Court, Col, and Bernie. 
Best times of my life with you guys, shout out to all my other friends. 
Mom and Dad thanks for everything I love you. 


Michael Harry Berry 


"There are clubs you can't belong to, neighborhoods you can't live in, schools you can't get 
into, but the roads are always open." - Nike 

Activities; Cross Country (3, 4 ) Winter Track (3, Capt. 4) Spring Track (3, Capt. 4.) 

Future Plan: Own my own production company and make movies. 

Memories: Donovan, the best friend a kid could have, thanks. RBW, JFT, Venus w/ CD TH 
FR WK CH TJ. Fishing, the Honda, the Celeb, NYC w/ XC 04 and 05. snow storms, 311, Papa 
Roach, Nadeau's fires/house, poker, Lil' Tev, XC bus stories. Main St. Hingham, Evan Beat 
downs, KC's surprise party at Donovan's. Tom's basement, music vids, "I'm the man", bowl- 
ing all summer, Hershey with the family. Raynham trips with Greg, hey was she young ? BPL, 
wiffleball, XC rituals. Writing on spikes. After prom at my house, cheating. Bruins with LW 
and CD. Brown, Emmanuel, Salem State. Stress Fractures and PT, Blockbuster, Pats Practice, 
myspace, stealing signs, EAB games, B&E, 508-844-7231, 18n31320»6,TJ's block party, cape 
house, fires at my house, skipping school, wake up calls, getting caught, BK Breakfast, dodgeball, 
only for a few seconds, night in Providence, cki, thanks for everything pumpkin. Everyone 
else sorry if I forgot you. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Donovan , Mr. McCabe, Mr. T, The Tevlins. 
Lisa, Mom and Dad I Love you . 

Kevin Paul Boates 

Samantha Grace Bosco 

Sammi, Sam, Grace 

"You don't have to hold onto the pain to hold on to the memory." 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Softball 2, Winter Track 2, Key Club 2-4, Executive 

3-4, SADD 2-3 

Jenna Marie, Kakin, Brophy, Jama, Brittni Nikole, All the Field Hockey girls! 

Thanks to Carrara and Mom. 

Michael Robert Bouffard 

"Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Ac- 
cept no one's defintion of your life; define yourself."- Harvey Fierstein 
Activities: Soccer 9-12; Student Senate 11-12; Key Club 12. 
Future plans: Grov^mg up with my sis, Gike, love to go to college, play soccer, 
graduate and then we will see from there. 
Memories: Summer of 05 with JM MR DV ML JD KZ. Jonny's house grillin', 
wiffleball, and heart to hearts. Gram's house. Fires and patio chills with the crew, 
JM MR MF DT BR LN KC EB BR JN, love em. Fall mornings with JM MR DT 
MF. "What's in your right hand." Kim's open house. ..what a night, huh Joruiy 
Soccer all four years except junior year, breaking stuff isn't too fun. NFL Sundays 
with the boys. NH with the crew good time. Can't forget Jonny throwing snow 
boulders at Rosey's windshield. Brant Rock with KZ JD DD KW DV ML. Rascal 
Flats, 311, both unreal. And just having the best friends and the best times with 
them. JM MR DV ML JD KZ DD KW JM. And my family mom dad Kim Julia and 
Rachel you guys keep me going, love you. 

Kaitlyn Ann Boyle 

Nicknames: Katie, Delancy, Finny, Boyle 
Quote: "1 could be an accident but I'm still trying..." - F.O.B 

Activities: XC 4; Spring Track l,2,3,Capt 4; Winter Track 2,3,Capt 4; Soccer 1,2,3; Basketballl; Execu- 
tive Committee 1-2; Key Club 1 

Future Plans: Attend College, have a successful career, get married 

Memories: Amazing times with all my girls and guys... thanks for everything! I love my track girls; 
thanks for an amazing four years I couldn't have done it with out you Good Luck, Kellcy thanks for 
being my running partner, Connecticut, The Barbie's best friends by chance sisters by choice. Nights 
at the Phillips, Barbie Sleepover, Evan's going away party. Many Fires, Dirty Dozen, PCC, Wild Sum- 
mers, Black and White party, Biffles AO + LF ily "Wood", "Random", DLawlors Beach House, Four 
Wheeling/Snow Wheeling, Timmy Meighan is "the man", Chillen at Bois's house in the driveway 
thanks guys 4 being there 4 me, Evan "Kevin G" I miss you stay strong! HidenGo seek in cars. New 
York w/XC staying up all night nerf fights. Mr. McCabe and Kevin thanks for being amazing coaches, 
\C bus rides. My Twin + lil Egan ily, Bracksttaa, Belcher, She>a ill miss you guys. Hazel n Brit ilygirls, 
KCs surprise party Swimming w. my phone. Daniel Joseph Johnson you mean the world to be you 
will always have a special place in my heart. The past four years have been amazing. I'll miss all 
the times we did things we shouldn't have done. Mom, Dad, Greg, Keith, and Jeff Thank you for 
everything I Love You XOXO. 

Molly Elizabeth Brophy 

"Mol / Broph / Broph Dawg" 

"Growing up is full of big moments. Some of them you can see coming from a mile away; 
and some you can't see at all" 

AcHvities: FH 1-4, Captain 4 W. Track 1-4 Captain 4 S. Track 1-4 Captain 4 NHS 3-4 Execu- 
tive 1-4 

Future Plans: Go to college, get married, and make a difference. 

Memories: FH Banner & Tourney '05, great season w/ Capts JD& DD and pals JG SB BP RD 
SV LE Thanks to MR. T (mentor and #1 Fan) Redheads w/ BP & RD W. Track Capts with 
JR LF & KC, and some track favs SV LS KK LE. Bus pal CM. Gt's with Sampson. MAC- 
RTTJSYN- Where is our posse? Parking Lot Bandits. THEATER w/ everyone. Ski Trip and 
Foggy Goggle. PPC w/ MS BH CD JW always entertaining. MS - You're a horrendous 
stockbroker. Always looking my best with KZ.'jr. Prom w/ WK LF KZ NW AD BH CH FR 
TC. Early days with NW, SF and LL. Tressels w/ MW TH JG SW BM CD. Homecoming. 
Fun w/ Chuckles and Nat. Mom, Dad, Rick, Meg and Joe Thanks for everything. 

Seems like folks turn into things that they'd never want, the only thing to live for is today... 
Good Luck '06 

Nicholas Michael Broydrick 

Loraine Ellen Burger 

"leaner. Burgs" 
Quote : "When you dream, dream big. And when you laugh, be sure to laugh out 


Activities: Field Hockey, Key Club, Executive, SADD, Vikmg Voice 

Future Plans: To get my bachelor's degree, start a family, and come back to EB in a 

few years a famous fiction novelist... it could happen. 
Memories: Leah, you and me 'til the end, sandbox and b-ball. VT and NH. 3LW and 
L2K. Lau and Lea, "Remba? Fish style" Brenna - "Flava Flaaav" Kelsey and Devyn 
- Boston trips in the rain. Zahka -My girl. Karena- "L&S". Shan "Stick in the mud" 
Steve — "Ollie, my bestest, 5 year reunion" Adam — "Luxuries & Heart-to-hearts" *LF. 
LW*Dome soccer #1 fans. Friendly's Crew *KC.SH.CM.CT* FH girls, love you. 
1 <3 my sophomore girls *Joelle, Dalto, Lauren* Junior Prom w/Greg. My Girls- 
LFLW.BM.KG.DD.KW.KZ.MD.CA.KD.KC.SC.ST.SD Best years of my life thanks to 
you. Summer '05. . . There'll never be another like it. Mr. T, (feeney),thanks for every- 
thing. Mom and Dad, I love vou, thanks for always being there. 

Britney Marie Burke 

Nickname: Brit 

Quote: "The years go by. The time it does fly. Every single second is a moment in 

time that passes oh, so quick and it seems like nothing, but when you're looking 

back... well it amounts to everything. "-Catch 22 

Future Plans: To live a life full of fun and happiness! =) 

Memories: Amazing times hanging out with CMB unit! Roller skating, "the horn", 

"Bright yellow". Hot tub? Maine, the Birthday Party, and the parades. "Seeing 
Jesus." "You and even you"! The car. The bulkhead and elimidate? Prom 05. Mel- 
Trips into Boston, just being ourselves. Being in DOC. Those Friday nights with Mel 
and Em. Hanging out with "Edith, Edna, and Eleanor." Matty D-the one and only 
who made me "Valedictorian." Becky- "Yeah!" Hanging out with everyone at Fev. I 
love all of you! "eah, thorns?" Kirst-Six flags and SMB. The fires. Hanging out with 
Shteve because he's one of a kind. Kicken it as "Irby and Tirby." Hanging out with 
Tim, because he's clearly amazing. Am-Thanks for everything and more. Thank- 
you Mom, Dad, and Michael for putting up with such an individual as myself. 1 

love you! 

Sarah Anne Burns 

Quote: "Success is really only a measure of what has happened before. "- 

Chris Cornell 
Future Plans: Get my bachelors in Fine Arts and Photography. After move to 

California for 6 months, then move back down to Cape Cod. 

Memories: KS, SC, KB, SB, CD, AL, BM, GL, CT, CB, Capeway, NCSC, Maine, 

Truro, Saturday Nights, good times at the pits. Parties after the races. Thanks 

to my family, I love you guys. 

Christopher Juan Cepero 

Nicknames: Pero, Reverand, Sfiaft 

You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look 

fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, "I have lived through this horror. I can take the next 

thing that comes along." . . . You must do the thing you think you cannot do. -Eleanor Roosevelt 

Activities: Marching Band 1-4, Soccer 1-4, Indoor Track 1-4, Outdoor Track 2-4, Concert Band 1-4, 

Jazz Band 1, 3, Chorus 3. State Trooper Camp, Boys' State. 
Future Plans: Go to college, become an astronaut, get married, have kids, and be happy and suc- 
Memories: Some great times with Billy, Steve, Andy, Nick, and Jay. Superbowl parties and such. 
Jen, I'm gonna miss you and the rest of the guys; KR, AN, JD, ZT, and the great times I had in 
marching band. Some good times, runnin hurdles with McCabe, and never makin high jump. A 
great season with the soccer team. Alot of fun at the only two pastafests I could ever make, and 
hangin with TB, EP an TN. Gonna miss workin with my teammates. The Disney trip with the 
band. Trooper Camp, and Boys State were all a experiences to remember. It was fun meeting and 
hangin with the exchange students I met, Nele and Bryance, as well as Karoline from last year. I'll 
miss hangin out at Steve's or Nick's and just chillin with my crew. The prom was a good time too. 
Good luck to the rest of the seniors in the future, and to the upcoming senior classes. 

Jessica Marie Chamberlain 

Nicknames: Jess, Jessiker, switz, buddy, M2, definitely not Jchambs 
Quote: "Separate the ones who know you from the ones who couldn't bother to see you for all 

that you are" -Tilly and the Wall 
Activities: Tennis 1,2,3; NHS 3,4; SB/LP 3,4; Executive 2,3; Student Senate 4 
Future Plans: College, Peace Corps, and putting off getting a real job for as long as possible. 
Memories: Fun, but kinda awkward trips with "the crew": the rec, movies, tennis, and Cana- 
dian provinces at the mall. CBH shows at the gallery with everyone. AM! shows with BL, MD, 
CS, SR, AB, TB, BV. Slumber parties with BL and AG- red light, green light and sleep talking. 
Trips to v.p., the cafe, basically everywhere in Boston with SG. Dirmer and bread with JABS. 
Malls and grocery stores (?!) with KC. Spending almost too much time with my bf and fellow 
gf- coffee, driving around, veg photo shoots? and dinner parties. BL SG BH AG - you are my 
favorites and I love you. Mang, Papa, ODB, 2boots- 1 love you and thanks for everything. To 

everyone: good luck!! 


Vania Sung Yin Chan 

Vanilla, Vanaya, Lemonhead, Pipsqueak,Vania of the Yellow Boots 

"The idle fool is whipt at school"- Puritan textbook 

To my teachers: (Mr.A, Mr.B, Ms.Ca, Mr.Cr, Mrs.Cr, Mr.Cu, Mr.D, Mrs. G, 

Mme G, Ms.L, Mme L, Ms. Ma, Mr.McC, Ms. Me, Mr.Me, Mr.Pao, Mr.Par, Mrs. 

R, Mr.R, Mr.Sa, Mr.Si, Mr.Su, Mrs.VV and Mr.Y) Thank you To my XC coaches 

and teamates: fun/good times "Mr. McCabe has continued to impress us with 

his dashing good looks and flawless coaching tactics." Crean- the stench that 

drove the Separtists across the Atlantic; the white jeep; Crean's protuberant 

nose; on se revarra en enfer!- Nous allons faire les biscuits. Stephanie Gildea: 

Team Sucree all the way; La Resistance; Bag- Footed Swamp Wranglers Caity 

Scudder- my loyal buddy Katinkakananananah (KAT)- you are freakishly tall 

and just because I tried to light you face on fire it doesn't mean I'm evil 

"Je pense en francais; done je suis" 

Julianna Joan Chaves 

"Ju-Shaves, Ju, Jewls" 
"My great hope is to laugh as much as I cry; to get my work done and try to love some- 
body and have the courage to accept the love in return."- Mary Angelou 
Future Plans: Industrial design or Daycare owner 
Activities: SADD Pres. 2-4, NHS 3-4, NEASC 3-4, Drama 2-4 tres.3. Pres.4, Student Sen- 
ate 2, STAND 1-3, Amnesty 1-3, Key Club 1-4, arms 2, I'm a Busy Bee 
Memories: Parking Lot Bandits- BH, MB,JC. Watching the school become indecent with 
Ben Hayes. Drama laughs and strenuous nights. Drama dorks- JSul, Flash, AD,KD,SC. 
Gaining my independence and my own identity, Matti G thanks for all you've been there 

for, JSul bro at heart, MS class buddy. Sash, Kat, Marlena, Riki art buds. Miss Meade 

thanks for giving me a future, Sam Piesco we were one & I love you like kel loves orange 

soda, Michelle, Sarah you are me, Jenna Fig, CR, DJ, Mr T, Mr Siddiqui, My babies, all 

my aunts and uncles, I love you ALL!! + Vincent. . .u are family to me, Avo+Avo+Tia love 

you very much! Most importantly, Mom, Dad, Rhi sorry for all that I've put you through 

an I wouldn't be here without you... 

Richard Chermesino 

Kevin Patrick Clements 

The finest line divides a night well spent from a waste of time"-Taking Back Sunday 
1 think this is the time to be able to tell each one of my close friends how much they 
mean to me, and how much they will mean to for years to come. Trav-best acquain- 
tance for thirteen years, Thursday vs Fall Out Boy? Tone-wamia make a movie when 
we graduate, you can be Spanish. Ave-I have got plenty of ocean state noodles for 
this summer if you want some. Mandy-love you, is that ok? Maybe I'll write a note 

sometime telling you. Yoda, I think that your in more than one of these, because 

we all loved you and we still do, R.I.P. — SOing with TP RE AL TF, seeing Tressel at 

Cumby's at like 2am, Taste of Chaos w/ ME TP AL TF, SMM?, Warped Tour 05 w/ 

ME JR TP was SICK! There are too many memories to fit in my spot, so I am going 

the person's below me or next me, wherever you are. 

Sasha Frances Coehlo 

"Sarsh" "Sushi" "Bug" "Sashie" "Katsha" "Beanbag" "Kat" 
QUOTE:"The stars, whose breath is fire, delight/ To dance for thee; the echoing night/ Shall 
with thy praise ring/'- Antigone. 

ACTIVITIES: ArtClubl-4, Drama Club 1-4, Rhythmix 1-4, Chorus 1-4, Poetry Club 3,4, Art 
classes (teaching and learning) 1-4 

FUTURE PLANS: Not sure. Something great I hope. To find happiness in a career and in life- 
Laboring for one's own passion is not work. "Do not go where the path may lead- Go instead 
where there is no path and leave a trail"- Emerson 

MEMORIES: Of everyone. Of my truest friends. Of the great loves of my life. Of my family. 
Of my inspirational teachers. Ya know if I try to write everyone's name, I'd forget someone- 
so to the people that changed my life. Great times singing down the street in the rain as if no 
one was watching. Driving adventures. Watching the same movies so many times we could 
repeat every word. To the crazy art students with unpredictable conversations. To the foreign 
exchange students that add spice to life. To the lower classmen who will carry on my name. 
Massart. PCC. BUSTI. "Does anyone else hear that Gospel Music?" 

Kaitlyn Grace Coles 

K.ikin, Colesy, THRILLA 

Quote: "There is no time to think about how much I hurt, there is only time to run"- Ben Logsdon 

Activities: Winter track 1-4 (captain 4); Spring track 2-4 (captain 4); Key Club 2-4; SADD 3; Yearbook 3,4; 

Executive 2-4; Future Nurses Club 1; Viking Voice 4; Junior arch bearer; Homecoming committee 4 

Future Plans: To become a successful journalist, marry, and have a happy and healthy family. 

Memories: Friendly's Crew<3 your the best I ever had. WST w. KT. Sleepovers & midnight baking w. 

KT & SH. Baseball games w. LF & SAa ] "Lets Gooo!" Sitting in Gladis w. MO & DC. Good times at 

the turkey farm w. JG, Mr. T and Lisa. Jameball I luv u BFF! Relay for life. Monthly beach trips w. SA, 

LF & MO. KC-my sis, HJ 4 life, 9 months<3 Sami baby "All I want for Christmas is you!" "Stop playin 

footsies w. me"-Baaa! I'll miss all my track ladies- keep running hard, I know you can do it! Thank you 

to my coaches for kickjne my butt for 7 seasons. Summer '05=AMAZING. NW you're my one & only 

spice girl/^^^ — -=!^= -^ ^^. ED, SH, & BP- the neighborhood chicks. P.E.I w. the Davisons. Junior prom 

w. the crew. Teepeeing Church St. Rocky Mountain w. CM<3. MS-my locker buddy, Marylou's. Boston 

w. SH. KK Show. The cape w. the girls. Camping w. the neighbors. Asack ladies. MP, DD, CD, TC, MB, 

CH, TH, LE, AM, BH, KC, MS,BB, KB, MB, MD, JM, KK, -miss u guys. Thanks Mom & Dad for always 

being there. GL Mikey! Love u guys. It's been reala ] 

Thomas Jeremiah Collins 

"The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, 
not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will." 

Activities: Ice Hockey 1-4 Capt 3-4,Golf 1-4 Capt 4, Baseball, NHS, Executive 1-4, 
Student Senate 3-4, VP 4. 

Future Plans: Go to college, get married, and raise a family. 
Memories: It's been an unreal four years. Venus w/ the boys MB, CD, CH, TH, 
WK, FR. EAB- SSL Champs 2004, jc in the locker room w/ PB, MK, IF, JS. Jr. 
Prom w/ Karen, pbsf! Bren- Dreamteam, getting Glen Murray's a'graph w/ dun- 
nie. Football at Toms, Breakfast at D'Annes, Handshake with Freddy, Fishing. 
Scavenger Hunts, BPL, Ultimate Frisbee, NHL w/ the boys, music vids, Jan vaca, 
FH tourney game in the blue bomber, Celts game 2/10/06, dunnie's cape house. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, Kristen and Danny. I Love you guys. 

Katelyn Marie Costello 

"Life is what happens while you are making other plans." — John Lemion 
Activities: Field hockey 1-4, Winter track 1,2, Spring track 3,4, Softball 1, Execu- 
tive 1 . 

Future plans: Attend College, be successful in whatever I pursue, and get mar- 
Memories: Field hockey '05- Patriot League Champs!! Great season girls, love 
you all; Good luck next year Erna! Spring track with EF; Times with KH, ST, 
MM, MS, & BH, I love you guys; Growing up with KW; Maine and 4th of July 
w/ KH & ST; Junior prom and other great times with KT; Mall trips w/ JC & 
BH; Working at Peacefuls w/ JC, BP, LF, JD, KH, LS, KW, haha, and the rest 
of the crew; To all of my friends, I love you all, thanks for always being there! 
Mom, Dad, Matt & Kev, I love you, thanks for everything! Good luck class of 


Rikki Lee Craig 

'Ttivi', 'Slickcy', 'Rosie', rslinja' 
"Thank you Stranger, for your therapeutic smile." - Bright Eyes 

Activities: Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1 
Future Plans: Become a massage therapist, and then who knows. 
"That's a binger" with Martini, that was such an awesome night! And going blind in our 
little locked room. "There's a tree on you!" Fun with Ashlee, walking the streets and hop- 
ping on the tramp. Mike, fun at the Halifax Playground, and rolling down hills. Kat, fun 
parties and art classes, even though you insult me. Vania, someday victory will be yours. 
Stephy, 1 will miss our pool wars and Monty Python skits. Spin and Anti-Spin with Sasha, 
so deep. Anthony, I still like you, even if you did try to shove me off the Jetty. Matt Johnson 
is a weirdo who lives in a cranberry bog. Evets, you're still creepy. Fonzo loves the Stoppy 
visits. Tlie best ninja times with Sarf and Tina. Seeing Bright Eyes, Incubus, Action Action, 
The Plain White T's, and so many other amazing bands. Good times with the Pembrokians. 

Saran, I never would have gotten anywhere without you. Bri, you're the best role model. 

Clay, you're cool when I see you. Paul, you're the coolest little boy ever. Dominic and Avery, 

1 love you my little angels. Andy P., you're like a fun big brother, minus the relation. Mom 

and Dad, thanks for everything. Literally. I love you all, thank you so much. 

Michelle Christine Crum 

" Clielle, Mooshy, Meish" 
Basketball 1,2 Soccer 1 Spring Track 1 
KAM Koolaid, AM popcorn. Manhunt, Washington DC, P-town camping 
down the Cape&Drive-in movies, Wareham Crew, Cruise Freshman year w/ 
Lou,Dev,Doobs , Trips to FL w/Toni & the Fam.,Sweetl6 in NYC, Ice Skating, 
Fun times w/Mandy&Greggy, Bowling, Good times ©Cantwells, Begleys& 
Brasills, New Years& Senior Prom '04, Aerosmith Concert, Funway,The Start- 
ing Line w/RM-i-CB, Christmas lights in Boston w/RM,TM&CB, Summers in 
Ml, Providence, Party Boat, Random trips w/Bri always getting lost Boston 
& Plymouth, Slumber Party @Shan's,]r.Prom, Jr.Missl43, Marylous, Camp- 
ing in NH '05, SM(BlackFriday), JM143, All my friends UKWUR143, Thanks 
Mom, Rui,Dana, Bibi, Nana & Papa I love you. Dad&Donna and the rest of 
the family I love you. Tricia&Dick thanks for being my second parents. Rich I 

love you. 


^r '^ 




^^V|H ^^^^^^^H^B 


^L? V^. ^Uiv ' ^'^^^^1 


^^^^fc^j^W^H^^^M w^CSk 

Iv J^^^S 



Matthew Robert Curtin 

/ ,' 

WW l^- * 

Elizabeth Ann Dacey 

Nicknames: Dace, Dacey, Liz, Biffy 
Quote:" im ovit there Jerry, and im lovin every minuate of it"-Seinfeld 
Future plans: to live in a van down by the river 
Memories: Good times with MA,EA,AD,CM, i love you guys,Reachout with 
Mandy, hah wrong way.. riding bikes with Lindsey.Dunkin Dounuts with Chels- 
donut holes. .Boston trips with the fam.Sth grade movie with Jerm and Mel. Burning 
the house down with mp.Quincy with matt, miss you. Summers with Carly love 
u. sweet nectar of life-hah mike.Thanks Mom, Dad,Jess, Paul, Mike, Rach, Sue i 

love you out. 



Jessica Mary Damiano 

Nicknames: "Jess" "Damsiano Gurl" "Jessie Mary" 
Quote: "Life is not about the amount of breaths you take, it's about the moments that take 
your breath away." 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3, Cpt.4 ; Softball 1,2,3,4 ; Basketball 1,2, Cpt3, Cpt.4 ; Key Club 
2,3,4 ; Executive 1,4 ; Student Senate 1,4 ; NHS 3,4 

Memories: ilygike*brother. field hockey-gunna miss you girls-bus rides w/ 'the ball', tour- 
ney 02-05 BANNER '05 ly ladies, summer 05 w/ KZ,DD,KW,DV,ML,MB- brant rock? (jk). 
summer w/ CC&KK-keeping dominos in business(ly guys), softball "the face" w/ KK.JR. 
SW & bus rides, sneakin outa KG's w/ CC, KG-miss those times. homecoming05 w/ KZ, 
KW, DD, JR, KK, LH (thanks CPH<3you). nights at brians (thanks MP ly). 311 w/ KZ, KW, 
DD haha. nights at kenneys w/ KZ, DV, ML. CountryFest & Toby Keith w/ keri&gary haha. 
stress relievers w/ KK. garage w/ DD, KZ, KW. jenner mastro<3. last year w/ DW, MR, GB. 
8th grade w/ CC, DV, JB and KK. times w/ greggy-my only friend. JessicaLynRoberts: you're 
a senior too, so just graduate with us please, ly so much robby roberts. talks with BF (ur awe- 
some), jordy kid you're crazy gunna miss you. this year w/ everyl, you guys are amazing 
gunna miss you all. My family, couldn't have done it without you, thanks for your support 
Love you Dad, Mom, Meg, Jamie, and Nick; RIP uncle vito. (and my second Family- Auntie 
Moe, Matt and Gike.) peace out ebhs. 

Matthew Paul Damigella 

Kevin Darragh 

Michelle Lynne Davis 

Nickname: Chele 
Activities: Field Hockey 1 
Future Plans: Go to college, be successful and be happy. 
Memories: ST with DD, BB, CD, RF, SM, and AK. rink rats haha. Hills parties.. CMB Unit- roller 
skating. Chels's car horn.. MO's New Years party.. Fev- amazing.. CN- you were there for me when 
no one else was. you've helped me with so much this past year but hey, Florida in June =) i love you.. 
ME- thanks for everything, love you.. Getting caught with BB and MM, not a good experience.. JB- i 
love youuuu woman, boogeyman haha.. Maine with CN, JG, DD, JM, BB, and ME.. DD- i miss you 
dude, we had so many good times back in the day. i wish you good luck with Alexis.. SY- you're such 
an awesome person, thank you for everything.. BB- hot tub? "Bright yellow". St Patty's Day Parade, 
haha gonna miss you.. JM- "people". Maine was quite the experience haha the toll, "Goooodnighf".. 
AL, DR- i love you guys.. MP- hero. "Wa Happen?".. DG is the man.. Mom Dad Jason Josh Meghan- 
thank you for everything, i love you.. Neenans- my second family- thank you for always helping 
me out. Demaios- thank you for everything.. Meg, Kaily- good luck in HS! 

Shannon Nicole Dednah 

"Tomorrow we can drive around this town, let the cops chase us around, the past is 

gone, but something might be found to take its place.." - Gin Blossoms 

Activities - Field Hockey 1; Cross Country 2, Manager 3; Boys indoor/outdoor track 

manager 2,3; Executive 1-4; Key Club 2,3; Student Senate 3,4; Yearbook editor 3,4. 

Future Plans - Married with a good job, a nice house, and my dog in Arizona. 

Memories - Seventh&eighth grade with LP, Bug Hunters, Secret Agents, Lit- 

tleSteve// *Us Three* LF LB Breaking into my house. Bananas, Dinners with 

Dad// Fab5 LB LF BM DD// Freshman Field Hockey// OneTen LW LF JC// 

Sophmore year at Cantwell's, LW LF KZ MD KW JC BM// Mccabe, thanks for 

everything, you're my best friend// Carl Francis, im so glad you came into my life, 

12/26.12/3M/L4/1L6/10, i love you baby// Thanks to Crean, Mccabe, Tres- 

sel. The Berens', The Mccabes', Mom, Dad, Buddy, Keith, Carol, Gena, Hil, Lizzy, 

Audrey&Chandler, Love you all// Good luck guys, its been fun. 

Devyn DeDominici 

Nicknames: Dev, D 

Quote: My Life is my message. -Ghandi 

Activities: Field Hockey 2-4(Capt.4), Basketball 2-4(Capt. 3-4), Key Club 2-4, Student 

Senate 3-4, Executive 2-4, National Honor Society 4. 
Future Plans: Go to college and graduate, start my own business, and start a 

Memories: Field Hockey '05 LEAGUE CHAMPS. I love and will never forget you 
girls! Jack&Diane,Err women. Born to fly -Lw miss you always. Vermont w/ Lf, 
Sd, and Lb. Car accident with Ap, Kw, and Kz. S30B-Kz&Kw-don't know where 
I'd be w/o you girls! Brant Rock. The snow storm with the guys. Crashing the van. 
Cruise with Lf, Mc. Rn in Rt con Kw. 311 and Toby Keith. Homecoming 05' with 
Kw, Kz, ]d, Lh, Md, Kk, Jr, Bm! Summer '05. Nights in the garage w/ the girls. 
Jordy good luck babe! Good Luck Lau (Stay outa trouble while i'm gone). Thanks 
Mom and Dad. I Love you so much! 

Anthony Paul DeLorenzo 

"As we go on we remember, all the times we had together." Vitamin C 
chorus: 9-12 band: 9-12 drama: 10-12 rythmix: 9-12 jazz-band: 9andl2 winterguard: 9andll 

accapella: 11 and 12 treble chorus: 9 
What a true statement that is. Throughout high school I have had a chance to have some fun 
times with friends. I know that I will never forget MM talking in to a trash can at dunkies when 
coming home from the beach. I wont forget all the time that I went to the beach and to Boston. 
Going to the movie with KD and BT. Junior prom 05 BT ripping her dress when dropping it like 
its hot. I will remember all the weird conversations in accounting with DF, MR, SO, and BM. 
I also will remember going through tough time when a friend is dumped by there boyfriend. 
Well, theirs really no time like your high school years when you don't have to worry about 
anything other than doing your homework. I have been told that these are the best years of 
your life and I totally agree with that statement. Everyone should make each day the best that 
it can be because you have the rest or your life to worry about thing. This is the last year before 
we go our sperate ways, some to the work force, most to college and a few to the military. So 
lets make this the best year of high school class of 2006. 


Danielle DeMaio 


"Life is nothing without love, so kick back and live a little." 

Activities: Basketball 1, Winter Track 3, Spring Track 2,4 

Future plans: Become a preschool teacher, and grow old with the ones I love. 

Good times with JF MP ST KG BB RF SM AK LW MD JC, Track bus rides, 
Friendlys, "Girls Night Out," Hillz Parties, WENDYS, Prom 05, Fann Parties- 
UOYEVOLI, Bert, GT@ ST tons of memz, sleepovers, movie nights, club- 
bin! My baby Joshua, my everything, always there, so many amazing times 
together! Alexis Marie, my pride and joy! Thanks Joshue, Mom, Dad, Gram, 
Gramp, Christina, Nicholas, Gina, Dom...LuvYa! 

I *». ^ 

Nicholas George DeMaio Jr. 

Nicknames- Maio 
Quote- Live every day to the fullest 
Activities- Football 1-3 , Baseball 1-4 , Basketball 1 
Future Plans- To start my own business 
Memories- Good times with the boys BD,MF,DT,NBJM,MR,MB. Trip to NH w/JM, 
MM, MF,DT. MD is awesome. When we made it to the tourney in baseball. Celtics 
game w/ MF, JM, DT, KD,BD. Thanks for everything mom, dad, Christina, Dani- 
elle, Gina, and Dom. 

Megan Lee Dennehy 

Megg, Lil Meg, Meggie Lee 

"This is how we Rock, You know how we Roll!" 

LT,AB,SH...Love you girls good times in art!"y dont u just shut up?" Good 

times in dance lol haha!!! LT so many good times.. whitman football games,the 

guys, the rec, sirs. BBFE!! AB...yea deff ur house lol so mandy good times 

BBFE!! SH.."I have Gills" haha what!! BBFE!! mom,dad,buddy... thanks so 

much..I love you all!!! Good times freshman fieldhockey!! Good times Winter 

Track 05'~06'. ."Jingle bells" lol!!!! after high school i want to "start at the top 

at Blaine" than work in an awsome salon in Boston and get eventually get 

married and have kids!!! 

Brian John Dennis 

Quote: "the mind is in itself a place and can make a heaven of hell, or a hell of 

heaven"-John Milton 

Future Plans: Extending the fun in college 

Memories: Good times with DT, MF, BUN B, MR, JM, MAIO MADNESS,MB, 

EB, LN, JN, JF, KC. Jetty strolls. Weekend w/ alex. Patio chills. Lets go eel-tics. 

Homecoming eggs (sry jenn). Fires. Jr prom w/ SM. 311. NH for EB's bday. 

Golds bball. 7-7's. mall trips. Deep sea fishing. Mchugh's woods. Good times 

with KQ and SL. Bliz of '05 w/ DD. Maio's fires. Halo. Rt. 9. Hampton with the 

boys. Bk runs. Walk from KD's. hackin. Celtics w/ JM, JI, and BR. College trips. 

Pats parade. Noah's ark. The kush. Great football 

memories. Thanks for everything mom and dad. 

I love you beth you made it all even better. 

Karin Dixon 

"The day will come at last when 1 shall take the hidden paths that run. West of 

Moon— East of Sun."-Tolkein 

Activities: Field Hockey 2,3,4; Golf 2; Executive Committee 2, 4; Math Team 
2,3,4; Torch 4; National Honor Society 4; Senior Class Play; Drama Club 4. 

Ericka Anne Derouen 

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end." 

Activities: Field Hockeyl, Executive 1, Winter Track 2 

Future Plans: Start a family and own my own house. 

Memories: Good times with friends. Esp. dancing with Mandy, 

Michelle, and the missing handcuffs, and spending time with Matt, I 

love you. 

Meghan Lee DeSousa 




Nicknames- Megg, Meggie, Big Mouth 

Quote- " Let the world know you as you are, not as you think you should be, because 

sooner or later, you will forget the pose, and then where will you be?-Faiiny Brice 

Future plans- college, marriage, family 

Activities- Soccer 1-4 

Memories- times w/ my soccer girls. P-UNIT "Oh what a night" Brendan I love you so 

much Thanks for everything 2.11.05 Mac n cheese w/ Jenna Pat good times in chemistry 

w/ Danielle Skatetown w/ Kz Bm Kw Lb junior year w/ Kz Bm Kw Lw Dd Jc Lf ]f Lb Sd 

Kg Heart to heart hallway talks w/ Zahka Bentley w/ Cantwell Wal Mart cookies w Bren 

Drives w Bethy boo and Bennah Freshman and Sophmore years w Ericka FOB w/ Kz Bm 

Bm Mr Theater w Trav n Tone Operation Jacky w/ Kz Bp CPH Df Hattim, so many good 

times Thanks to Mrs. Ross for everything Thanks to everyone else that made my high 

school years so fun Dad, Mom, Jocelyn, Stevie, Nick, I love you all. 

Peace up, A-Town down. 

Katherine Anita Dolen 

Nickname: Kat 

Quote: "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one" 

Activities: Choir, Art club, Rhythmix, A Cappella, Drama, (Art all state, Semsba, 

District) math team. Viking verse, (also active participant in w.o.w.) 

Future Plans: art and music 'til the day I die 

Memories: Good times in chorus, long live Disney '03 and '06! To Anthony and 

Bailey, I'll see you in the future; you guys have been there from the beginning. Sasha, 

you're a freak (that's a compliment) Nick, I'm going to miss you tremendously. JJ 

you're a ham. Vania and Steph, I look forward to hearing about you taking over the 

world in a few years. Pat, you're cool man. Brittney I heart you. Nele, (insert German 

translation for 'come back and visit'). Running out of room so underclassmen in 

general, good luck (inside joke: "are you drawing a shrimp?"). Tim/Brad, I admire 

your poetry. I wish I had the chutzpah to have really befriended you. (Teachers that 

deserve a place in my bio, Mr. McCabe, Mr. Surette, Ms. Meade, Ms. Eichorn, Mr. 

Britton). Have a nice life. 

Christopher John Donovan 


"The past is gone but something might be found to take it's place." 

-The Gin Blossoms 

Activities: Soccer 1, Cross Coun try 2,3,Capt.4. Basketball 1,2, Indoor Track 3,Capt. 4. Outdoor Track l,2,3,Capt.4. 

Executive 1,2,3,4. Student Senate 2,3,4. 

Future Plans 

Be successful m whatever 1 do, have a great family, and have as much fun as 1 possibly can. 

MB-Thanks for everything, couldn't have asked for a better best friend. KB toys, Celtics, mall trips, hair 
cuts, running. I'm really proud of you. EW-My prom date twice, you're always there, ily. Front row at the 
Celtics, thanks so much, KD-Great times, you're the best. CC-Happy you're my sister KG- GS+F, thanks 
Crockadile, always been there always will be. MB TC CH TH WK FR-Best times ever with you guys. BPL, 
EAB, Venus, fishing, cape, road trips, NHL, music vids, wiff, football. LBl with CH and TH, best week of my 
life. Thanks to Mr And Mrs. Horan, Aquarium with BM KZ FR WK. Meetin Glen Murray with TC. SV-I'll 
miss you. CM and MB-Was great growing up with you two, so many memories (Eggs). NW MW JF BM KZ 
JD KG LF JG-Thanks for being great friends and helping me out along the way. -3 Super Bowls, 1 World 
Series-. EBXC for 3 years, great job boys. Good luck guys, keep it up. Thanks to Mr McCabe, Mr Crean, 
and Kevin. Mr T, thanks a lot. Thanks to Mr And Mrs. Berry. Lauren, you are the best sister in the world, 
thanks. Mom, Dad, and Lacey, thanks for everything I love you. 

Ryan Michael Egan 

Nicknamt's: Ry-Guy, Regis, Regan, K) Jangles 

"We don't need no education / We don't need no thought control 

No dark sarcasm in the classroom / Teachers leave them kids alone." 

Activities: Band 1-4, Reach Out 1,3,4. 

Future Plans: I'd like to be comfortable. I'd like to make money through playing music and teaching 

music. I'd like to be remembered. 
Memories: I don't really remember much from high school, but I'll try to do the best that I can. OK, 
let's start with Freshman year: Winter track. Spring track, playing music with new friends, hanging 
out with old friends, blah blah blah. Sophomore year: New bands, sleeping, eating, etc. Junior year: 
Shirley, prom, dancing with Ms. Ross, cementing babies.Senior year: Washing windows with Steve 
and Froggers, getting made fun of by faculty, hanging in the library wit muh frenz, SCHOOL MEAT 

SAUCE, my lovely lunch ladies hookin me up with the goods, shirley rocking faces, trips to am- 

herst, trips everywhere else, and Mr. Tressel's laugh. Out of school: Hanging out with Bagooba and 

friends, grilling outside, Shirley Crew, Pink Floyd lazer show, group hangouts, four square, whiffle 

ball, grilling inside, trips to the ER, Shirley shows, Washington Square Park, sitting on a hammock, 

trips to the mall, the french guy, extreme sledding, driving the escort, not driving the escort, MJ 

fires, hanging out on my porch, playing video games every Tuesday-Thursday from 7:00-9:00, 

Sublime, dreading my hair, and just relaxing. I'd like to thank Mr. Abate, Mr. Dunphy, Mr. Surette, 

Mr Smith, Mr. Tressel, Ms. Ross, and Ms. Lovette. I'd also like to thank my friends for always being 

there for me, and my family for never kicking me out. SLATER. 

Amanda Marie Elwood 

Mandy, Smellwood 

"It's our time to shine" - The Used 

Activites : Tennis 1-4 

Future Plans : Go to college for criminal justice & become a 

homicide detective. Get married & have some kids. 

Memories : Chele ily tons!, Ang <3, Kirsten yea boy, Julie, Sam, 

Molly, Crystal, Maryssa, Trave=Lame, Tone, Herbert, Yoda 

Cave 5683 xo! Thanks to Mom, Papa, Deeda & Vanessa <3 


Elizabeth Ann Fairburn 

Lizza, LAF, Lizabeth, Lizzie, Fairburn 
"These are the days we will remember. These are the hmes that won't come again. The highest of flames become an 

ember. And you've gotta live while you can. "-Keith Urban 
Achvities- Soccer 1-4, Indoor Track 1-4 (Capt), Spring Track 1-4, Executive 1-4, Key Club 1-4 fV, President), NHS 3-4 

(Treasurer), Torch Yearbook 3-4 (Co-Editor) 
Memories-Concerts w/KZ + MF, My King-MS, Soccer girls-Wendy's with Coach- "En Feugo", "You Wouldn't last 3 
seconds" Tourney '05, Beach trips w/ AOS, KB, MO, SA, + KC, "Beached Whales", Campfires, ]F, MS, BH, SW - "I'll 
make Love to you", Track outfits, Deb's cake w/NW+KC, Casper, singing m the car with MB, 4-Square Tourney's at 
TH's, 63DG- miss you - Original Crew-LW,KZ,WK,FR,TH,CH,BH,MS, "Summer reading" w/CD, Andrew Fondeil, 
The "Reject Room", "Have you seen jason?", Law,Laf, Kaz, Hide + Seek in TH's basement. Senior Skit '05, Jr. Prom 
w/ FR- after prom at MB's, Post Thanksgiving Dinner, Sunday River 05- Haverhill boys-Westgate Mall, Penelope, 
Thelma, Sid, Hulk, Canada 04, Scary Movie Crew, Baseball Crew- KC+SA- "Cuz me and my clique we don't give a..", 
Chris + Pat, Sugar Cookies w/SA, Revs games w/CA + KH, Friday night pizza w/the Grooms, "Kevin G" love + miss 
you Evan, Flatline's # 1 fan- being a "groupie", "Girl talk" w/Sam P and Sean K, "Alicia's Pond", "CLEVLAND. WIS- 
CONSIN?" The Dirty Dozen, "Stop looking at my Chiquita's", Cooking dinner with AOS, F.O.B. -Fairburn, O'Sullivan, 
Boyle-Biffles, Wood, The Barbies-Madison. Delancy.Nolee, Chelsea. Kenzie., Chubby Bunny contests. Breakfast at DL's 
with AOS, Abby, Molly, Wally, + Candy-my animal friends, 4-Sqaure Crew, Abmgton Crew, Pcc02-03, Tennis m the 
rain, Playgrounds at night, Girls nights w/JG,KG,KB,+AOS, Glass collection w/the girls, Pretty Pretty Princess Funk- 
ing, Degrassi Crew, Good Clean Fun Crew, EAB, Salsa Con Queso, Boys of '05- DL, DJ, CM, SK, SP, 63DG, Christie-love 
you cuz, thanks for being there for me, always. Mass Maritime Boys, "It started out with a kiss how did it end up like 
this?" To all my friends- 1 love you all so much, thanks for making me who I am today Mr T thanks for making high 
school amazing. Mr. and Mrs. O- my second mom + dad thanks for putting up with me. Nena, Grampa, Dad, Mom, 
Donnie, and Daniel thar\ks for everything, I love you all so much. Good luck classes of '07 and '08. 

Jenna Marie Figueiredo 

"Begin each day as if it were on purpose" Memories: Times w. all the ladies that I love- EW SW 
DD LW LF ST MP MW MM MD ED KW. Fresh yr w. my lau and mck trio. Friendly crew, bf haters. 
MW- and then there were two- gettin good before dance (or passin out), bball games, stitches, rush 
hour, prom '05, concerts, party lists- I'll always love ya. EW- Booty babe, dinner dates, freezer boys, 
beach days, fires, summer '05, fxbro nights, oa- love you. Relay Crew- SW MS TH BH. SryanW- 
same life, randy, donkey, my friend forever. Bubble love, bff. TH- main man, genius. 11/5- worst 
car ride, we should have gotten fish. Homecoming '05 w. LW KG LF SW SD- in between hour 
w. SW LF- prb the best. Fake girls nights- always good. Holbrook night-MD KW KZ JC- spin the 
can, way to go zahk, Med runs w. ST and MP "wad up thumbs" 10 minutes w. SL, love you bud. 
Summer '04 at JD's w. DD-love u & baby A. Soph yr. soccer girls- bus rides, tests, "wind beneath 
my wings" with AO and MD. Dance girls- florida was unreal. HK LH- really guna miss you. Kiss 
concert w. TB CC AF. Venus boys, awesome. CD & MB- love you guys. PCC 02'03- Mr. T, your 
great, thanks. MM & ED- like always, love you girls. ND- my boy forever, love you. Hot tub, ice 
cream, playground nights, camping, old ies, fireside, basically summer '05 w. rdc<3 Love you Daddy 
Duff! Mom, Papa, and Mel, thanks for everything I love you guys so much. Anthony- you're the 
best big brother a girl could ever have, thanks. Its been great '06, see yaaaa! 

Michael Robert Fiorini 

Quote: "A winner is someone who recognizes his God-given talents, works his tail off to 
develop them into skills, and uses these skills to accomplish his goals". - Larry Bird 
Activities: Footballl,2; Basketball 1,2,3, Capt 4 

Future Plans: Go to college, have a good time, get married, and be rich. 
Memories: Chilien with DT, BD, EB,LN,BR,NB,SM,MR,JM,DV,ND,MB,KC,JN,JF and JI. 
Having good times Prom, NH, Loon, Cruises, Jetti, G-G to the fullest, BK, Hampton, Home 
Coming drive by eggs. Gold's, Football games, mall. 

Fires, Spring time. Summer, Road Trips, Patio chills, Celtics game, 311, Deep sea fishing, 
Pats game. Hummer Rock, 7-7 chills with KW, JD, and DD. Tons of LT's with DT, BD, JM, 
and MR. watching the world go by. King's, 

mailboxes, my rocka. New Years, sayings " Finishing it on the 50 yard line,"" WHAT DUDE," 
" Nothing like Saturday mornings,"" What's in your right hand," "My man my man," and 
" Nah dude." younger days with KO, DH, WG, and GO, Bball at kevs, ski trips, six flags, 
summer league, marco polo, Lake Gorge, FL, DH's B-day in Hampton, and chilien at KO's. 
B-team, AAU bbaU, Bball # 20, States. Thank you Mom, Dad, Joes, and Andrea love you. 

Anthony Peter Flores 

"Time keeps moving on and on and on Soon we'll all be gone"-Blink 182 
Activities:Spring Track 1-4, winter track 2, EBCTV Club 4, Drums. 
Future Plansigo to college, make alot of money, get married, and have kids. 
Memories: Awsome times with Trave,Cave, and Ave. Good times with you too 
Kristin, love ya.Trave callin me up 1 /2 way through the 02' superbowl and laughin 
like hyenas. sweet sleepovers in tents then Soin' and gettin caught ridin bikes by 
patterson at 2a.m. Sick disputes over nothing that end with "prove it", being the 
band manager when you get your stuff together... eating ramen noodles in kevs 
kitchen, and never completing a movie in the summer. Doing sicknasty dib-dobs, 
Dubins!,cha vehs, and the ocassional Trav dance in my room. The gangstas at Canobe. 
Us workin at J-macs for loads of time. Amazing times at Blink, Taste of Chaos, and 
F.O.B. Being strightedge all through school. ..well not Ave. Nice extreme sledding 
and flippin over rocks. Random trips to walmart for absolutely No reason. Really 
thank you for everything Mom, Dad, and you too Ash. I Love You All! 

William James Floyd 

Nicknames: Billy, Bildo, Bilpo, Mr Po 

Quote: Lifes a garden, dig it 

Activities: Football-1 , Baseball-1,2,4, Jazz Band-3 

Future Plans: Go to College, get married have kids and be successful 

Memories: Amazing times with SP,SF,AA,CC,NO,CF,JL,SY,DD,KC,CT,MP,SM 

,DR,AL PARTY POOPA!! If i sworejd be bad butt-CC. You stay here a 

getem, im a getem-SY,DD PS, 1. SINEP My love for music. Kid 

who flips out at a dog FAYYY-AA. Poker all the time with-NO,SF,AA,CC,JL. 

Jammin with CF. The best of times with SP, Thank you so much. 

Leah Constance Fluke 

Lea, Tispy, Lealah 

Between who you are and who you could be. 

Between how it is and how it should be. 

Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 1, Student Senate 1-4, Executive 1-4; Secretary 1-4 

Be happy. 

Lb Best Friend Forever *VT&NH* Always There. Seventh and Eighth Grade With Shan 

(Agents and Nana Bumpkin.) Cruise Freshman Year With DdMcCv.<3 Field Hockey Girls 

and Mr T. "Girl's Nights" at Cantwell's [LwSdJcKwLbMdBmEdMl] Love You Girls. Bed- 

dia's House, Beach House, Times at Dave's, L. Dub's House, Fires at Dean's, Dome Soccer 

Games. 1.10 ((LwSdJcMw.)) Summer'04 With Lau. <3The LL Package, 6.28 and Then There 

Were Two.<3 Junior Prom With Derek. Budday, My Old Best Friend=). L2K Never a Dull 

Moment. 3Lw "Ate 'Em All." Three Musketeers-Wang Bang Thank Ya Mang. Weekends- 

Fishstyle With Lw and Lb. Summer '05 Nothing Like it [Camping, Kenny Chesney, Toby 

Keith, New Hampshire, Big Gulps, Drives With Kare, <3Summer Crew.] Thank You Mom 

For all of Your Help and Support, I Love You. 






Denise Elizabeth FoUoni 

"Fologna Bolloni" 
"Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone." - John Cougar 

Activities: Marching Band 7-12, Jazz Band 7-9, Math Team 11-12, The 
Calculus 11-12 

Future Plans: Major in Math, Get a job. Have a good Life. 

Memories: 6 Years worth of marching band memories with everyone. SI2K. Platinum '01 Baby. 
Low Brass in '04 (and that Platinum too). Disney Freshman year, Karfwheels and rurming down 
Mainstreet USA barefoot. ECJ in 2002. Working all the time either at Pemfo, OSPT or Construction 
with Jarad and the rest of the guys. Breaking Mr. Dunphy's window. APUSH with Mr. McCabe. 
Study with Dennis and Scudder. Making plans for the Prototype and the business in Accounting. 
Bomb Scare '05. Tons of parties 

with Ms. Brown's class. Everything that Happened in AP Calculus AB and everything that will 
happen in BC. Math Team especially the pasta test. Olive Garden in Rhode Island. Love Potion 
Number 5 with KZ, CH, MD, BP. Giving blood Junior year. And everything that is going to happen 
before we get to Graduation Day. To my family, friends and all my teachers who got me this far, 
Thanks. To all my classmates, Good Luck and Good Bye. 

Steven Patrick Fuller 

Nicknames: Steve, Stove, Full 

Quote: "It's good to be full, but better to be Fuller" 

Activities: Baseball, Freshman football 

Memories: Good times with all my friends for the past four years and even 

before that. BF- You've been a brother to me AA-"Got pictures" CC- For the last 

time, 1 am all in NO- Yes GL, MC, BC, AC, PH, and BS good luck to all of you. 

Finally, to my parents, thanks for all the love and support. 

William Richard Gambee 

"Willy G, Gambo" 
"My friends always say that everything will be ok but it doesn't always work out 
that way. So here 1 am again, believing them because I remember when 1 had the 

time of my life." 

Activities: Football 1-4, Basketball 1-4 kind of Track 1,2,3 captain 4. 

Future Plans: Find me a pretty lady and be happy with a family. 
Memories: Willow Ave with Fi unreal times, kick the can with DH, football everyday 
in backyard. Bo Bo stuck up in the tree fort scared of the other Bo Bo. Moved to 
the Rock, everyone was here everyday. Skating ad skateboarding days were sick 
with PG. Washington JB ML and big DV. Pounding Marinara sauce on half days 
and pool horse, movies in the pit with SW TM ML. Skiing with Yaka bang, Russo 
and KO. Thedigasaur...leeemon? Right] Fin. me-i-sully=badnews...gengrilyed? 
Gimme the loot. Always having fun with G Street. Court the rock and the sword 
will guide me where? Skiin at Loon with Col, prolly best vaca ever. . .can't forget 
Wrighto just being ill all the time over all crazy 4 years flew by deeeeeeeeee 

Dennis Gambino 

Dennis, Gambino 

Quote:"im just kidding" 

Activities: EBDT, MVP 

Future Plans: who knows 

Memories: havin fun, hangin out, FEEV, SCATT, all my friends. ..Awall, lupi, TB, 

DH, MW, JH, JD, CB, DW, MM, BV, LD, ML, EA, JG, MD, RC, SR, AB, SL ...Huge 

parties, to much fun. Alot of good times to be missed. Be cool and stay in school, 

this is why ill never leave. Thanks to all my friends, my family, mom, dad, Craig, 

Kevin. 1 love you. 

Karena Lyn Garabedian 

Karee, Kareen 
"Sometimes the best thing to do is stop trying to figure out where you're going, and just enjoy where 
you're at." 

Activites: Football Cheerleading 1 JV Field Hockey 2 Executive 2-4 Vice President 4 Student Senate 3-4 Key 
Club 2-4 Secretary 3, President 4 EBCTV Club 3-4 SADD 2-3 NHS 3-4 Drama Club 4 
Plans: To be happy 

First of all Lauren Leah Loraine Summer you are my best friends thank you for everythmg i wouldnt 
be alive if it werent for you i dont deserve friends like you I LOVE YOU EB Cheer 02' Fresh year<3 
Siddiqui's study w/Shepp+Kris <3Halloween 02' GDL CYO<3 Sneak Outs w/CC JD SW CM Funway 
w/Cara4-Gorms Braz's Movies-^ Times w/Marky Climo Chris Dunnie-thanks loveu Kingman's Soph yr 
FH 03' Lauren-neighbors <3Summer 03' 04' Taylor's beach house<3 Good times w/JG CC TH GB JS PS 
ily Prom w/Bomba Miss MA Teen USA 02' 03' 04' Skiing w/G+Paul Drives w/Lea <3LA Vegas FL Prom 
w/ Garrett, thanks. Tressel's study 3-^4 w/Jame-fCraig-Thanks for everything Mr. T Wright's house L2K-i 
miss you i love you always will Prom w/Kevin Class of 05' i love you Theatre class 04' 05' Dave Begs Toby 
Keith Summer 05' NY Keene State Charlie's Fball games Homecoming weekend 05' Holbrooks Rotondos 
my basement 311 Thank you to everyone who has been here for me through all of the hard times, for you 
1 am truly thankful Mom Dad Melissa+Bill Paul I love you more than you will ever know thank you for 
everything. God bless! 

Andrea Sophia Gilbert 

Nicknames: Annie, Dre, Andy 

Quote; "Make good choices." 

Activities: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Executive 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4 

Future Plans: Go to college, make some money, and be very happy. 

Memories: Canada 04, "the cape" w/ ST SR CR EP CS, random trips to the Rec & 

mall w/ the "crew", Breaking bread and dinners with JABS, Becky- the boot, 04 

summer, and all the other times we don't remember. Prom and soo much more 

with Steve, girls nights and partying with La Trio, my Marylouers- MS, ST, AW, 

MP, LE & JC, red sox games, Chinese dinners with CG, My tennis girls- SH, KT, 

AI, CS, MD& JB, A-mazing times with BH. All the other good times with BL, JC, 

BH, SG, AB, EP, MK, MD, LB, KC, DP SP and everyone I forgot. Mama, Daddy 

Will, Matt & Nate. ..thanks for everything. 

Jamie Lynn Gilbride 

"Jame, Jama, Jay, Jamesta, Gilbride" 

"If you can DREAM it, you can DO it! " Walt Disney 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,2,3,4; Winter Track'2; Softball 1,2,3, captain 4; Torch Yearbook 3,4; Key 

Club 3,4; Executive Committee 4; NHS 3, Secretary 4; Student Senate 4. 

Future Plans: Go to college and hopefully get a good job, become happily married and have a 

Memories: F/h girls thank you! This has been an amazing year! Patriot League Champs! Yeah 
Baby! Good luck next year! Mr.T, thank you for everything! You and Lisa will always be my 
favorite Rev. Parents! Miss Liberty, green is so your color! We've had so many crazy times: watch- 
ing "IT" about 5x, ice cream runs, anh... My B ! Out to dinner when Timotay comes home! Thank 
you Jen, you'll always be my other half! Ily! Kackin, it all started with a hanky and an elastic! The 
magic show haha! Annie's, pooof.., David and Kevin! Karena, remember when we baked a cake? 
Well, tried. I'm finally a B and you've moved on to a D! Ily! Matty Muffin! You're such an amazing 
person! You just need to work on your chocolate baking! Ily! Asack's ladies, you are unreal! I'm 
going to miss you! AS4L! Softball.. Can't wait! MV games, amazing; especially those Reeses sun- 
daes! C. Dunphy, you'll be hearing from me over the next 16 years! Thank you! You're an amaz- 
ing coach! Jr Miss, ily girls! I'm going to miss you! *PBM-i- PBJ , Jr Prom with Pat, after prom with 
Jen, Dean, Jess, Bouffy, "G", KarenaT Patrick, these past two years have been the best time of my 
life! Summer, "Whose line," Maine, proms, hockey games, pies, Jan. vaca. Haha! Thank you baby! 
I love you! To my family, thank you for making me who lam and always being there for me! I 
could have never done it without you! I love you all so much! 


Stephanie Marie Gildea 

Nicknames: Steph, Gildaya, Stephie Homie G 
Quotes: "So I started to walk into the water. I won't lie to you boys, I was terri- 
fied. But I pressed on, and as I made my way past the breakers a strange calm 
came over me. I don't know if it was divine intervention or the kinship of all 
living things, but I tell you Jerry, at that moment I was a marine biologist." 
Future Plans: Become a Marine Biologist 
Activities: Cross Country 1,2,3,4, Indoor Track 1,2,3, STAND/Amnesty 1,2,3,4 
Acknowledgements: AJA I love you. Vania "Lets go bother Mr. Crean." AD fun 
times in calculus, wink wink. Kat- a louse is NOT a furry little mammal. Special 
thanks to my teammates on the cross country team for making this season the 
best in 6 years. Finally I would like to thank all of my exceptional teachers for a 

fulfilling four years. 

Daniel Patrick Gilmetti 

"Dubs, Gilly, Gil-Unit" 
"You see bob., its not that in:\ lazy, its just that i dont care." -Office Space 
Future Plans: Go on tour, work in a recording studio. 

Memories: All of highschool has been one big trip. ..thanks to everyone who 
made it a blast, Ryan V, Chris Z, Dan R, Michele D, Julie B, Julie K, Chris L, Caren 
C, Angelica L, Brendan M, Ashley F, Molly P, Dan L, Mandy E, Eddie A, and 
everyone else i forgot its been a great time, thanks. Deborah Vaughn is the best 
lunch lady in the whole world. 

Sonia Grossman 

Derek Bernard Hall 

Nicknames: Bernie, "D", Lil Hall 
Quote: "There is nothing in this world deeper than loyalty and love" 
Activities: Basketball 4 
Future Plans: To become a Police Officer 
Memories: Back in Middle School playing with MF KO WG GO EW and more. 
Good times at Overstreet's Freshman and Sophmore year always having fun. 
Junior year chilling with the original crew Court, Col and Begley. We had good 
times going to the to the dances, jamming in Col's car, inventing the DEEEEEE, 
getting the crystal balls, Begley's Rockas. Night at Cols with CS and KO and 
Court wasn't on the team. Junior Prom. Working at Funway becoming a man- 
ager. 50 cent concert. Mcugh's rocka!! and a shout out to all my friends. Chris 1 
don't even look at you as my brother your more like my boy, your the most loyal 
person I know. Mom and Dad thanks for everything I love you 

Stacey Lynn Hamilton 

"You gotta take some chances, you gotta risk losing it all, you gotta close your eyes 
and leap because it just might be worth the fall" Activities: Key Club 1-4, National 
Honor Society 3-4, Varsity Tennis 1-4, SADD 2 Future Plans: Go to College, get mar- 
ried, and have a family. Memories: Friendly 's Crew KTKCCMLBSB <3 you. Fun times. 
KTKCCM-BFF I'd be lost w/o you. Gunna miss you. Baking till 3AM. Love You. 
Tennis girls NHKTAIMDAGMESMJC<3. Homecoming 02w/ LFKTCNKZAFKB. LH 
Crew-LFKKKCKHLF -We love Drama.GAlw/ST&GA2w/MD. Xmas on the Com- 
mon05 w/LF&CM-Frosty,Shrek&Spiderman.HaHa. Halloween Parties. KeyClub 
w/KTCMKCLFJGMSBHSBLBSM. Fun Talks w/KT&KC. My Best Friends- Kara- 
KaitlynChristine- we're like one word. Unforgettable times. Chris-10.19.02-Thanks 
for your support. You've bring out the best in me I love you, forever. Thanks Mom 
& Dad- I couldn't have done it without you. Heather-I love you, good luck with 
anything you do. Lindsay- 1 love you, to my best friend growing up thanks. Thanks 
to the Souzas, Dan, Good Luck Bryan & Melissa. Thanks for the memories class of 

06- we're done, finally! 


Craig Paul Hastings 

Muffin, CPH, Craiggers 

"Buddy the elf, what's your favorite color?" 
Activities: Golf 9-12 (capt. 11-12) Student Senate 9-12 (Pres. 12) NHS 12 Key Club 9-10 Executive 

9-12 Torch 9-12 (Editor 11-12) 
Future Plans: Open my own restaurant and find someone to spend the rest of my life with. 
Memories: It's been fun EBHS. Thanks for all the good times. KAZ, couldn't ask for a better 
friend, ly. 63 Double G, bad name, good times (FR WK TH KZ LF LW BH MS). LBl, thank you 
Horan's for one of the best weeks of my life. ( CD FR TH MB WK TJC )- Venus, BPL, chills. Dew, 
everything 1 forgot. (CD)- thanks for all the help. FRWKMBTJC(TH)- We ride together, we die to- 
gether, through everything, thanks buddy. Operation Jacky (MD KZ BP DF) Not going to lie, I'm 
not going to talk to 95% of my class. Good Luck in whatever you guys go on to do, I know you'll 
represent us well. Mom and Dad, I love you. Justin- The bestest big bro ever. Laura- Thanks for 
helping me with everything and just being there. Love you guys. Look out for my restaurant. 
Only one can say it better then me: Peace-up, A-town down! 

Benjamin John Hayes 

Ben, Benja, B 

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none. - William Shakespeare 

ACTIVITIES: Class V.P. 1,2, Pres 3; Executive 1-4; Student Senate 1-4; Key Club 1-3, School 

Store Manager 4; NHS 3,4; Study Buddies 3, PR Director 4; High School Council 4, Reach Out 

1,3,4; Student Advisory to S.C. 3, 4; French Club 4; Winter Track 1,2; Spring Track 1 
FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, join the Peace Corps, become a teacher, get married and 

have kids. 
MEMORIES: 63DoubleG (MS TH FR WK CH KZ LF LW) all the good times; Dinner and 
breaking bread withe JAbS!!; Relay Crew - SwMsJfThBh 11/05; MV w/ Matt VIRRRRGIL; 
Junior Prom with Natalie Diane!; SkiTrip'05 wasn't that bad; Gilby's house w/ CG and MS, 
amazing breakfasts; PPC w/ MB MS CD JW; Working @ White's w/ SW MS KH; JMay 
concert w/ MS KZ KH; Parking Lot Bandits MB JC TH CD Ju; Fire/Norah/Candles; Maine 
w/ the Hackers + MS; SG tantrums AHH; The days with KH MS MM ST + KC; Crazy car 
rides/Boston/Starbucks with my two girlfriends JC and SG; KS KH AP LB KC KG MM DF 
SD SH BL CM CS MR; Madame <3; Thank you Mom, Dad, Pat and Tim for always being 
there for me. To all the seniors - good luck. 

Jonathan Holmes 

Thomas Joseph Horan 

"Tom, Joefis" 

"If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn't lead anywhere." 

Activities: Soccer 1,2,3,4 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1 Student Senate 1,2,3,4 Executive 1,2,3,4 

NHS 3,4 Key Club 1,2,3,4 
Future Plans: Go to college, get a job, get married, have kids, be successful and be happy. 
Memories: These past four years have been awesome. So many amazing memories. Love 

chillin with the guys CD CH FR MB TC WK- NHL, Venus, Music Vids, BPL, football, 
2/10/06 and so much more. I'll never forget you guys. January Vacation 05, Dunnies Cape 

house, road trips. 63 DG Love you guys LW LF KZ BH MS WK FR CH. Soccer with my 
seniors, loved it. Junior Prom. Jenna Fig, my main girl-thanks for everything. Relay Crew- 
11/5 amazing night with BH MS JF and SW. Sammi, Dunphy's class, typos, randy, always 
laughing, thanks love you. LBI with Craig and Dunnie, best week of my hfe. Florida with 
the Rogers, thank you. Awesome times in Mr. T's room-Mr T-Thanks for everything CH-" 
We ride together. We die together. Bad Boys for life." Thanks bud. Thanks to the Hastings 
for being right there all the way. 1 love my family so much. Becca, 1 couldn't have asked for 
a better sister, so many fun times. Mom and Dad, you've been there every step of the way 
and 1 cant thank you enough. I love all of you. Peace 

Kyle John Hutton 

Nicknames: Hutton 
Quote:"Dreams have only one owner at a time. That's why dreamers are lonely" 

-Erma Bombeck 

Activites: Baseball 1-2, Football 2-3, Art Club 1 

Future Plans: Go to college, major in business, and someday live near a beach with my 

future family 
Memories: All the fun times with friends. Summers going to New Hampshire on week- 
ends with freinds in that small cabin on the lake, good times. December and February 
vacations going on snowboarding trips with friends. I will remember the when i hit the 
game winning hit I had in baseball, sophmore year. Also remember some of my classes 
I had during High School, like Mr Mier's math class and how boring that was, also the 
suffering I went through in Spanish 2. Last I will remember the teachers and fellow class- 
mates I had the last four year and all the memories we had together. 

Jennifer Amanda Irvine 

Nickname: Jenn, Jenny 
Quote: "The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow. You just 
gotta keep on livin man. L-I-V-I-N." 

Activities: Fall Cheerleading 1,2,3 captain 4;Winter Cheerleading 1,2,3 captain 4;Spring Track 
1,2,3 captain 4; All-Star FH 1,2,3,4. 

Future Plans: Go to College, have a family, be happy & successful. 

05,Nationals 03-05, UCA camp 05,Fire extinguisher w/ JFMH,Ftball cheer fights 03-05 & TPin 
w/cheer girls, Shr's game 03,MTC-BRJNJFKC,Jr.Prom w/ WG, Amy's Rockas, Always a good 
time w/ABEMKC, Missyou,Khols w/ EMKB, Jimberee w/NT,"iforget"SW,FullhouseGirls 
*wSf* ilu,Summer 05=Unreal,Jills House(missthatplace),UPS truck,My Fires,TheBogs,Laguna 
05,NewYork w/my girls,311 w/my girls, MoshPit,RascalFlatts w/my girls,50cent w/CSWG- 
GOKODH , LegionGames, Strongs, Foxboro, Roxanne, Celtics, Red Sox ,Good times w/ JM<3 
Aimsickal Only 1 'sLeft ily, Rocky& Adrienne,Thanks Mom, Dad, John, Joe, Nana & Coach I love 
you XOXO. Its been real 06, but I'm out, Laata!! 

Angela Donne Jackson 

"age ain't nothing but a number" 


FUTURE PLANS: The Ohio State University 

Matthew Corey Johnson 


Dennis Scott Jones 

Timothy RaymondKearney 

Nicknames: I see no need to fool you all with aliases. 
Future Plans: Own a boat, be in Maine as much as possible without living 

there, become someone's favorite at something. 
1 haven't hung out with everyone outside of school, and probably wouldn't 
know who any oi you are, let alone talk to you, if not for school, but it was 

cool growing up with you. 

"Don't follow leaders 
Watch the parkin' meters." 

- Bob Dylan 

Meghan Elizabeth Kelly 

Nicknames: Meg, Meg-meg, Shmegma 

Quote: Good friends. Good times 
Activities: Hanging out, music, eating 
Memories: Colleen and Summer you guys are awesome, Zach's house, hang- 
ing out at the wall, nights at the condos, water jumping, fires in the woods, 
bike rides, Maine and Cape vacations. Raisin, Mike, Scott, Zoe, and Chris, 
Senior Prom '05, Brockton and Marshfield fairs, 4th of July in the neighbor- 
hood, thanks to everyone who helped me get where I am today 

Katelyn Anne Kennedy 

Quote: There's no use holding on to the past. Live it 
up man, have a blast! 

Lee, we love getting in trouble at work and starting 
stuff. You're the best ever and 1 love you to death. 
Britty, you have the most beautiful face I've ever 
seen. Florida was a blast and so many good times 
every other time. Ash friends since fourth grade. 
Ballroom pits! LY. Carri and Erica love you guys. 
Thanks mom and dad for everything. 

William James Kenney 


"Damn it feels good to be a gangsta." 

Activities: Baseball (10-12), Cross Country (10,captain 11-12), Winter Track (11, 
captain 12), NHS(president, 12), Student Senate (11-12), Executive(10-12) 

Memories: The BPL, EAB games, Wiffleball - HMWL,Poker, Venus, Fires, 

Frisbee, The Volvo, Car Wars,Tom's House, January Vacation, Cape Trips, 

TJ's Block Parties, Signs, Dome, Running, Four Square, Gas being cheap, Sox 

Games, WS, Fishing, Catching zero. Music Vids, the DTP, D' Ann's/break- 
fasts, NYCXC, the Y, Ridders', Senior League, Being a tool. Strong's, Bowling, 
Dodgeball, Crew - TH, TJC, FR, CH, CD, MB, Thanks Mom and Dad. 

Keri Marie Kingman 

Nicknames: Jappa,Ker, Kewi, Kingsman, Joopa 
Qoute: "Tough times don't last, tough people do." 
Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, Basketball 2-3 
luture Plans: college,open my own gym, be happy 

Memories: Field Hockey(BANNER BABY! )Hanovergame! Coachthx4everything! 
Lygirls,WashingtonDC, KAMkool-aid,hairybagels w/MC,ML-funtimes-mu, Muddyboots w/ 
]D,CC,SW, 8thgradeSBall-stars w/JD,CC,SW, backintheday manhunt w/everyone, makin forts 
w/theboys. Thirsty ThursdaySthgr!, bestsummer w/JD+CC Keepn dominos in businesslmissit!, 
SILENCEIring da fn dinga!(JD),INDIAN!lol, Freshmenyear-bestyr, CullaClan w/KB,JD,CC,VA, 
Braz+Milly NHS112 muguys!. Parties @ Braz's! 1/1*, 3stooges!N-Unit/eggwar, buttbandits, 
halloween,caffinepills, proms,MV,homecomLng, "theball", eatnxmastrees w/robby ur face! lol!- 
goodtimes-stinkytrunk,gunna mu!, Softball!-Banner 03-MV, "theface"w/JD,JR,SW, cpt. w/Julie', 
gunna miss it so much!Mr.Dunphythx4everythin!Allmyfriends ukwur thx! Mikayla,dk what id 
do w/o u!Iloveyou!GL kiddo! Dad,Mom,Gary and Jay thx 4 everything I Love you! Welp cya 

Daniel James Lauzon 

Oatmeal - 4 tbsp 
Heather honey - 2 tsp 
Drambuie - 1 tbsp 
Double cream - 300 ml {Vi pint) 
Raspberries - 225 g (8 oz) 
Toast the oatmeal on a sheet of foil under the grill, stir twice so it browns evenly. 
Leave until cold. Add the honey and liqueur to the cream and whisk until thick. 
Fold in most of the oatmeal. Spoon into serving dishes and layer with the rasp- 
berries. Serve topped with the remaining oatmeal and raspberries. 

Michael John Lawson 

Nickname: "Mikey Bo Bo" 

Quote:"If winning isn't everything, then why do they keep score?" 

Activities: Football 1-4, Baseballl-4, Basketball 1, Weightlifting-1-4, Key Club 1, Executive-4. 

Future Plans: To attend college for 5 years and get my masters in Business Management, to get 

married and have two kids, and to get rich and live a successful life. 

Memories: To many initials to write you know you are. Sick times with DV haha right virg!yup! 

thanks for smashing mailboxes and getting us trouble. Washington D.C. "Zewwt Swaaa!" Old 

crew with DV,EW,JB,CR,DH, and KO, good times at begs,virgils, and wrightos house. Sick 

skiing trips with WG, DB, BH, SW, and IR. Thirsty Thursday at SWs with WG, JB, MB, KK,TM, 

and DV, amazing night, never going to forget. Football with guy's good times. 311 concerts, 

unreal. Hunka pumpa with SW at friendlys. SOUP! Haha. Shriner's games and tailgating. 

Ferbs fires, hilarious. Venus nights with SW,WG,LW,MR,DV,and MB. Sick summer at JM house, 

grillin everyday playin wiffball. Unreal voUyball games and DB's. BD's house, good times. 

Making up codes in English with JM.So many other good times just not enough room. Mom, 

Dad, Gordie, Angela, and Grammaw thanks for everything and always being there for me, I 

love you. 

Gerald Kenneth LeBrun Jr. 

Nicknames: J.J., Jay, Jay-raff,fuzz 

Quote: "If life's like a glass then drink deep and never stop to ask why." 
Activities: Guitar, Bass guitar. My band. Cross Country, Drama 

Future Plans: Make a career for myself in the music business, whether it's m recording or actually playing. 
Memories: Loads of laughs with Nick, Billy, Chris and the rest (alot of them at my expense, but hey). Getting a lead in 
drama as many times as I have. Meeting new people, in and out of school. All the great times with Cross Country: New 
York, Franklin Park, etc. Had a real good time at Junior Prom; hope you did too, Britt. Playing poker at Nick's, losing 
money, but I had fun with my friends, so I guess it was worth it. All the crazy band practices at Priority: had fun, hope it 
continues. P.C.C. in freshman year opened my eyes to appreciating every second of life, for 1 always try to now. Meeting 
a wonderful girl in sophomore year Making new friends and expanding my interests in junior year. And letting myself 
be free in senior year. Picking up guitar for the first time. Being in metal bands and such. Getting my license, my car, all 
that junk. It's been great. Now I'll give a shout out to all who deserve one: Billy, Nick (Oily), Pero, Brittany, Kat, Fuller, 
Pat, Bailey, Tony, Tim Burns, Dunnie, Trav, Adam, Will, and everyone from Cross Country '04 and'05. Everybody from 
Drama (Ortenzi, Meaghan, Sam, April, if you guys read this then thanks for the good times and support and junk). 
Those of you in the Viking Verse, thanks for hearing my stuff out. Any teachers that have helped me along the way, 
such as Mr Siddiqui, Mr Surrette, Madame Gillespie, Mr /Coach McCabe, Mr Crean, etc. Some may snicker at this, but 
you people really do make a real difference in our lives. And thank you Mom and Dad, without whose support 1 could 
never have made it through these times in my life. If I've forgotten anyone: sorry, you're great, too. Coming into high 
school I was told it was gonna be the best time of my life, I'm glad some people are still honest. 

Matthew Ryan Ledoux 

Christmas Pudding 
INGREDIENTS: llOg (4 oz) each of currants, raisins, sultanas, chopped dates, chopped non-soak 

prunesl35g (3 oz) halved glace cherries 170g (6 oz) chopped candied peel 1 pint fresh bread- 
crumbs; for real luxury, use brioche crumbs 2 tbs plain flour 225g (8 oz) brown sugar 225g (8 oz) 
suet or butter 135g (3oz) blanched chopped almonds 1 tsp each of grated nutmeg, 
ground cinnamon, groimd allspice salt 6 eggs 
DIRECTIONS: Mix the fruit, nuts, fat, flour, breadcrumbs, spices, salt and sugar together in a large 
bowl. If you are using butter rather than suet, rub it into the flour first, as if making pastry. Mix 
thoroughly. Whisk eggs till frothy, and fold into the dry ingredients. Add the mix. Grease a 2 pint 
and a 1.5 pint pudding basin, and line the bottom with circles of greaseproof paper Fill each basin 
three-quarters full with mixture, smooth off, and make a slight hollow in the middle. Cover with 
greaseproof paper and foil. Steam the 2-pint basin for at least 7 hours, and the 1.5-pint one for at 
least 6 hours. Remember to check the level of the water, from time to time. When cool, remove 
covering, and store in a cool place. Steam for at least 3 hours before serving. 

Sean Michael Leonowicz 

Ashlee Ann Levesque 


Quote: " Whatever you do in life, know that you are not measured by your 

wealth, but by your integrity." 

Activities: Tech Prep 06,' working, hanging out with friends and having a great 

Future Plans: Graduate from Bridgewater State college, get a degree in Criminal 
Justice. Get married and live happily. 
Memories: Good times with PD, D.P K.B, J.B, M.M, R.C, M.R, S.O, A.D, K.T, 
A.M, D.F, M.B and the rest of the gang. Hanging out with Dawn and Jess, be- 
ing our dorky selves. Partying with "The girls." Going for walks, and having a 
blast. Going to dances with my best friends and always having fun. Good times 

at Dawn's with D.P, K.B, M.M, A.D, and M.R. Having a great time at all the 

sleepovers. Having the best four years of my life fly by. Meeting all of the people 

whom became my friends and stayed by my side from start to finish drama and 

all. Now looking to the future and what it holds. 

Rebecca Katherine Libby 

"Becky", "Boo" 

"Don't live tomorrow like today." 

Future Plans: Get rich or die trying. 

Memories: Hanging out with Dre going to the rec sum04 THEBOOT, 

forgotten memories. Old days with SR AB CS BL JC AA. "Breakfast" with 

MW, DT, SS, MP, ST. Basement with JB, MW, DT, TM, TS, JB. HOOKA with 

everyone. BB, YEAH! Junior prom 04 with MD. Ry, I'll always be here for 

you. Jeffrey I love you 10/31/04 Junior and Senior prom05. Cali 05. Middle- 

boro cruises. Mel, MEH, British accents,f ghting and laughing. Tard, my room, 

singing "I will always love you", and three hour long convos. Mom dad 

and Josh, you guys put up with me and help me through everything and 1 

can't thank you enough. I love you guys. 

Adam James Little 


Brianna Le Lonergan 

Quote: "I want to be a shot heard around the world. . . unstoppable." 

-Against Me! 

Activities: NHS 3, 4. Dance 1, 2, 3, 4. Executive 2, 4. 

Memories: From each memorable moment to each incident of disruptive 

behavior, from all of the shows to all of the day-trips, from the prom 

night trolley ride to the nights spent just driving around, and from the 

times we found ourselves looking back at the past and not knowing exactly what 

we were thinking to the times spent trying to forget it, there's a lot to 

be said for the past few years, but trying to put it all in words would be 

impossible. So to those who have always been there and those who have 

come and gone, thank you for the good times and even the bad. We've come a 

long way, but this is where life really begins. "And if it doesn't matter 

now, then it never really did." (AM!) Best of luck to everyone in all that 

you do. 

Angelica Christina Longo 

Nickname: Angel 
Quote: "Do whatever makes you happy" 

Future plans: Go to college, become a nurse, marry a rich doctor, divorce, take all 
his money and keep the kids. 

for everything, HS wouldnt have been fun w/out you all! I'll Never forget times 
@ the pond, DD's,SB's,AF's,BB's,bp,fires at Djs,btown VFW,Jameso's Van,shows, 
Prom,after prom,hangin out in bwater, pullin' all nighters, endless driving around, 
leaving scool, "hot boxin"and riggin it out. And so many more! Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Amanda and Sal for putting up with me. Love you all. 

Amanda Jean Lucier 

-^ ^ 

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world"-Mahatma Ghandi 

Future Plans: To get married, and live a happy life with my family. 

Memories: Times with my friends- you know who you are-143. Best times 

with Dacey. Window washing! One Way! 143 BFF! Mooshy! AMPopcorn. 2BQ! 

Ice Skatin.. 143 BFF. Driven around with dreggy ..Dramaa... Good Luck in the 

Marines! Nights at Cantwells.W.Tour with KK & ED.Times with Mel! "The 

Van!" Dances with ED. Florida with timmy! Going to the "Beach" with Ericka. 

Den Den!! Prom 04 with Mike! Lotsa memories with Lau! Prom 05 with TH, 

ED, & DJ. Boston trips. Matt Moore, thanks for everything-ilu! Best memories 

with Tim, I love you. 1/30/04! Mom and Dad, thanks for everything, I Love 

you! Dean, Alex and Bailee- Love Ya's! Good Luck! 

Dimitrious Lymberopoulos 

Jenna Patricia Mastro 

#«^" ' 

Nicknames- Jen, Jenner, Jenstigator, Jen-Jen, Jenny. 

Quote- "It's better to be hated for who you are, than be loved for who you're not." 

-Van Zant. 

Future Plans- Move to Florida after college. 

Memories- First my family, I love you guys so much, couldn't have done anything without 

you! Mom, you're more like a sister, iloveyou! Daddy,"You are SFG!" haha iloveyou! Rio, 

sickest little brother, keep it real Oiram, iloveyou. My other half, Jamie Lynn, couldn't have 

made it w/out you babe! Gator sisters foreverily! Senior trip-gonna be ILL! Maine w/Michele 

*people', "G-night. K, Arnold". X-mas break w/Timothy, iLybabe! Jr prom w/Deano, Jame, 

Pat, Garrett, Karena, Jessicer, Michael. Senior Prom camp out at Deano's house. Summer 

05- Fires at Dean's, random fun with Michael, Jessicer, and Mike Lawson. Plymouth, Rox 

games and late night Wendy's w/Vinsanity,Rand-o,Mikey Bouff, T. Figger Michele's insane 

party. Sunday Friendly's w/Missy. 5th grade- "How about Nadine?" "Can I have a drink?" 

ily! Summer05 Y staff, ily guyys. Kraft Mac n' Cheese w/Meggyy DeSousa! Homecoming05 

w/Samantha, "I think I'm dying" haha ily! Afternoons w/ Kirst Kirst, "YO SHEEPY YOU 

REAL KID?" ily girrrrl!! CBF- ' 03, ' 04, ' 06 [Rin, Kristen,Cait,and Jessy] ily girrrrrls! Good luck t 

to everyone in their futures! Laaater EBHS. 

Brenna Marie McAuliffe 

Bren, B 

"Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine." 

Activities; Soccer 1-4; Softball 1-3; Basketball 1,2; Executive 1-4 National Honors Society 3,4; Yearbook 

Editor 3,4; Paula Coffee Dance for 15 years! 

Future Plans: Live life to the fullest, and Az with Shan 

Memories: These past four years have been amazing, so many great times spent with all of my friends 

XO. Especially my girls. Shannon, Leah, Lauren, Loraine, Karena,wouldnt have made it through 

vvithout you, i love you. Teej, Dreamteam. Tc and Cd thanks for always being there 4 me. Jr Prom with 

Matt. Aquarium w/Cd.Kz.Wk.Fr Sophomore & Junior year w/ ALL the girls: Lw.Lf.Md.Kz.Lb.Kw. 

Sd.Kg.Jc.Jf. Tina(Kz)soulsister Meggie & walmart! Three Musketeers: "Wang Bang Thank Ya Mang" 

Deano's house, HECKLE! Dave's. Wrighto's. All the Relays. Concerts: James Taylor w/ Lau, Toby 

Keith w/ basically everyone, Green Day w/ Steph, FOB w/ Md.Bm.Kz.Mr NH w/ Lf.Lb.Lw and crew. 

Summer '05, nothing better Soccer Girls <3, pasta tests. Tournament 2005. Homecoming '05. Theatre 

with everyone. Jordy my lil sister<3 All the dance memories with paula coffee girls! Times in Tressel's 

office. .special thanks to Mr T, don't know what I would have done without your help and support.. 

Steelers games with the fam <33 (2003, being in pitt for my 1st game). Celts games w/ dad. Shopping 

w/ mom, we're warriors. Thanks to my entire family, ily! Especially my mom, you'll always be my best 

friend. And to my dad, thanks for always being there for me, ill always be your little girl. Love you 
both so much. Jay, a lot of great times, couldn't have chosen a better brother Good luck with your next 

3 years! 1 love you. 

Christopher Michael McCabe 

Sean Patrick McDonough 

Ryan Donald McHugh 

Colleen Karen McLaughlin 


"Well, I was born in a small town, 

had myself a ball in that same small town." 

Activities: Soccer 

Memories: Thank you Mom for everything. Love you Richie, Michael, 

Kevin, and Bobby. Good luck Court- Love you so much. These were 

the best days of my life- love you boys. 

Bailey Anne Meagher 

NickNaines- dont have one 
Quote-"The greatest thing youll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return"-Moulin 


Activites-Chorus 1,2,3,4 Drama 1,2 Rythmixl,2,3 Trebel choir, acapella. Guitar 1,2,3,4 

Future plans- Go to college, be a Nurse, get married and have kids. 

Memories-Best times of my life with "my danny boi" i love you baby, always+ forever. 


all. LBI, Nj with Kat-Highway to Hell. Times at J.O's.Parties at the CB doin 60.Fires at 

djs,prom with dj04,05,Prom with Bob OS.Playn pool. Parties on longos porch with the 

losa crew. Crazy times in Brockton and B*water Times at DBs Times at Caseys,times at 

the ViL. Parties at Justins-'haanngiinn outtt',Gayraajj parties at DD's.Band prac.with 

the girls. Neva 4get the good times. Cant wait to start my life with YOU<3 Love you 

Mom,Dad,Lauren,James thank you 4 everything,! couldnt have done it without you. 

-Daddy, youll always be in my heart, I love you and Miss you so much, Youll always be 

my Hero*Rest in Peace-lTl see you on the other side- 

Amanda Marie Medeiros 

Quote: "Life is not worth living unless you live it well." 

Future plans: Go to college and get my degree in Early Childhood Education. 

Get a great job and marry a kind guy. 

Activities: Tech Prep all years. 

Memories: Going on field trips for Tech Prep and hanging out with my 

friends. I would like to thank my Mom, Dad, and brother Matt for supporting 

me. And thanks to the rest of my family for being there for me in my times of 


Jonathan Scott Merritt 

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity." 

Activities: Cross Country 1,2 Basketball 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3,4 

Future plans: Go to college, find a good job, have a family. 

Memories: Good times with everyone. Tim McGraw, Rascal Flats, 311. MR's 

windshield, boulder throwing. Watching the world pass by. Lip talks. Patio 

Chills. BD's house 7-7. Woods till 3 with BD and DT. EB's house. Strong's with 

MR and DV, Catching birds. The jetty. My own house for a week, grilling, 

wiffleball. '05 Summer. Jr Prom. After Prom. Strong's and Foxboro with Roxanne. 

MP's for Halo. Celtics game with MF DT BD. Pregame, fall mornings. New Years. 

"What's in your right hand?" NH with crew. Makin Mr. T type my senior bio for 

me. NFL Sundays. Washington DC. MB's with ML. BK runs. 16th birthday KC's 

open house. A.C. Mardi Gras party Crashing Roxanne with NB. Legion with ND. 

DW's Fires. Grams house. Jenn, good times. Dad, Mom, Dave and Kyle, Love 

you guys. Thanks for everything. 

Corey Michael Morrill 

quote: " You don't know what you got till it's gone " 

activities: football 2-4 , hockey 2 

future plans: college , usmc , get a good job 

good times with dl,ml,ew,jb,wg,peeg,ko,dj,kb,cr,cm,dv,cs,kd. KD 

pickin me up when my dad showed up, KB in english. fights with 

lauzon,puerto rico w/ ew. blizzard of 04 / 05 with ml,cr,dj,cm,ji, dv. 

Virgos 4th of July, nights at my house, bogg's, d-lo's fires and living 

with him , chillin with matty moore , night walk from easy's, sassy 

w/ jb an ew , lawsons house , skating with gambee , and everyone 

and everything else i forgot. mom,debbie lo, auntie doiina thank you 

for every thing.. love you 

Christine Mary Morrissey 

"Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in 

the rain." 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Winter Track 2-4, Spring Track 1-4, Basketball 1, Key Club 

1-4, Executive Committee 1-4, SADD 2 

Future Plans: Go to college, be successful, get married, have kids. 

Memories: Friendly's Crew <3 you guys are the best, wouldn't trade you for 

anything. Characters w/ SH. Rocky Mountain w/ KC.Teepeeing Church St. Bus 

rides w/ MB. Bus rides w/ LF. Sleepovers. BP-my twin! I love you <3. RC-since 

3rd grade and forever. Junior Prom. The Cape w/ StaceyKaraKaitlyn=amazing. 

New years eve. Florida '05, good times. Summer '05, beach trips. Playground trips 

<3 MS J. Relay for life. PCC. Walks to Marylous. Thanks for everything Mom 

and Dad! Erin-you're the best big sis ever, good luck <3 

Michael Ryan Morrissey 

Nicknames: Mike, Miguel 
Activities: Fall Soccer 1-2, Spring Track 1 
Future Plans: College 

Quote: It's hard to say it, time to say it goodbye, goodbye 

Memories: Good times with AD, DP, MR, RC, AL. Fun times on those random road trips, get- 
ting lost in Rehoboth or Fall River hahaha. Going to all the football games with KH, BH, MS, 
KC, ST, the good old days. I will always remember, the camping trip '05 / PCC '03 / Trips to 
Plymouth / Manomet Beach House / Junior Prom / Wal-Mart adventures / those crazy times 
with RC,SF,TE/ Halifax playground / 4th of July of '05 / my 17th b-day << hahaha / lost in 
the woods for 3 hours with AD and RC / Summer of '05 / all the good times at The Mocking- 
bird / AD and I pushing my car to the gas station / " Look a flying saucer!" / giving my order 
at dunkin donuts to a trash can / trips into Boston / I'll never forget those snowball fights on 
the common with KH, MS, BH, KC during Christmas on the Common / the carnival <<KH! / 
Brockton Fair with AD,DP Thanks to my mom and John for pushing me to get through high 
school, to my dad and my sisters for always being there for me, to my Nana, who had the best 
advice to give, and to my Grampa, 1 will never forget you 9/24/05. 

Melissa Motte 


Quote:Good times they come and they go and together we will always flow back 

into our dreams.- Bouncing Souls 

Memories: Times with:BB,AF,EP,CN,KD,JM,ML,ED,MD,MP,JB,LD,BL 

Warped Tour 02',03',04'. Shows with Brit - just being ourselves. Shows at the 

Hawks Nest meeting ZOX, Streetlight Manifesto,Mustard Plug and Big D w/NC. 

Boston trips with BB, CN, JB. Loving the homeless w/CN Classes with MP and 

talking about life. Sunday=Friendlys with Jenny,"Can I have a drink?". Sleeping 

in the Grandam, Woops!!.. Dunkies with CN,LD,&PC. Introducing the world to 

cloves. Leesha-"Barbie&Ken" Summer 05' w/"D.O.C." Dance off @ wendys late 

night,4th of July, rocking out to mariah, ICE ICE BABY!. .Getting lost w/ML 

managing to find a beach. Johnnie D's cures a bad night. 

Hattim Houssam Moukalled 

Joseph Nadeau 


Chelsea Neenan 

Nicknames; Chels, Chelkey, Chelk 

Quote: "Live like you were dying." 

Activities: Field Hockey 1,3 Future Nurses Club 1-4 pres.4 

Future Plans: Move to FL, nursing school 

Memories: Bb.Mm-sleeping in my car,wake up2 a cat on my haha.<3 Bb.Md-lets be quiet"BEEP' 

1 lean on my horn and don't realize ithaha Dunkies with Mm.Ld.Lw.Kw.Pc.Jd<3.Dace-donut holes lol your 

awesome! Brit-Ilu, thanks for everything, *razzmatazz*, finally we get to move somewhere warm!=) so many 

things cant even list them all BfwDsFfxoxo<3. Michele-summer 05-amazing w/ while it lasted-=) 

llu, maine, Florida. thanks for everythingxoxo<3 Mel-psychics,dunkies,awesome,talks, meeting ppl on the 
tram lol, so much more iLu!<3xoxo.Leesha-takin the train to the mall, DC iLu!<3 xoxo. Natures Classroom • ,i 
Freshman Field Hockey-AMAZING. Sam-awesome times! Thx for everything<3xoxo...D.C. roomies- Sb.Af. 
Lr* crazytimes@FEVE*- Sthgrade-bestyear-. middle school with-Sh*Kt- Malex,our funny movies,so much more 
I'll never forget=) GoodLuck girls.awsumtimes together.xoxo>CFiEKAYKASTA<.Going to Boston. Rise against 
show w/Bb.Mm.Ep . 17th Birthday in bos. w/ Mm. Ep. Ms. When brit "saw jesus" ©kirst's haha, crazy night. 
Mm bday w/Jb ..hooters-Mel's 16th =)Pcc02-HM.BM.EW<3 thanks so much to all of my friends. l<3you. *Ld. 
Bb.Md.Mm.Af.Ml.Ep.Al.Ms.Kc.SyBf.Eb.St.Mp.Sb.Br.Ji.Jb.Kd.Dr>sry if 1 4got you. .CONGRATS Field hockey- 
awesome job this year girls!=)Cancun-gunna be amazing. My family-Thankyou Paige&]enna<3stay strong and 
goodluck in school miss you girls tons! XOXO, Tim & Tanya, Grammy & Grampy-thanks for everything!XoXo 
Mom&Dad, thank you&love you. Jill stay outta trouble. Good luck Jill, Beth,Meghan,Matt,Andy<3... Finally 

were outta here! =) 

Stephen Anthony O'Connell Jr. 

Nickname: George 
Quote: "Life is like a box of chocolate by the time you get there someone's 

taken all the goocl ones." 

"The hardest thing in this world is to live in it" -Meg Weljkovic 

Activities: No times just horseback riding. 

Future Plans: I'll let you know when I get there. 

Memories: A lot of good times can't remember them all. All the fun times 

with Pete and Betsy. All the great times at work with all the friendly people 

haha. I can't forget the prototype in accounting with Big D, Enna Sregor, T.B. 

and Evets Llennoco. Who could forget bomb scare '05? Then there was the 

puddle and that time at Walmart with the spray-paint lady. Who was it that 

said "Fool me once shame on your.. ..fool me twice.... Ummm... You wont fool 

me twice"? Thanks to all of my family and friends I couldn't have gotten this 

far without you. 

Nicholas Elcio Oliveira 

"I'm over it." 
Activities: Drama (1-4) Chorus (1-4) Rythmix (2-4) Key Club (1) 
Future Plans: Manage a successful business and lead a happy life. Memories: 
Hanging out with my friends, the longest rehearsals for drama, and just having 
fun. I'll always remember how fast my freshman year went b-y, and how happy 
I thought I was when the year was over. High school really is the best years of 
your life, and hopefully everyone will remember all the good times as much 
as I have. Never forget AA CC BF SF GL. Never take life too seriously, it's not 
good for the soul. 

r» v-A^M 

Marina Danielle Penedo 

Quote; "Seize the moment, try to freeze it and own it, squeeze it and hold it, cuz we 
consider these minutes golden." - Eminem 

Bio; Its been real. (*LtStBk) my bestest ladies, you are my heart. CpMdJfDdMmRlJdSfB- 
bCaCfKcLkCLc.MyLadies&Gentlemen so much love. Leanney memba that time we 
almost died? Jammin to Mariah and Rascal. Baseball games. Cardboard son. "this to 
shall pass." You have been there since dayl and I love no one in the world as much as 
1 love you =o). Stepha. "I turned to get my twisty cone and I missed it." Oldest moth 
ever. WBB<3. Love when you climb thro windows. Fest. Newest thing ever. Get over 
here freshman. Its ridiculous how retarted we are. I love you oh so very much my fav. 
And I love being childbirth with you. BrattyBaby. "My box is laughin'" I love you baby 
cakes =o). Randoms.. Basically should bea certified Tardie by now. Gilligan. Truce's 
familia hate work love you. Old school memories<3. Momma&dad. I love you and 
thanks. BabyBrother.wouldn't trade you for the world ilu. Throwback friends,always. 
If I love you, you know. Latahhhh. 

William Piantoni 

"The just man walketh in his integrity. "-Proverbs 

Spanish Club Treasurer 2; Executive Committee 2; 

A-V Department 3, 4. 

Travis Michael Picklus 

"I Guess Its Just Another Night Alone" - Blink 182 
Activities: Cross Country 2 Captain 3,4 ; Winter Track 2 Captain 3,4 ; Spring Track 1-3 
Captain 4 

Future Plans: Go to college, get famous with Kev, get married, have kids. 
Memories: Fun times w/ Kev, Tone and Adam. Kev, best friends for 13 years, we did every- 
thing together. Hanging out every summer, sleepovers every night, going to NH, making 
TandK's Second Cool Quest, playing w/ Yode face, SMM practice and the show! Cave, 
Tone, and Ave, soing, sleeping in tents getting caught by Patty at 2 A.M. Doing dib dobs 
and dubins, eating ramen noodles, Fobla, you in there? Remaining straight edge throughout 
high school, almost, but never making a movie. Going to Blink, Taste of Chaos, and FOB, 
Amazing! EBXC, I will miss all you guys, NY was awesome. Kev, going camping, playing 
basketball, gay jet. Being extremely lucky. Angela A, my best friend. Scavenger hunt with 
Adam L and Max M. Scootering. Kelly K, simply amazing. Ryan Egan, eating pastry and 
going to camping shows, playing soccer, you being unluckuy, I will miss you. Mom, Dad, 
Ty, Tan, thanks for everything, I love you. 

Edward Thomas Pomfred 

Quote: I can't believe I ate the whole thing. -Homer Simpson 

Activities: Soccer 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Outdoor Track 2, 3, 4 ; Indoor Track 3, 4 ; Execu- 
tive Board 1, 2, 3, 4 ; Class Treasurer 4 ; Student Senate 3, 4 ; Math Team 2, 3, 4 ; 

Student Advisory Council 4 

Memorable Moments: Soccer- CC quotes, "It turned out to be a skunk". The 

Birds, tons of imitations; Track- POW!, smuggling food in the Reg; homecoming 

skits (Princess Leia); The Calculus- making fun of Mittens, Olive Garden trips, 

staying to 9 pm for one problem. Math Team- flicking MH's big ears 

Dawn Marie Post 

The Scene Aesthetic-Beauty in the Breakdown - But at the same time we're still 

young, we have the time to realize that we were wrong 
High school was fun. Great times at the beach during the summer with MM. So 
many memories with my friends MM, AL, AD , MR. Junior prom was a fantastic 

night. My future plans are to attend Bridgewater State College, study elemen- 
tary education and someday become an elementary school teacher. 1 will always 
remember high school, there are so many memories good and bad. 

Daniel Anthony Ribeiro 

Nick names: Dan, Dan the man, Dan from audio 

Quotes: "We hold our own by keeping our hearts cold" - Thrice 

Activities: Quarterback for New England patriots. 

Future plans: college and make more then 9:50 an hour 

Memories: Brittni i love spending almost every day with you, you kissed me 

first, 1 love you. Zani i loved that fruity pepsi. Adam n Andy that pizza and 

O] was soo good at midnight. Sean " They want me but cant have me love is 

crazy". Von and Dubs how but mcdonalds on the way home from work 

Gregory Charles Riccio 

Nicknames: Rico, Uncle Rico, Riccio 

Quote: Go Big, Or Go Home! 

Memories: Racing go carts with ES ripping up his yard. Going dirt bike riding with 

JB, ES, Burnsy, SBurns, JK, riding lawn mowers at 11 o'clock at night with Bumsy. Mr 

Bernstein's class junior year with ES, EB, HJ, RF, EM. Hangin around with my buddies 

cruising the streets of East Bridgewater. Making late runs to Wendy's and Peacefuls 

with JB,and LR Spending great times in NH with my family and lake friends. Snow- 

mobiling up in the middle of nowhere in NH with my family and friends and the truck 

not starting. Fun times camping with Tim, Dan and the rest of our camping buddies. 

"That Fires Waaaayy To Big." And many more memories to come. 
Future plans: Going to college and majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Make a lot ot 

money and someday start a family of my own. 

I would like to thank my mother, father, and brother for always being there for me and 

supporting me throughout my life. I love you guys. 


Lori W. Rich 

Craig William Robertson 


"He who postpones the hour of living rightly is like the rustic who waits for 

the river to run out before he crosses." 

ACTIVITIES: Football 4,Soccer 1-3, Track 2,MB 1-3,CB l,2,4,Lifting 3,4. 

FUTURE PLANS: Graduate from college, meet an amazing woman, get a 

good job, get married and start a family. 

MEMORIES: Hanging out will with all my friends. The Cape with 

CS,AG,ST,SR,ER The cruise with Sammie and Alex. Getting lost on they way 

to the cheer comps. Walking around the streets at 2 a.m. with BH and CS. 

Playing "British" with RE,BH,ED,and CL. All the good advice Alex gave me 

over the years that made me a better person. R.I.P Alex ill never forget you 

and ill always love you like my brother. Thank you Liz for all the help you 

have given me and thank you Mom, Dad, and Sammie for always being there 

for me I love you all! 

Frederick Dale Rogers 

Nicknames: Freddy Brown, Froggers 
Quote: "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters com- 
pared to what lies with in us." 
Activities: Soccer, 1-4, Winter Track 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Executive 1-4, NHS, 

Reach Out 
Future Plans: Go to college and get a job 
Memories: Hangin' with friends, MB, TC, CD, CH, TH, WK, Venus Cafe, FAB 
games, BPL, Scavenger Hunts, 2/10 @ the Celts, ill Mountain Dew, Chill- 
zones, Tommy's House, Music Vids, NHL 06, Wiffleball, Backyard Football 
games. Handshake w/ TJ, Ultimate Frisbee, Breakfast @ De Ann's, Fishing, 
Cape House, Reach Out with RE & SR, Thanks Mom and Dad, Kelly you're 


Marlena Anne Rogers 

Marley- Martini 
"Don't ever tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody"- The Catcher 

in the Rye 
Future Plans: I'll let you know when I get there 
Memories; I had great times with everyone. Ir. prom was so much fun, there'll never be a 
night that can beat it. "I wish I could speak whaIe"-Finding Nemo. So many good times 
over the summer like when Mike and I almost got swalkiwed by waves or when he gave 
his order to a trash can. How could I ever forget the weekends at the "Bird" and Satur- 
days in Boston. Rikki remember that time when I was over your house this summer? 
I think "That's a binger" sums it up. How bout that time we went blind... or in Boston 
when people didn't whistle in English. I love you so much. I'll never forget accounting 

with S.O,A.D,D.F. and our plans for the prototype... some day one of us will be mil- 
lionaires because of it. Then there was the bomb scare in 05. . . Most memorable of course 
would be spelling our names backwards. Good times guys, good times. Thank you to all 
my family and friends, including the ones who don't go to E.B. or who have graduated. I 
would have never made it this far without you. 




mm. % ' 


Samantha Jean Rollins 

"Take a chance, the future's in your hands. Make it what you can be- 
fore your time has reached the end." 
Activities: Student Senate, 11-1-12. STAND-f- Amnesty, 11-1-12, Peer me- 
diator, 11-1-12, and Senior Executive Board. 
Memories: Being little and thinking graduation would never come. 
Now it's right around the corner. Good Luck Class of 2006! 









Matt Rosenberg 

"We always go there. "-DT 
Basketball 9-12 Football 11 Student Senate 9-12 Key Club 9-12 Executive 9-12 

PCC '02 '03 
Summer '05 good times with DWDVMKJMMBML& Abington crew, MSJA, 
CJH,NFBLMFAHNC Russel, Hey Girl in the Truck, Gram's Kenneyval, Kayak- 
ing w DWJA. The usual with DWDV. Fall sports fans, changing tires and 
supporting the Vikings. Noah's Arc, Fi's house w/ MFDTNBBDND, KCLNEB- 
JNBRLHJF Partying with JDDDKZKWBM, Becky's basement. Fire's at Deano's, 

JMDV, sunrise at the jetty, watching the world pass by. Good times with 

CHTHFRWK,TJC,jG... Karaoke with JMMBDV, Christos w/DT...Latenight crew 

BWMHCGGHEHRE, Hotel 8. 1 miss you Lizzy. Thanks for all the directions. 

Ann. DW, thanks for everything love you bud. LW you're the best ly. Mom, 

Dad, Katie, Meghan & Gram 1 love you all thank you so much for everything. 

Steven Gerald Rossini 

Nicknames: Steve, Stevie, Stevester, Stevemeister, the Steveinator, Stevermo, 

Stevo, Stephon, Rot-dawg, Ross is Boss. 

Quote: "Love is an oval" 

Activities: Soccer 1-4, Reach Out 1-4 

Future Plans: school, wife, house, retirement, kids, write a book about love. 

Memories: fIsHAH, Jungle Fever, Bocim Boom Room, New Hammah Trip with 

CS RE AB, SCATT, GD, ESG, Gorden, Mr. Boston, Keene, Amherst, Craigy Run, 

the Blood of Christ, Gramma, Priority, New Years '04, Falmouth, Food Fight, 
Reach Out, And everything else I've ever done. My friends are nice, too nice to 
mention. Thank you family: Mom, Dad, Sister. Gilby is the man. Lupi you'll 

make it out some year. 

Christopher Deane Russo 

"I've got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things 

will work out in the end." 

Future plans: Go to college, get a job, and make a lot of money. 

Activities: Football 1,2 Spring Track 1 Basketball 1,2,3,4 

Memories: Going to JB's and Mi's till DV knocked down a mailbox. Chillin at 

Ko's playin bball and marco polo. Hey Virg do fish drink? Chillin with Kb Kd 

Rni Cs Cm. Shootin off a roman candle in mchughs 3 day old car loved it. Going 

skiing with Wg Ml and Cm "that was Michael" ya ok Grama. All my friends 

you know who you are don't want to forget anyone. Dad, Mom, 1 love you 

thank for everything. Lauren Scott love ya thanks for everything. 


Evan Thomas Saccoach 



Nele Schulz 

"There's only us, it's only this, forget regret or life is yours to miss" Memories: 

Florida, field hockey. Thanksgiving, calculus after school, band, a capella, chorus, 

oober sclmitzel, myspace. Rent, Whose line is it anyway?, reese's, drama club, math 

team, the lunchline, Mr. Siddiqui's grilled cheese and stupid Germans, ballet. Oh 

Desayo!, green... Fun times... future plans: to finish school and become a performer 

I never realized how much it can mean to your life to live in another country for 

one year. Getting along on your own and experiencing another culture makes you 

learn so much about yourself, it's incredible. I didn't think that it would change 

me that much, but it dici. I am like a new person! 1 had an amazing year and I'm 

still happy about the day that I decided to do it (although I was wicked nervous 

when I came here...). I want to say thank you to everyone for treating me so nice, to 

my new friends for all the fun times. Thanks to my German family for all the love 

and help to make me go on this trip and a special thanks you to my hostfamily for 

always giving me support and for being like a second family for me - just on the 

other side of the world. I love you all and because of you, I will never forget my 

year abroad!!! 

Caitlyn Louise Scudder 

Nickname: Scudder 
Activities:Soccer 1,2,3,4; Winter track 2,3; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Executive comittee 1,2,3,4. 
Quote: " We laughed until we had to cry, we loved down to our last goodbye, but over 
the years we'll smile and recall, for just one moment... we had it all! 
Memories: Bus rides, pasta test, and close games with the soccer girls. Long meets, 
and cold nights in track. Being the laziest sport, but having the most fun ever in tennis! 
Thanks to all my friends who have been there for me all throughout high school, you 
know who you are. Dennis and Denise in calc. study, the friday night crew (Kenny, 
Katie, and Andy). Thanks Mom, Dad, Alex, Jenny, and Matty for being there and sup- 
porting me through it all, one day i'll return the favor I promise! Good luck Class 2006! 

Christopher Patrick Simmons 

Nickname: Simmons 
"We are untouchable. Untouchable is something to be." 
Activities: Music, band, skating with No Nuts 
Thanks to all the kids I call my family, to all the kids who I'll still know when 
we're in the real world. Boston, mini-golf. Grove St, basements across Massachu- 
setts, Bob's Gallery, Avalon\Axis\Jackson MannXKingston K.O.C., Wendy's 500, 

Florida, Tim Burns' Cutlass Sierra, getting lost, finding our way, conversations 
with strangers, 495, the Boom Boom Room, Brian Hanson's garage, bumper pool, 

Ireland, that food fight. Old Wapping Rd, longboards, Spiderman, fat idiots, 

acoustic guitars outside, never ordering a drink but always getting one, tanks on 

empty, Brockton Pizza Hut, the Subway Warrior, empty T trains, Max Morgan's 

beard, darts. Super Nintendo, Store 24, "We Laugh At Danger", the Cove, the 

Buzz, surviving the game, being broke, and Comic Book Heroes. SxCxAxTxTx 

- We're a family, you can't kill us all. Keep breathing, keep loving, keep living. 

Matthew Andrew Smith 

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody." 
-Bill Cosby 

ACTIVITIES: Executive 1-4; Key Club 1-4; NHS 3,4; Student Senate 4; Reach Out 2,3; Study 
Buddies 3; STAND 3,4; SADD 3; Amnesty 3. 

FUTURE PLANS: To go to college, be successful, get married, and have a family. 
MEMORIES: 63DoubleG (BH TH KZ LF LW CH FR WK) too many good times; Relay Crew 
- SW BH JF TH 11/05 The Penguin Waddle Much? Lil G's house/basement w/ CG and 
BH- food galore; MV w/ Ben- VIRGIL; Maine w/the Hackers + BH- the toilet incident; 
Foggy Goggles w/ BH MB MM; PPC/VBS w/ MB BH JW CD; White's w/ SW BH KH; 
Fire/Norah/Candles; Mayer with BH KZ KH; All the good times w/ KC MM BH KH- the 
railing/bush incident; 4th'of July w/ KH MM BH CG and the flashers; CM CC SH and the 
daily wave; Jenna- My Bubble Lova; Liz- My Queen; The endless 99 /Peaceful Meadows 
trips; Friendly's w/ LR and MC; Horses on Late Night TV w/ BH TH CH; My Junior year 
with my favorite Seniors- KH KS KG KO; Cake incident at the Hayes household; Thank you 
Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Allison and the Nanas for always being there for me. I Love You! 


Brayans Andres Stegmayer 

Nicknames: Chile, Chilly, Chalupa, Bray , Brayans 

"Wake Me Up..." 

Activities: Cross Country , Winter Track, Marching Band and Tennis 

Future Plans: finish the high school, go to the College, travel around Europe 

and have a good life. 

Memories: My best time was in Cross Country, excellent season, nice job 

everyone and the New York City trip was amazing! hey guys. We have to go 

to another trip or party for fun!., (i never take pictures ? lol ). Nice time with 

James , JJ, Britney and Nele. Marching Band season was nice because we won 

and Disney World is coming up in February!!. Nice time in Mister Smith class. 

(Sociology the best class ever). Good time with most people in the HS.. And 

Let's go Vikings!! 

James Daniel Sullivan 

Quote: "Let us run the risk of wearing out rather than rusting out" -Theodore 

Future plans: Go to college, major in journalism, and get older. 

Activities: Band 1-4, president 4; Chorus 2-4, Treasurer 3, Vice President 4; Drama 
Club 2-4; Amnesty Int. President 3; 2006 Executive Committee 1-4; Jazz Band 1,2; 
Marching Band 1-3; Viking Voice 1. 

Memories: District 2004 and 2005. Drama 2005 with Oliviera and Juliai-ina, good 
times back stage. Going for coffee after school with Sam, Mitch, and Jordan. 
Good times in the Calculus after school 2005-2006 with the ear piercing laugh of 
Smelly Kelly and the horrible one-liners of Nick Oliviera. MAPLE! Platinum 04' 
beats all! Good times on the bus with Folloni. McNUT! Haha! KENNAY! Florida 
trip 03' fillin the tub with ice and chicken fights. Florida trip 06' - best trip ever. 
Go seniors 2006! Love you Jordan. 

Leanne Mary Tardie 

"Truth Hurts" 

Memories:Best sister ever Melis I don't know^ where I'd be without 
you. Rina "Hey remember when we almost died?" baseball games, not 
really going to the gym, walks to the movie store with DJ. Fun times 
camping and going to the cape with Jen boo. Kate mushrooms?! You're 
always going to be my favorite TULS! I'll never forget our vocab les- 
sons. Kenzie good times at Dunkies, snow angels, you love old guys! 
Lori your crazy love you though fun times. Waffa thanks for finding 
my panda charm in third grade prom was so much fun! Mom thanks 
for pushing me through. Jimbo my everything, you saved me. Taco bell 
runs, sledding, snow ball fights, getting lost, shopping, and dancing. I 
love you honey bunny even if you can't make hot chocolate. 

Stephanie Barbara Tardie 

Nicknames: Steph, Tardie, Brat,Tahd 
Quote:"Life is a joke. The only way to survive it is to find the right punchline" 
Activities: Field Hockey 1-2, Executive 1-2 Future plans: Attend college, have 

a family and be as happy as possible 

Memories: Harvard Street with SC and JC, my second family, I love you guys. 

WBB with MP, always amazing times, wouldnt have made it through senior 

year with out you. E Cubed with BB and SC. Maine and good times with KC 

and KH. "The cove" summer '05. Crazy times with DJ, KT, and a little red 
car. Work, parties, and random times with la trio, love you girls. DT Love you 
tons, good luck next year. BB and Saturday nights with LE, never a dull mo- 
ment. PN, my best friend I love you so much. LT twelve years and we finally 
made it! Mom and Dad 1 love you, thanks for everything! Good luck 2006! 

Michael Douglas Tessier 

Kara Eileen Thurston 

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is now path and leave a trail." 

-Ralph Waldo Emerson 
ACTIVITIES: Tennis 1,2,3,4; Indoor Track 1; Key Club 1,2,3,4; Jr. Arch bearer 3 
FUTURE PLANS: Graduate College, get married, have a family, be successful and be happy. 
MEMORIES: Good times with KC, SH, CM- you're the best! Don't know what I'd do without 
you<3. Friendly's Crew, awesome time in the cape, new years eves, walking to KFC. Sweet 
Sixteen Party! Sheep movie for Dunphy with SH, Dome trips. Driving aimlessly with KC 
- WST, Marylous 24/7, our rain dance, KK SHOW ..too funny!! Sleepovers w/ the girls- bak- 
ing all night. Summer 05 awesome, working at dunks. AI- so many sweet convos w/ you., 
only us haha! Walking in the rain and across town, BBB, chasing boys in your car!, love you 
girl GL next year. All my tennis girls-ilu AI-i-MD win some games for me next year haha. Jr. 
Prom w/ AP- so much fun. Growing up w/ SH+CN (chekaykasta). APRIL 02! 8th grade best 
year ever! thanks CN- Malex, hump of love!! PCC 02. Thanks for everything Mom, Dad, and 
Jessica, I love you! Good luck OB'-I'm out! 

Kenneth Joseph Tolbert 


Sean Tommervik 

Nicknames: Tvik, Tammy 
Quote: "You must love yourself before you can love others." 
Activities: Baseball 2,4; Indoor Track 3,4; Basketball 1,2 
Future Plans: College to study Aviation Science then fly for Southwest Airlines and even- 
tually own my own plane... hopefully a Piper with a glass panel 
Memories: Would like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has helped or 
tried to help me along the way. High school has been a learning experience for me, most 

lessons learned the hard way. Most of all I would like to thanks my parents because 

without them I would be lost. Thank you for believing in me even throughout the rough 

times. All the people who didn't think I would make it to this day, you pushed me to 

prove you wrong. To my friends who took the time to understand me...BP, you're my 

boy... thanks for taking me under your wing and straightening me up... will never forget 

all the stuff we have gone through... Jay Hannan.haha what else do I have to say bro 

...great times, more to come. ..Erin. ..6/24/05. ..stay strong babe. have a big heart 

and you know how much I love you. . .deep down you also know I love you so much 

more... Thanks again to everyone I mentioned and to all those I didn't have room to 

mention... best of luck to everyone... God Bless 


Daniel George Topoulos 

Quote: "Our greatest glory lies not in never falling, but in rising up each time 

we do." 
Future Plans: Go to college, get married, and live a good life. 
Memories: hanging out with BD, MF,NB,JM,MR,ND,MB,ML,DV,BR,JN,EB,K 
C,]F,LN,JI,SM. Patio chills. Hummer Rock., 311, Celtics game w/ BD,JM,MF. 
Good times with KQ and SL. Jetty. Loon w/ the crew. Hampton w/ the guys. 
Golds. Deap sea fishing. LT's w/ JM,BD,MR,MF,BR. G-G to the fullest. Watch- 
ing the world go by. "Aint nothing like those fall mornings." Fall pregame, 
"What's in your right hand." 7-7 . Home coming eggs. Living at Bk. JR Prom. 
Mchugh's woods till 3, Halo. Maio's fires. Mall runs. Fi's rocka. The kush. 
College trips. Pats game with MF. Noah's arc. The weekend Alex came up. 
Pats parade. Christos w/ MR. Hackin. And finishing it all up at the 50. Thanks 

mom and dad 

Bradley John Vandehey 

Nicknames: Bradmahn, Birdmahn, B-Rad 

Quote: "If A is success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; 

and z is keeping your mouth shut." -Abraham Lincoln 

Plans for the Future: Goin' to Europe and college and then movin' to Florida with 

my honeybaby. 
Memories: Hanging out with friends, 'you know who you are,' even if I don't. 
Goin' to the Cape, Priority, the Feev, anything else. History Alliance trips, those 
were real fun. Poetribe's been cool, something new. Thanks for everything, ev- 
eryone. Thanks to my mom, dad, Ed, and Mish for all the help. Don't let all this 
hype about college and school get to you, it won't matter in the real world. 

Ryan Vaughn 

Nickname: Von , Rhyno 

Quote: "did you see that memo" 

Future Plans: Working at Circuit City Full time with Boris. 

Memories: Going to every metal show to ever come to MA with cordaro and 

gilmetti. Gilmetti & Ribeiro.... drive through at Mcdonalds and BK "anything 

else with that". Zani your the man. Thanks for everything Mom and Dad 1 love 

you. METAL lives forever! I 

I've come. My past. 

You've waged a war of nerves 

But you can't crush the kingdom 

Can't be what your idols are. Can't leave the scar. 

You cry for compensation. I ask you please just give us... 

5 minutes alone 


Derek Robert Virgo 

Nicknames: Virg, Big DV, Flashback, Virgial, Mox 

Quote: "I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that 

he holds dear, is the moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies 

exhausted on the field of battle-victorious." - Vince Lombardi 

Future Plans: Go to college, be happy, get married. 

Activities: Football(l-4), Basketball(l-4), Spring Track(l), Executive(4), Gridiron Club(l- 

Memories; To all my friends you know who you are. Times at JB and EW's house. Fires 
at DW, Strong's w/ MR and JM, "100 bucks for the Motherbird" Pond St Cruises w/MR 

DW, and MK, Unreal times at ML. NFL Sunday w/MB, MR, ML, and JM. UNH trips, 

311, Playing fball with all my brothers for 10 yrs, "We all we gof'.Tlie Usual w/MR and 

DW Plymouth with KZ. KO's house. Pleasant Ave Crew, Brant Rock, Kenney's house. 

Thank you to the Lawson and Rosenberg family for everything and puthng up with me 

and also to my grandparents for all their love, thank you KZ I Love You, GL Rob. 

Special thanks to my mom for everything I Love You. 

Elizabeth Waldron 

Nicknames: Liz, Lizbeth 
Quote: "To infinity, and beyond!" 
Activities: President 1,3, Executive 1-3, Student Senate 1,2 Sec. 3, Student Advisory to the 
School Committee 2-3, Yearbook 3, Key Club 1, Sergeant 2, VP 3; Cheer 1; Track 1,2; Soft- 
ball 1, 2, 3; Field Hockey 2, 3; 
Future Plans: Wherever the road takes me. 
Memories: Unforgettable times at EBHS. Jack and Diane, Bruins, Massive Video, EB/OA 
Fires, Booty Babe, inevitable Graduation deal. Rocket launching. Ski trip, EBFH, puddle 
jumping, baseball games, "1 bet you I know everyone in this schciol". Relay for Life, 
Middleboro fair, 'Sundays', married in Kindergarten, softball, Mary Lou runs, winter track 
'go team!', Middleboro girls, missing backbone, ERR Women, 63doubleG, pawsox game, 
George & Martha, Onset with the dogs. Jenna & Christopher, Goodluck in everything you 
do, 1 could not have done it without you, I love you guys! 
Thanks - Thank you very much Mom, Dad, and Bo. Kathleen, I don't know what I'd be 
without you, love you beaner. EBHS - Thanks for the purple ribbons. 

Aaron Michael Wall 

Lauren Marie Walsh 

Lau . LauLau . Ldub, Michael Marie 
" Life is only as good as the memories you make " 
My Girlss, My Everything [ b b c j k 1 1 n s s ]. Freshmen Year with Jenna&Mck.PCC'o3 
<3Sophmore Year. Fh'o3.Beddias.Cantwells ( my pff ) "Girls nights" 1.10, the beginning. 
Deans Fires. The Camper. Summer '04 [ LBs Daves BeachHouse ]. The Guys, thanks for the 
memories. 72804. Junior Prom with Christopher =).Dome Games w / Lf Lb. FishStyle. Summer 
'05 [ NH.KChes.TobyKeith.WrightResidence ] xo Camping xo. Tjb. Summer Crew.xO ({ Ac 
Bg Cm Lf Nr Sb )) Best times Girlies. Mandy&Dacey I'll never forget the times with you, i 
love you! 3Lw.L2k.3Musketeers.LL Package. Then there were two, 6.28 always Constance. 
Mom and Dad, I can not thank you enough for everything you've given me. Michael, Ryan, 
Kerri, best of luck in everything you do. I Love You AH So Much. Lea Kare Rane Bren. my 
bestest forEVA and always. MrDvJmCrMbDt i love you guys<3. Special thanks to Mr T. 
RIP Grandpa, Grandpa Nee, & Nana Flo miss you Class of 2006, after twelve years we're 
finally done. Goodluck Everyone 

McKenzie Jean Walters 

Kenz, Mac 

Quote: "Eventually everything falls into place, until then, laugh at the confusion, 

live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason." 

Activities: Field Hockey 1-2, Executive 1-4, Key Club 1-4, NHS 3-4, Yearbook 4. 

Future Plans: Have my own dance studio, get married and have children. 

Memories; Never forget the times with my girls. Lori, our late night phone calls 

and svu nights. Times with Km.Jp.Jr.Kg.Lc. Late night Wendys, vote for Kirby, 

Summer 04,Knarp, Monster/Summer Jam and limo rides,Eab games. Races with 

Km.Kg.Bb.Jb. Nights with Katie. Junior prom with Stephen. Jenna, just the two 

of us always! Mariah Carey, Rush Hour, baseball games, fake party lists, ice 
fights, saving me at dance. Donovan-loved being married to you. Molly thanks 

for always making me laugh. Dunks with LT. My dance girls, FL 04, I'll miss 
you. Stephen, I love you! Mom, Dad, Melissa, and Kevin, thanks for being so sup- 
portive, couldn't have done it without you! Good luck '06! 

Kelsey Kathleen Wile 


" If it wasn't for bad luck, I would have no luck at all!" 

Future Plans: Go to college and become a nurse 

Activities: Varsity Soccer 1-4 captain 4, Varsity Basketball 3-4 captain 4, 

Varsity Softball 2-4 
Memories: Girls soccer...! love and will miss all of you. Good Luck! Sopho- 
more year, L2k, Gurls nights w/ Lf, Lb, Lw, Kg, Bm. Cantwell's house! Old 
mems with Kz and Kc. Car Crash w/Ap, Dd, Kz. S3ob I don't know wut I'd 
do without u gurls! 311 w/ Kz, ]d, Dd...the crew. Toby, rt -i- rn w/ Dd. Brant 
Rock. B/f Trio Kz and Jc! Thanks to all my friends Dd, Kz, ]d, Md, Bm, Jc, Lb, 
Lf, Mf, Bd, Mb, Jm, Dv, Mr love all u guys. Hw my twin , I love u! Mom, Dad, 
and Brit thanks for everything, I love you guys! 

Samantha Ryan Wolfe 

"S»minia Ltimmd, Mearl, Randy' 
Don't count the day^, make the days count -Muhammad Ali 
Activities: Softball 1-4, Basketball 1-3, Field Hockey 2-4. Football Cheerleading 1, Student Senate 2-3 Secretary 4. 
National Honor Society 3-4. STAN D 3. Amnesty 3. SADD 3. Executive Committee 4. 
Future Plans: Join the Peace Corps after college, get married. Have two kids, a Golden Retriever 
and live happily ever after. 
Washington DC. Hanging out in the pit with Wg,ML and TM. All stars . Manhunt. Commuiuty Banana boat. 
Chillin at Kg's. Fr.yr w/Ms. Heidki. Muddy boots! KK,CC,TM,JD, Break dancing with WG. The Face Game. 
Getting Randy with Mearl/Frito. Tool kid from MV w/KK. DV makin us all laugh. Jr prom. So many awesome 
memories w/ML, always laughmg. Ilv- Makin ill vids w/ Robtrocious. Chowdduhp. Loveyoumylittlechowda. Ve- 
nus. Softball in MV. Homecoming w/]F and LF, Skiing glades w/Jr "Yeah 1 was gunna say that," Theatre class 
w/ everyone. Ms. Principle's class/sparknotes. Relay crew JFTH.BH.MS 11/15. Dunphy's class w/Joefis. Typos. 

Always making me laugh. Ski trips w/JR,DB,ML,WG and BH. "The face." Eating Choc. Pbutter and Hunka 

Pumpa w/ML. Soup. Bus rides. Ily guys. MOLLY, Mr, Truffle's study. Random guy in mosh pit w/JR haha, I'm 

Mike Jones. 311/T forget." Jl, Karen J's voice 'Baby cuz I'm a thug'. Getting all Mearl w/Ls. Saquish. Winning 

the banner with my girls. League Champs baby. Suuahpp. Thanks Rach and Jamie, my sisters, for everything. 

lared, for letting me make my own mistakes, and for showing me a little bit of your funny side when no one was 

around. Grandma and Grandpa, for being everything you are. "Thanks for being my #1 Fan Gramp. I love you. 

Jim and Rylie, for making life a little bit easier and a lotta bit happier Most importantly. Mom. For being the 

strongest person I've ever met. I hope someday I'll make you as proud as you make me everyday. 

Thanks for being you, 1 love you. Rest in Peace Dad, 1 hope 1 made you proud 

Good luck everyone, thanks for making me laugh. Peace. 

Eric Thatcher Wright 

"wrighto" "wrightoes" 

Activities: Football 1,2,3 Captain 4; Lifting 1,2,3, Captain 4 

Quote: "Don't take life serious, I think we're here to have fun and die young." 

Future plans: Play ball somewhere get a nice job and find the perfect girl. 
Memories: All my boys, comm. Club fball, bein stupid, swimming at bobo's, 

old crew. RONAS at the bogs, fresh parties, chillin at begs, all the shriners 
games, ball at KO's pats parades, begs house. Bo Bo's house. New 
years, ferbs house. All the proms. All the parties. All the times I don't remem- 
ber, great time with all my boys and ladies. I love you more than anything 
Mom. You too bro. And Everyone else. Stay back in school for as long as you 

can. I'm out. 

Karen Ann Zahka 

Nickname; Zahka, Zahks, Zuggs 

Quote: "So if you wake up with the sunrise, and all your dreams are still as new, and happiness 

is what you need so bad. ..girl, the answer lies with you."- Led Zeppelin 

Future Plans: To be both successful and happy no matter where life takes me. 

Activities: Executive (9-12); Class Treasurer (9-11); Class President (12); Student Senate (9-12); 

Student Senate Treasurer (12); National Honor Society (11-12); Key Club (9-11); Yearbook (11-12); 

Soccer (9-12); Soccer Captain (12); Basketball (9-10); Softball (9-12) 

Memories: 63DoubleG&4square( LF, LW, CH, WK, TH, FR, BH, MS). Concerts w/LAF 

SkiTnpOS. junioryear w/ KW, LB, LW, LF, BM, JC, KG, SD, MD, JF bday@papas.Aquarium w/ 

WK CD FR BM. SummerOS w/ DV, ML, MB, JD, DD, KW. Plymouth w/ DV. Brant Rock-"haha 

yup, righteous!?" Homecoming. FOB w/ MD, BM, BM, MR. Jr. Prom w/ Teej (pbsf!) CPH=BFF 

Pedro(BM)=soulsister. Kenneys. New Years w/ EB.Yo Flava! (DD). S3ob (DD, KW). "124 

dude" Operation Jacky (CH, BP, DF, MD) Any times w/ my soccer girls! Ilysm! Good luck next 

year!tourney05=). "Oh What A Night". 311. jordy baby, ily&goodluck. Tliank vou to everyone 

who made my high school experience worthwhile. DV- I Love You. Thank You. Thanks to Mr. T 

& Coach Ross. Dad, Mom, & Jessica- 1 couldn't have done it without vou. Good Luck 2006! 



Christopher Zani 



a£9 o 


'T'he Torch ^ypards 

presented %\'dnesd(iy e\X')iing, J^ebriuny 15, 2006 

lior^uperlntflres (^enior (§iipetiathes ^^euior (§upcrlathes (^enior ^uperlathes (^enior ^iiperlathes (^enior (§iiperh 


Eric Wright (not pictured} 

z^^iCost Outgoing 

%grena Qarabedian 6p 'Derej^ Uirgo 

^Cost <^dorable 

) \ 

Qreg ^ylsci &^ %aitlyn Qoles 



Jon zJhCerritt &^ ^Brennn 'J^Cc^^nliffe 

C O^ "ocs (§enior (§iiperlathes ^^enior ^uperkthes ^enior (^uperlathes (§enior (^nperlathm ^^enior (§uperkti 

II lor ^^upcrlatht^ ^niior (giipirlnthes (Senior (^uperlath^^^^ 


W/y f'/oyd &^ ^'tuH Wo//e 


Sam 'mi ins &^ 
II^Ckk^T^aniabe (not pictured) 


jyif^ 'De^Caio (}wt pictured) 

Qass Q/oypn 

Chris 'DomDYin &^ 
dCi^ 'Dacey (not pictured) 


\ ior SW^^f'tatt^^'s S'fiior Sipi'^'lathH\s Sf^uior S'pf^f^^^^^^ 

ir (§uperlathes ^enior^i/perlntbes ^enior (§uperhithes (pernor ^^uperlathes (^euior (^iipcrhitppes (^enkr ^^iipeiiati 

"Best T)ressed 

^Catt 'I^enberg SPt^hanuon 'Dednah 

eJ^ Cost J^i^/y to Succeed 

Will%enney 8^^3(o/Iy "Brophy 

"Best ^air 

Jamie Qilbride &^y^red 'B^ers 

I lo 

® :.5^ 

U\Qcest dyes 

cCeaby^/ui^e &^ T'om ^'omn 

^^'enior (^upeiiathes (^enior (^upeiiathes ^enior ^upeiiathes ^euior ^^uperlathes (§enior ^Npe/iathi 

uior ^iipiii(ith\\s ^§L'}mr f^iiperhithes i^cukr ^§iipi'H^^ 

z^Cost Uramatic 

^^(if/l Olheira (not pictured) 

eJ^ Cost ^chool f^pirit 

Ben Uinyes 6P £i^/^airbuni 

^trangest J^augh 


Jessica 'Dnn/inno &^ ^JACil^e J^cfVpson 

"Best Personality 

^Cil^ 'Boiiffnrd &^ J^oraine Burger 

m ^§uperlatif\x\s ^eni()r ^§uperlati\^es ^enior ^uperkthes ^genior ^uperh^ 

or ^uperhithes ^euior (§iiperkthes ^^emor ^^uperkithes ^enior^^uperhitbes (pernor (^iiperkthes (^enior^^iiperkti 

eJ^ Cost ^Sophisticated 

ed 'Pod if red &^ J\Co//y 'Brophy 

^ Cost Athletic 

^Keri %ing}}hni &^ 
14)'// Cj(U}i/)eee (not pictured) 

"Best ^U Ground 

^J\(ot "Pictured: 

z^^^Cost -Artistic: 
<J\(titt T>m}mgella &^ %gt T>oIan 

^Cost Changed: 
%fpin Pontes &^^JsCeghau %el/y 

^ Cost z^ Ciisical: 
T^fi £gau &^ 'Denise J^olloni 

TJ Q)//ins &^ %(ireu ^.i/^a 

If r(o) ^^^ . ^^enior^^l{per/eltf)YS ^§emor ^iiper/ati^es (^eiiior^^uper/eitfYes ^enior ^^tiper/atf^es ^^enior (§uper/ath f 

'or (§upiii(ithes ^^enior ^§upcrl(tth\\s ^§inmr ^^upcrhith^^^^ 

"The T'orcb Staff 

T^he T^orch -^y^ards Wre made by: 

^ Colly Brophy, Tj (Rollins, ^bainwn "Dednab, 0jns T>om^an, 

£i\^airhuni, Jamie Qilbride, Qriig UTastings, Tom UTorau, 

"B re una zysCe^Jlaliffe, j^red 'Holers, ^am "Wolfe, 

%(iren ^jl^ei &P^JsCr. Tressel 

(^upet lathes (§cmor (gupeiiathes (^enior ^upeiiathes (^euior (^upetiathes (^enior (^uperlathes 


^99 o 

^k CuHck Mark D 'An^eio K^nfen Darm^/i RachetTdamon Tdean DeBened^cH^Jdhn Tdennehij Nichdiai- DeSdiim Ki^rHen Dm 

rfion Tl^antf GranfAkx Grdomi' Keim^ Hacker KMij Harireij Michael! Harwij Sfepk 
Kafhieen Kenneij Paiii Larkin Eric Lawrence Michaet Lennon Chrii Liipica Eric Ma. 

mij Ndrmenf Keirin 'Brien Meghan 
oj Samanfha Pieic& Anfhdnij Pox 
Cafherine SimpidnJanei'M Sm 


Kei/iH C\ 
h Chri^ 

■// Patrick 
''.arfhij Sai'ha MacLeanJamei Meda^iia Anthdnij Mi 
heiie Pa^iiiica AU^fair Peanon Maffhew Penardi Gi> 
'hartjemca Rokm Atijcia Rdknion Kefftf Rdgen Sft 
'andra Tdpduidi Chrii-fopker Tra^k Briffanif Turner Je^Hca Vaffa Aihieigh 
'er^m CrpTat AMirn Angeia Afmdd Timdfhij Beddiajame^ Beicher Eiij^e Benner 
ne Erica Ca/tit^^i^k^Caffa/ian Kim Campki^ Heather Carri^anjuiia Carrion Dar/<^ 
twn Dean TjK^^^^^^^H^iLMichotai TdeSoum Kir^kn D&ucei 

inij Grant A. 

hieen Kenn 


tantha Pi. 

herine Sin 

tAdam \ 

tnne BOi 

md Ch. 


nek Horri^an Kyfe 

wi'ka^ Brian n a Miitett Sarah Murpfiy 

1 Pendeitdn Stephanie Pendeiton Bf 

^hanie Reiiini Thomai Roiiini R- 

ica Vaiia A^hteifh Vanek Ama. 


ther q 

W^a / 

haei f^, 

'4' Lupi 


naif Et- 





en Ka\ 



'{ Seth Bdii 






''ck Rt 

yaig Mark dmck Mark D An^ 

EdUer Pauf GaraSedian Nathan} 



^fOBnen Lauren Efahertij Be^ 
en Kaiffa Rami a i f Katie. 
'a Sprvii, 

ieij AiiTrrf^rrrmfrr iHiin / 

'addfnij AiexMndra Nora 

Amanda Peten David Pi 

Courtneij Schatzi Nathan 

K'jie WaLden MichadWaiih 

Bennett Britt^^'- 'on Briana 

■ette Lin 
'On Chri 
'ha Ma 
'Mca Aii \ 
ica Re I 

^OpOU. \ 

"ijita. I 

Jl^rantAfex GrOi ' 
ick Kathfeen Kenneif Paid \ 
Matthew Nordeen Timothij Norment Ki/in Brie\ 
/ Bethani/ Phiiiipi' Samantha^ 
)jan Sheehan Catherit, 
^atten Cameron^, 
an MefiU' 

'^eanon Ma. 
'ijcia Rokni 

n iiiomi 
7ajame4 Beicher t ■ 
'Heather Carri^anju 

%mie Reed Arn^ 

'nieiie Tardie Alexandra Jopeutoi CnnUopher Traik Brittanij 
ertAdami Lauren At^er ChnHie Aimeida Matthew An den on CrijitafAihkrn An g eta Atwoe.'A 

'li'jh Meii^M Waiters Cameron We 4t Adam Vakaironn Samuei Voung Ronaid Zimmerman ReiiertAdami U ^ 
nett I^I^J^W n Briana Biackman Metiua Bioodjuiianne Bodio Kaieij Boi worth Chm Boudreau Seth Bouidrij Michae, '' 
■a Chehtnikom Kaijta Cd(^man Rachet Cof/jurn Kevin Conrad Chmtopher Contrejoihua CootiA^hieif Craig Mark CuHck Ma - 



I T)dwii Meghan Duprai Derek Diiquefk Lindiaij E^anjacdh EfU^ ChnMne FarreiiCdiin Fin erf i/ Stephen Fonz^ Andrew Fdi 
Bnffanij- Heafhjaciijn He((erdn Chmfdpher Hick^ AJ Hd((man Patrick H^rrlfan Ky^e Hortdn We^ieij Hdije Jennifer Han 
Maif Shane McCarfhij Sasha MacLeanJame^ Meda^iia AnfhGnij Mlfau^ka^ Brlanna MUiett Sarah Miirphij Ujcia Naddt, 
Yif Emliij Pace Michetie Pa^iluca Ati^falr Peanon Matfhew Penardl Gin a Pendeifdn Skphanie Pendeiton Briffni Pernj 


I ■ ■// 

Jamie Reed Amij Reicharfjenica Rd/jerfiAfijcia Rdknidh 



\i Skphanie R&iiln^ Thomai^ Rdiilni Rokrf Rofh Cm 
fei'Hca Vaik A^hiei^h Vanek Amanda Venezla K^k 
^eddiajamei Beicher Eiipe Benner Mlcheiie Bennef,. 
He either Carrigan Jufia Carridn Tdarij-n Cenkr Efen 

'rilfanij H 
'f Shane 
'i)f Emliij I 
^^^eed Amij 
^^^icfie Tara 
'rida Mai 







\Pauf Garakdian Nafhan GlikrfCoreij GUkrfwn 
neij Aihieij Immarjuiia Kahaiijan Ke^iif Kendrick 
'^addCnif Aiexmndra Nordkrg Mat f hew Nordeen Tim 
I Amanda Pekn- Dai/id Phaneu( Befhanij- Phiffips 
Ceurfneij Schatzi Nafhan Schmuck R(fan Sheehan 
fpher Traik Brlffanij Turner JeMca Va^ia Aihieigh Vanek Amanda Venezla Ky^e Waiden Mlchaei Wai^h Medina Waif en Cam 

Secretary Brittni Perry, Treasurer Kevin O'Brien, Presi 
dent Lycia Nadolny, Vice-President Sarah Murphy J 

i J Medaijiia Anfhenij Mliaii^kai Brlanna Mliieff Sarah Mu. 

uv! Maffhew Penardl Gin a Pendeifon Sfephanle Pendeifdn 
ia Rdknidn Ketf'J Rp^en Sfephanle Rofflni Thdmai- Rdiiln^ 

• \i I / 

Angeia Afwddd Timofhij Beddu 
^aifahan Kim Campkif Heafhe, 
'hn Tdennehij Nlchdiai DeSdui 
< Hacker Keffij Harireij Michaei 
tc Lawrence Michaei Lennon 
Brien Michaei OBrlen Lau. 
■rfneif P&weri' Kflijia Ramiaij 
7ie SmifhJeiHca Sprouie K(fie 
Ronaid Zimmerman RokrfAdi 
rli Boudreaii Sefh Bouidrij ML 
Cddfi Aihieij Craig Mark Cm 
~dnzd Andrew Foifer Paui Gara 
'-toije Jennifer Hiirieij Aihieij Im^~ 
'i)hij Ujcia Naddinij AiexMndra* 
n Briffni Perry Amanda Pefen 
RdkrfRdfh Cdurfneij Schafzi 
Venezla Kyie Waiden Michaei 
er Mlcheiie BenneffBrlffan. 

nij Ben ion Brian a Biackman MeiMa Bf 

ikdm Kaijia Cd((man Rachei Coikirn Ke 

'k Dufieffe Lin d my Eganjacdfi EUli Chi 

'"((eron Chrl^fopher Hlck^AJ Hd((man \ 

'ty Saiha MacLean James Medagiia Anfh 

'e Pagiluca AiUfair Pearson Maffhew Pe> 

'ca Rdkrfi Aiycia Rdknion Keiiy Roger: 

"opdiiioi' Chrlifdpher Tra^k Briffany Tumi 

n Cryifai Aihkrn Angeia Afwddd Tlmofhl 

■rica Cahiii Bridgef Caiiahan Kim Campi, 

Dean DeBenedlcfliJdhn Dennehy Nlchof 

Aiex Gromni Keiiey Hacker Keiiy Hari/' 

Paui Lar kin Eric Lawrence Michaei Lent 

P Brien Meghan Brien Michaei Brie 

'nfhdny Poiiaffl Cmrfney Powen Kfiyia 

^aneua Smlfh Mckenzie Smlfhjemca Sp 

J Samuei Voimg Ronaid Zimmerman 

First row: Sarah Murphy, Amanda Peters, Brittni Perry,'' ^-^'^Z BoiWOrfh ChrU Boudreau Sefh \ 

n Daryn Cenfer Eiena Chehe Lycia Nadolny, Kelly Kendrick, Steve Marshall. 

e Emiiy Doveii Meghan Diip Second row: Kelly Rogers, Meghan Dupras, Jess ^o\M^rreii Coiln Fin erf y Sfephen Fonzo Andr. 

c Haikeii Briffany Heafhjd ^^ts, Ryan Brasill 


mpher Cdnf re Joshua Coof^AMey 

v«( <?r^,.^., A^^„ <p/ ^ . .y^^ Third row: Lauren O Flaherty, Stephanie Rolhns, Rachel, ^ • /n-/;^ ^^ 

ros Sfei/en May Shane McOi^ . ,. , „ d .i rL-n- m^Bnanna MUieff 

/ Davison, Lindsay Egan, Bethany Philbps. IH 

nln Keiiy Emliy Pace A ^^^^^ ^ow: Elyse Benner, Danielle Tardie, Sarah Mai- P^^l^^ifon Sfepha^, 

Reaie Jamie Reed Amy Re lett, Kathleen Kenney. mhanie Rdiilni Thom 

^nchfleidDanleiie Tardie Aic Fifth row: Mark D'Angelo, Tim Beddia, Mike Brack, i Vaiia Aihielgh Va 

Tig an Kyie Horfon Weiini Hftiie fennl(,> 

r Chrime Aimelda Maffheii ^^'''}'^ O'Brien, Tim Norment, Kevin Conrad, Anthon||-^^/^^^, ^^/^^^^ £^ 

'fan BraHii Erik Burn^AiicM^h^wn'OTfrimTBTnrjn Liiuaiuirt r\ini i utfTpmmafher Carriganjuii 

id Kir} fen Darragh Rachei Damon Dean DeBenedlcfliJohn Denne/iy Nichioiai DeSouia Knfen Douceffe Emliy Do\reii Me] 

Robert Adams " 

Lauren Alger 

Christie Almeida 

Matt Anderson 

Crystal Ashburn 

Angela Atwood 

Timothy Beddia 

James Belcher 

Elyse Benner 

Michelle Bennett 

Brittany Benson 

Briana Blackman 

Melissa Blood 

Julianne Bodio 

Ronald Bohn 

Christian Boudreau 

Michael Brack 

Ryan Brasill 

Alicia Byrne 

Erica Cahi 

Bridget Callahan 

Kim Campbe 

Julia Carrion 

Daryn Center 

Yelena Chebotnikova 

Kayla Coffaian 

Rachel Colburn 

Pamela Colby 

Larissa CoUorone 

Kevin Conrad 

Christopher Contre 

Joshua Coot 

Ashley Craig 

Mark Cusick 

Mark D'Angelo 

Kristen Darragh 

Rachel Davison 

Dean DeBenedictis 

John Dennehy 

Jack Donovan 

Kristin Doucette 

Meghan Dupra 

Derek Duquette 
Lindsay Egan 
Jacob Ellis 
Christine Ferrell 
Leeanna Feagins 
Ashley Finch 

Colin Finerty 
Stephen Fonzo 
Andrew Foster 
Paul Garabedian 
Nathan Gilbert 
Corey Gilbertson 

Tiffany Grant 
Alex Grooms 
Kelsey Hacker 
Kelly Harvey 
Michael Harvey 
Stephanie Haskell 

Nicole Heath 
Jaclyn Hefferon 
Christopher Hicks 
Albert Hoffman Jr. 
Patrick Horrigan 
Kyle Horton 

Wesley Hoye 
Jennifer Hurley 
Ashley Immar 
Julia Kahaiyan 
Kelly Kendrick 
Kathleen Kemiey 

Paul Larkin III 
Eric Lawrence 
Michael Lennon 
Sasha MacLean 
Eric Mederios 
Sarah Mallett 

John Matuawana 
Steven May 
Shane McCarthy 

Thereas McManus 

James Medaglu 

Anthony Milauskas 

Sarah Murphx 

Lycia Nadolny 

Alexandra Nordberg! 

Matthew Nordeen 

Timothy Norment 

Kevin O'Brien 

Meaghan O'Brien 

Michael O'Brie 

Lauren O'Flaherty 

Benjamin O' Kelly 

Justin O'Kelly 

Michelle Pagliuca 

Heather Palmer 

Alistair Pearson 

Matthew Penardi 

Gina Pendleton 

Stephanie Pendleton 

Brittiii Perry 

Amanda Petersi 

David Phaneu 

Bethany Phillips 

Samantha Piesco 

Anthony Poliatti 

Courtney Power 

Kayla Ramsay 

Katherine Ray 

Jamie Reed 

Amy Reichert 

Jessica Roberts 

Alycia Robinson 

Kelly Rogers 

Stephanie Rollins 

Thomas Rollins 

Courtney Schatzl 

Nathan Schmuck 

Ryan Sheehan 

Catherine Simpson 

anessa Smith 

ackenzie Smith 
Jessica Sproule 
Stephanie Stevens 
Kyle Stetler 
Danielle Tardie 

Alexandra Topoulos 
Christopher Trask 
Jessica Valla 
Ashleigh Vanek 
Amanda Venezia 
Kortney Wakeman 

Kvle Walden 
Michael Walsh 
i»el Wentworth 
Cameron West 
Samuel Young 
Ronald Zimmerman 

'I'limjc-y^i'UU or uiii/t: lyt^i/ncin or oiA/n room outLrocro r\^fot oui^i/t^ron't^ifQ' nnc^rtyv i^urcij uuniti Lunij 





er Tanjn Crm/jif Michaef QirHnJeMca Cijr Kfikitjn Tdaffo Gma DeMaLo Sarah DeMaito Erica DePma Atijna Idia^ C&me lA 

h Fiijnn Erin Foieij Marianne Foihni Kaijffij France Rijan Fredericki' Lauren Frewjemca 

et Han raff ^ Mark Harden Leah 

e AihLif n J^hmm Jenna, 

'ite Amanda 

^han 'B) 

r Richara. 

•^ frer-Vaa, 

id MaLLhew 

'hew- Cepero /C 

Come DdckrCi 

dnij Garreri Me 

^.n Henney^e^Tdei 

h Kiecknerja, 

iiifhiin Kci/'i> 


' MaLFhew 


en Bi/j/ji 

ieen Ce. 




'^maree Ha^keiLj&rdan HaLhai^aij 
^h^a^ian BriLLanij 
LLhew McKeeirerJ&efLe 
■n Zacharij PcLL^ 
'ia Rddr^ 
iij Whi 
'I'd Erii 

''en f lie Greprij Giftiere 
■iefTnpnmi SamanPha Hinei Nichdiai' 
■ir/fn Lark in Lauren LeBLanc Andre 
McParffin Laura MikheiiCa. 
'mfin Caifiin Pmeri^ Ck 
Andrew Sprmiie SFephanie 
an ChriHine AMdiid SLephanie 
•Udpher Brifham 
e Rijan 


"'^ier Garcia Anfhonij Gi 
^e£er Me^an Hennem 
Kenn Norah Kfeck 
'-icLaufhiin Ke^in 
thdnij Pmk Thi ■ 
■phew Shea Lea % 
'daneZewieip , 
Boafei En 



ner MmikaLLed Lai kijn 
HarriWn Rene Efizakfh RikJrB SamanLr 
Jn Rijan Tevtin Zacharij Thdmpion Sarah 
ti BriLLanij Amadea Chri^kpher Anderwn 
BuiLenheip Andrew Careij Tdanief Careij Lad, 
e Gina TdeMaio Sarah P)eMaLLo Erica TdePin 
I Fredericks Lauren Frewjemca FruzeLLi Xairi 
leii Jordan Hafh away Amanda Hedfund Miffei 

u' FairSun 


Vidmai Howard k 

d/piiowicz Afex Lucier Chrik 

Weihead Simmer MoukaLied Laih 

fin Jake RaFLi§an HarriWn Reno Eh \ 

)em SuMi/an Mich 

'£o/j Adamijal\ 

wn PauiBuc 

■Hca Cijr Kei 

iffeif Era, 




lYif Li Via Redricki Sarah Re nit 

\ife Kimkriij WhUinf AMij Wii 

\anda Barchard Erik Barnak?, 

Chodor NichoLas CLark Amen 

)pLanJamei Du((if Kyic Mick 

'knfife Greprif Gi^uere Keif if 

infha Hinei^ Nichoiai Hdffn 

rkin Lauren LeBfanc Andre 

'ICParLfin Laura MiLcheii Caieij Mt 

Shane PouLin CaUiin Powers- Chad Qiiaf 

"^i^nori Kri^Li Smifh Andrew Sprouie Skphanie SfafhL 

te Zewieij Cauandra Zimmerman ChriiLine ASSoud Sfephanie A/m 

Vfeen Bih/jij Karfa BoaLe^Emifij Bradij ChriHopher Bri^hamjesuca Brodie Nati 

'iieen Conanf Kei/in Co^Lefi o Brian Co fine Rifan Cramer Tarifn CrosSif M ichaefC 

Vk Han. 
' ion ah an Amanda More shead Summer Moukafied Laik^%^^f^^Bt^ ^^ t^'^^^HlU|HK Emifij 
a^fia Kyfe Qiiin fin Jake RaLk^an Harmon Reno Efiz 
''is- Dei/in SufLimn Micheife Sukon Rijan Fevfin Zacha. 
/jias-M^JacoS Adam^Jame^ Adami Brikany Amadea 0^ 
Nafhan Brown Pauf Buccheri Kyie Buifenheij} Andrew 

VI u 


s ^^^l^^^^^KtJimfr- ' ^ \^k (^^i^^i"^^^ ^i"^^ Dan ief Fair 

wij ^^^^^^H[f j| Sl^^Hi flt^^ HamifLon RkSfina Ham. 

Mc^fffwf^^^mrfr^^^'^rHm>nrd Ferrate Howard Fhomas Howard 

en LeBfanc Andrew Ledoux SLei/fn Lei^/iLon K^irin Leonowicz Afex Lucier 

4 Am If I 


'ew Asat 

7h> Ceperd 

ichaef Curknjemca Cijr KaLefijn TdafFo Gina DeMaio Sarah DeMaifo Erica DePina AfipM Dias Come Di 
Marianne Foffoni Kaijfeij France Rijan Fredericks' Lauren Frew Jessica Fruzefk Xavier Garcia AnLhonij Ga^ 
ef HanraLLif Mark Harden Leah HarLweff Emaree Ha^keff Jordan HaLhawaij Amanda Hed fund Miff es He^er Me^an Hennesseif 

niiUn Tdod^e Bnm Ddianjame^ ^^^((f K^^e Michae^a t)ii 
'ao/mn Garner Jdn Gcnfiie Greprij Gig u err Kdfij Glides 


Tduprai' Cafherme Erna Daniel Fairkrn Jennifer FtnerPf, 

Vfner Shawn HamUfdn Ki'liUna Hammdnd C^urfneif Ham 

Terrance Howard Thomai Howard Nat'h an M^ieif Joseph ' 


'■pslderrf r^elc Hieron3nfr6i^ 

Oikyn Nadolny,Secretary Meaghan O'Brien, ^^ji'i]^^ \ 

"" asurer Nathan lUsley ^^^i^MI—// ^ ^/,r 

^iSeiro Sainanrha Rice Taijior Richard iAmif Rickeniiach 

em/non Sarah Vaiianf MijCei Tjrer-Vaueii Dairid Vifai Coiieen Whik Ki 

i^pher Anderson Nlchoki Angeio Maffhew Amck Greg- Ba^fetf Amanda Barchard Erik Barnak Pan i Barf on Andrew Beren^ 

• DanleiCareij Lauren Careij Maffhew Cepero Michaei Chiid Aiexander Chodor Nichofai dark Amanda Cieanj Krl^fen Coffin. 

cMaffo Erica DePina Afi/na Dia^ Corrle Idocfireij Jiafin Dodge Brian Dofanjame^ 1^i^(('J KiJ^e Michaefa Dunn Kafefijn Dtipi 

hfon Kfi 


Daffo C 

an Frei 
lan Br I 


"^pher LuplDan- 
inij Angefa Not 
Samanfha Ric\- 
on Sarah Vaffd 
^Andenon Nicht 
'a re If Lauren Ca, 
•a DePina Aiipi 
fi Xavier Garci 
' Mijfei Heger 

Camiffe / 




Ilea Fruzeffi Xaifier Garci 
Hed fund Miff ei Heger M^ 
'a f rick Keiiff Camiffe Kenm 
McLaughfln Boi)i)ij McLa^ 
'ofe Plzzi Jennifer Poffeij. 
ofe Scanfonjoihua Shai\ 
Krlifen Whlfnauerjon 
'on Andrew Bereni- Coffee, 
'-If Krlifen Coffins- Kafhfe\ 
n Kafefijn Duprai Cafhe, 
)eanna Haffner Shawn 
','nda Howard Terrance Hi 
vSfeven Leigh f on Kevin 
I ^ man da More shead Sum 
f Qiiln fin Jake Raffigan , 
'\ '^ufflmn Mlcheffe Suffon 
I "fS Adamijamei Adams 
win PaufBuccherl Kjf^c B 
I ilea Cijr Kafefijn Daffo 
% mi Kajiej France Rjan / 
ft Harfweff Emaree Haike 

I GlTilP 

■id: Hi. 


First row: Emily Brady, Ki-isten Witnauer, Christina Abboud, Amanda MacEachern, Cal 
lyn Scully. Second row:Shaun Hamilton, Sarah Rondeau, Joelle McKenna, Lauren LeBlanc 

orif Giguere Kffj Gifdea Deanna Haffner Shi 
of as Hoffman Shawnda Howard Terrance 
'fane Andrew Ledoux Sfei/en Leighfon K^i/ 
ei'fCa^eif Mo n ah an Amanda MoreS'head 
n Chad Qgagfia Kjk Qiiln fin Jake Raffi 
Sfephanle SfafhU Deirin Suffimn MlchefL 
vud Sfephanle ASianafJacoS Adam ^ Jam, 
uica Brodle iVafhan Brown PaufBucchet 
CroiSj MiehaefCurfinJeMca Cijr Kaf^^^ 
n Fofej Marianne Foffonl K(iijfej France' 
'^affj Mark Harden Leah Harfweff Emaret 
Johnson Jenna John Wn Zachanj Kaihge, 
in da MacEachern Aprlf McFarfane Mafffi 
1 'Brien Emlfj 'Neiff Gregonj Suffimn 
hards Amj RlckenSach Hlfanj Reiffij Ofli/ 
'-'I fisseffhaifid VifafCoffeen Whife Km^e 
■iff hew Asack Greg Baggeff Amanda Bar 
w Cepero Michaef Chifd Alexander Chodt 
■ Tie Dockrej Juifm Dodge Brian Dofan 
ion J Garrerl Meaghan Garner Jon Genflft 
Hennemij Derek Hleronjmous Samanfhi 

'kin Kafhrijn Larkln 
Hn Meghan McParffin 


Lauren Carey. Third row: Olivia Rodricks, Derek Hieronymous, Chris Lupi, Kyle Buitenheys, /T 
Michelle Kozak. Fourth row: Catherine Erna, Katy Conant, Jordan Hathaway, Angela Nocera, ^ 
,^ April McFarlane. Fifth row: Jane Larkin, Summer Moukalled, Laikyn Nadolny, Leah Hartwelll^ 
Meaghan O'Brien. Sixth row: Amy Rickenbach, Lindsay Kelley, Kev'in Costello, John Shaugh- 
nessy, Meaghan Garner. Seventh row:Kim Whiting, Kayla Dupras, Emily Kozak,Meghan 
McPaitlin, Nathan Illslev, Brian Coyne, Patrick Kelly, Andrew Care 

if In 
\:ghan Garner Jon Gen fife Gregorj Giguere 

Gifdea Deanna Haffner Shawn Hamlffon KrlS'flna Ham,,.^ 

' iicronjmous Samanfha Hines Nichofas Hoffman Shawnda Howard Terrance Howard Thomas Howard Nafhan Tffsfej Joseph 

• ■"- ^' 

Stephanie Abiassaf 

Jacob Adams 

James Adams 

Brittany Amadea 

Chris Anderson 

Matthew Asack 

Gregory Baggett 

Amanda Barchard 

Eric Barnabe 

Andrew Berens 

Colleen Bibby 

Danielle Blinn 

Karla Boates 
Seth Bouldry 
Emily Brady 

Chris Brigham 
Jessica Brodie 

Nathan Brown 

Paul Buccheri 

Kyle Buitenheys 

Erik Burns 

Jeffrey Card 

Andrew Carey 

Daniel Carey 

Lauren Carey 

Heather Carrigan 

Mathew Cepero 

Michael Child 

Alex Chodor 

Nicholas Clark 

Michelle Coffin 

Kristen Collins 

Kathleen Conant 

Stephanie Cone 

Kevin Costello 

Brian Coyne 

Ryan Cramer 
Taryn Crosby 
Taryn Curran 
Michael Curtin 
Jessica Cyr 
Katelyn Dalto 

Gina DeMaio 
Sarah DeMello 
Erica DePina 
Alyssa Dias 
Corrie Dockrey 
Justin Dodge 

Brian Dolan 
Emily Dovell 
James Duffy 
Kyle Dunlea 
Michaela Dunn 
Kayla Dupras 

Catherine Erna 
Daniel Fairburn 
Jennifer Finerty 
Joseph Flynn 
Erin Foley 
Kayley France 

Lauren Frew 
Jessica Fruzetti 
Anthony Gareri 
Meaghan Garner 
Jonathan Gentile 
Gregory Giguere 

Kelly Gildea 
Ashley Gregor 
Paul Gregory-Barton 
Steven Hacker 
Deanna Halner 
Shaun Hamilton 

Kristina Hammond 
Courtney Hanlon 
Michel Hanratty 
Mark Harden 
Leah Hartwell 
Emaree Haskell 

Jordan Hathaway 
Brittany Heath 
Amanda Hedlund 
Myles Heger 
Megan Hennessey 
Derek Hieronymous 


Samantha Hines 

Nicholas Hoffman 

Shawnda Howard 

Joseph Hurley 

Nathan lUsley 

Ashlyn Johnson 

Jenna Johnson 

Zachary Jones 

Sydney Joyce 

Zach Kashgagian 

Brittany Kearney 

Lindsay Kelley 

John Kelly 

Patrick Kelly 

Camille Kertn 

Patrick Kerrigan 

Norah Kleckner 

Benjamin Knox 

Emily Kozak 

Michelle Kozak 

Danielle LaFratta 

Lauren Lamb 

Jane Larkin 

Lauren LeBlanc 

Kevin Leonowicz 

Meagan Lincoln 

Andrew Lindsey 

Alexander Lucier 

Christopher Lupi 

Christopher Lupica 

Amanda MacEachern 

April MacFarlane 

Daniel Marble 

Jordan McDermott 

Matthew McKeever 

Joelle McKenna 

Kevin McLaughlin 

Robert McLaughlin 

Meghan McPartlin 

Laura Mitchell 

Casey Monohan 

Summer Moukalled 

Shane Murphy 
Laikyn Nadolny 
Jillian Neenan 
Angela Nocera 
Meaghan O'Brien 
Emily O'Neill 

Greg O'Sullivan 
Zachary Petti 
Brian Phillips 
Nicole Pizzi 
Jennifer Polleys 
Anthony Ponte 

Thomas Pooler 
Caitlin Powers 
Chad Quaglia 
Kyle Quinlan 
Amy Reichenbach 
Harrison Reno 

Elizabeth Ribeiro 
Samantha Rice 
Taylor Richards 
Olivia Rodricks 
Sarah Rondeau 
Nicole Scanlon 

Angela Schatzl 
Melissa Schatzl 
Caitlin Scully 
Stephanie Sears 
John Shaughnessy 
Joshua Shaw 

Matthew Shea 
Lea Signori 
Kristi Smith 
Andrew Sproule 
Stephanie Stathis 
Devin Sullivan 

Ryan Tevlin 
Ryan Coyne 
Brittany Turner 
Myles Tyrer-Vassel 
Sarah Valiant 
Kimberly Waller 


Colleen White 

Kimberly Whiting 

Ashley Williamson 

Amanda Willis 

Kristen Whitnanuer 

Jonathan Yerkes 

Jordan Zewie\ 
Cassandra Zimmerman 





Class of 2009 

Christina Abboud 

Alexander Allen 

Sarah Arnold 

Christine Asci 

Mikayla Astor 

Wayne Bainter 

Allison Basel 

Matthew Begley 

Holly Benson 

Stephanie Blood 

Lauren Bombardier 

Nicholas Bonner 

Ryan Bourget 

Cody Bourne 

Allison Buitenhuys 

Robert Butler 

Lisa Cabral 

Jamie Cahill 

Patrick Callahan 

Faith Card 

Katelyn Carey 

Nicholas Carini 

Joshua Cerra 

Geoffrey Charland 

Ashley Clare 

Allison Clark 

Tiffany Clark 

Amanda Cleary 

William Cobbett 

Brian Coffin 

Michael Coles 

Michael Collorone 

Ryan Conrad 

Amanda Corr 
James Cosby 
Kevin Coyne 

Kelly D'Angelo 

Joshua DaCosta 

Nicholas Damiano 

Meghan Davis 

Justin DeAndrade 

Michael DeCarvalho 

Jenna DeChristo 
Lauren DeDominici 
Taylor DeGrenier 
Chistopher DeMolles 
Brian Dennehy 
Erina DePina 

Ashley Drake 
Shalaine Duffy 
Christopher Easter 
Nicole Eisenmann 
Elizabeth Ek 
Haylee Ellis 

Paul Farley 
Michelle Farrell 
Kimberly Ferreira 
Sarah Fienberg 
Kelly Finch 
Jessica Fitzgerald 

Mitchell Fleischman 
Erik Fralick 
Christopher Fratus 
Ryan Fredericks 
Melissa Gallant 
Kerstin Gargiulo 

Andrew Gassett 
Nicholas Gazerro 
Jaclynn George 
Victoria Gillpatrick 
Emily Goeres 
Bethany Goode 

Nathan Goodwin 
Angela Gordon 
David Goss 
Alan Grant 
Christopher Guarino 
Jonathan Hachey 

Nicholas Harmer 
Christopher Harvey 
Jennifer Harvey 
Monica Heneghan 
Timothy Hill 
Jordan Holbrook 



Mara Holbrook 

Thomas Howard 

Zachary Hurley 

Joseph Irvine 

John Jardin 

David Johnson 

Marianne Kearney 

Nicholas Kelly 

Janelle King 

David Kowalker 

James Kozak 

Christina LaTremoulle 

Bradley Leal 

Jonathan LeCours 

Brittney Levesque 

Scott Lonergan 

Kacie Lydon 

Kelsey Lynch 

Danielle Madden 

Beth Major 

Jessica Major 

Brian Mandeville 

Jenay Martell 

Valeria Martin 

Jesse Masse 

John McAuliffe 

Hayden McCarthy 

Tyler McKean 

Brendan McLaughlin 

Sarah McNeill 

Brittany Medeiros 

Samantha Mellett 

Tiffany Mendes 

Kate Mercier 

Brittany Michaud 

Katrina Milauskas 

Gilson Montrond 

Chelsea Murphy 

Kirsten Nelson 

Zachary Neumann 

Theresa Nicholas 

Peter Norment 


Charming Norrman 
Brendan O'Brien 
Hillary O'Kelly 
Kyle O'Neil 
Kaily Oliva 
Kyla Palaschak 

William Pellegrino 
Thaisa Pereira 
Nikolas Perry 
Renne Pestana 
Daniel Petersen 
Jennie Peterson 

David Pierce 
Alana Pircio 
Jillian Pittsley 
Shane Poulin 
Shannon Powers 

Colleen Reid 
Douglas Roberto 
Emily Rodricks 
Taylor Rogers 
Lauren Saccoach 
Sheri Salvaggi 

Elena Savidis 
Matthew Sheehan 
Samantha Sheehan 
Amanda Slocum 
Jarrod Smith 
John Solari 

Kelsie Spillane 
Sarah Stathis 
Amanda Steen 
Shauna Stella 
John Stuckey 

Michelle Sutton 
Brianna Szwedko 
Alicia Tamulevich 
Elizabeth Tevis 
Melissa Tillett 

Jamie Tyrell 
Nick Venezia 
Robert Virgo 
Matt Vital 
Ryan Walsh 

\ndrew Weymouth 
imily Williams 
Joshua Williams 
Kasey Woodbury 

'in^ The Law Manu^acrurin^ MarkeHn^ PamUn^ and Drawing Precaiciiiia Science TechndCd^if Scupfture and Cra^ti- Sdciefd^ij Theafre US HUfpniJt 

'■al Science French Geogn 
Ui'fr^ Ck&mi Computer 
'mj- W&&dmrkln^ World 
Drawing Precalcud^i Sci 
an PhijHoto^ij 
h Science En§Clih Eni/iro\ 

'urnalum KcijAoarding- Thi Law Manuk a 
\roniwnfaf Science Ftlkch Geof 
wnmj Choriii Compm^ Aided D, 
'rij Woodworking 
hrawln^ Prece* 

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liui Science 

efln^ Palnfln^ and Din. 

'etr^ Graphic Arti HunwP, 

Creafli/e Writing Earfh Smt 

'ounfln^ ALgetra ArfBanSi 

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'lo§ijJmmafUm Kcif/jiMmn^ The Law Manu^acfunS / 

i Biob^ij CaLcului ChemUkij Chorm CompiiTer Aided Dreijrinff Creative Writint/ Earth Science En^hih EnnronmentaL Science French Geography Geothfi 

'^^ Socio lo^ij Theatre US Hlitorij- Woodworklnrt '''■ 
(f Marketing Palntlm? 

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'tln§ Creative li 
ortj Accounting 
•ice Technotogij 
warding The Law 
■al Science French 
u-^tnj' Chorm Co/tif 
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4 Biologij CaLcudii 
^i' SocioLogif Theatre 
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Accounting Alge/ira Art Band BloCogij Caiculu-^ Chemlitn/ Chorui Com, 
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•lence French Geogra, 
Chorui Compute^ 
rif Woodworking 
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' lence EngLlih En\ 
'ogij Caicuiui 
iogij Theatre Ul 
Marketing Palnti. 
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Yience Tech no fogy Scupfture and Cra^ w^^gg^l^mniS Hlitonj Woodworking World Hlitory ^t 

'giiofoggjournaflim Keg Warding The Law Manufacturing Marketing Painting and Drawing Precafcufui Science Techn&ni 

'Ting Creative Writing Earth ScieM^n&flih Environmental Science French Geography Geometri 

org Accounting Afgebra ArtBan^ 
■ice Tech no fogy Scupfture and 0^ 
warding The Law Manu^acturl 
"^af Science French Geography 
uitry Chorui Computer Aided 

Drawing Precalculu-^Scienc 
an PhyHology Journalism 
h Science Engllih Enviro> 
i Biology Calcului Chem 
ti' Sociology Theatre US 
tg Marketing Painting a, 
tetry Graphic Arti Human 

Creative Writing Earth Science Engllih 

ory Accounting Algeka 
tee Technology Scuplture ^ 
''oarding The 
"al Science Ft 
Uitry Chorui 
ory Wood won 
Drawing Preci 
an Phyiloloi 
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netry Graphic Am 

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Woodworking World Hi 
icului Science TeCi 
'urnallim Hfy6^ 
\gllih Environn^ 
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Graphic Arti^ 
ive Writing 
ting AlgeSi 
Law Manii 
French (^ 
Calcului Oiemiitry^orui Computet 
Ij Theatre US Hlitory Woodworking 
'keting Painting and Drawing Precalcului Science Teh not 
Graphic Arti Human Phyaology Jeurnallim Keyhardmg The 

Creative Writing 

■ting Algeka Art 

.Scuplture and I 

e Law Man, 

■rench Geogi 

Hder Aide 

'ng Worlc 

hdui SC) 

'ting Creative Writing Earth Science Engllih Environ, 

tee TechnolL 

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■ Engllih Environmental Science French 
Chemiitry Chorui 

Engllih Envl^^ 


metry Graf) 

Art Band Biology Calcului e^J^-'^'-^r^, . ImIIiwh..^, ^ ^"^kf^ting Great i 

Scuplture and Cra^ti Sociology Theatre US Hlitory Woodwoikl7g^9mmlitory Accoun. 
w Manufacturing Marketing Painting and Drawing Precalcului Science Technology Scup 
• ■h Geography Geometry Graphic Arti Human Phyilology Journallim Kcykardlng The Laa 

r\ ter Aided Drafting Creative Writing Earth Science Engllih Environmental Science Frencli^^^raphy Geometry Graphic Arti Huma 
(^ \ ''rid Hlitory Accounting Algeka Art Band Biology Calcului Chemlitry Chorui Computer Aided Drafting Creative Writing Earth Sc 
^^i Science Technology Scuplture and Cra^ti Sociology Theatre US Hlitory Woodworking World Hlitory Accounting Algeka Art Bam ■" 
an Phfiiolocf If Journallim Keifkardlnq The Law Manulacturinf Marketing Paintinf and Drawing Precalcului Science Technology Scuplture and Cra(,i_ \ 

Human Phyilology Journallim Keykaru f 

Earth Science Engllih Environmental % 

'and Biology Calcului ChemL f 

Theatre US Hlitoq \ 

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et/y Graphic Arti Huma ? 

Yeatlve Writing Earth Sc ' 


and Crafjil 

■nu(jacturii ■< 

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Chemli ■ 

Theatre US Hlitori]'^^ 

Painting and Drf% 

'Woodworking Worfd Hlitory Accounting 
■ing Precafcufui Science Techno 

'Un§ World Hi^if&r^ Acc&mUn^ At^ebm Art Band Bldt&^ij' Ca(cn(u^ CheMi,imj Chorm Cdinpukr Aided Dra^fm^ CreaHi/e Wri,Hn§ EarPh Science En^um ,:, 

'akuiui Science Technob^ij ScupfUirc anjjj^n Sncipfnaif T/irqD r US HiUcnj ICfi 
'jijjoiirnafiim Key/jcar^ng The Lat/Manufflcrunn^ A^kefln^ Painfinf%td'br(i\ 

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■" Writing Earth Science Engkih Eni/ironmentai Science French Geography Geometry Graphic -l/tj Human Phyiiokgy Journatiun Key hoarding The Law 

Aigeka Art Band Biokgy Cakufui ChemiitryChona 
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Wurnatiun Key hoarding The Law Manufacturing Marketing Painting and Drawing Precak, 

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'-y Accounting Al't 
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'nd Drawing P/ 
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(jyjournakim Key hoarding The Law Manufacturing Marketing Painting andDrawinr*^ 

ih Eni'ironmentai' Science French Geography Geometry Graphic Arti Human Phyiiokg^ 

'akuki Chemiitry Chm^^mmterAided Drafting Creative Writing Earth Science Engi 

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■■cArti Human Phy^i 

' Writing Earth Sci. 

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cArti Human Phyii. 

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Aigeka Art Band Biokgy Cakuki Chemistry Chorui Computer AiIe^Dra(jting Creati 

re and Cra(jti Sociokgy Theatre US Hatory Woodworking Wortd Hiitory Accounting 

f Manufacturing Marketing Painting and Drawing Precakuki Science Tech nokgy Sciij 

ich Geography Geometry Graphic Arti Human Phyiiokgy Journakim Keykarding The Law Manufacturing Marketing Painting and Drawing Precak- 

Computer Aided Drafting Creatii/e Writing Earth Science Engkih Enirironmentai Science French Geography Geometry Graphic Arti HumaMMy nokgy' 

■sg Worid Hiitory Accounting Aigeka Art Band Biokgy Cakuiui Chemiitry Chorui Computer Aided Drafting Creative Writing Earth S^^Engkih ' 

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Creative Writ 
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'ka Art Band Bioiogy Caic 
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'i^acturing Marketing /, 
'aphy Geometry Graphi. 
'^ed Drafting Creative 
Hiitory Accounting 
fchnoiogy Scupitu;, 
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7ai Science French C 

Ti Chemiitry Chorui Computer >, 

Tiogy Theatre US Hiitory Woodworking \, 

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htai Science French Geography Geometry Graphic Arti Human Phynoiegy-l- 

Chiorui Computer Aided Drafting Creative Writing Earth Science Engkih '■ 

I Woodworking Worid Hiitory Accounting Aigeka Art Band Bioiogy Cak 

^■nd Drawim 

•n Phyiioioc) 
Science En^ 

Band Bioit 
■ring Marketin 

Geometry Gi 

^ogy Scupiture and Cra^ti Socioiogy 

e Law Manufacturing Marketing L. 

French Geography Geometry Graphi 

'ii Computer Aided Drafting Creative. 

'working Worid Hiitory Accounting ] 

'afcuiui Science Technology Scupitu,\ 

nyjournakim Kykarding The Law , 

'kih Environmental Science French 6 

^alnilui Chemiitry Chorui Computer i^, 

nj Theatre US Hiitory Woodworking 

icuiui Science Technology Scuplture and Crapi Sociology Theatre US Hiitory Woodworking World Hatory Accounting Aigeka Art 
yjournakim Key hoarding The Law Manufacturing Marketing Painting and Drawing Precakuiui Science Technology Scuplturean. 
h Environmental Science French Geography Geometry Graphic Arti Human Phyiiologyjournakim Keykarding The Law Manu^aa 
ikului Chemiitry Chorui Computer Aided Dra^ng Creative Writing Earth Science Engkih Environmental Science French Geograp 
\ Theatre US Hiitory Woodworking World Hiitory Accounting Aigeka Art Band Biology Cakului Chemiitry Chorui Computer 

E^ "^ng I 
_ 'raphi 
tiHtj Creative'). 

busan Brown 

Patrick Cronin 

Michael Dunphy 

Claire Kirkaldy 


English Department Chair 





John Lucier 


Athletic Director/ Football 

Christina Mason 


National Honor Society 

David Surette 


Viking Saga 

Janet Meade 






David Harper 

I'amela Koss 


Girls Soccer/ Class of 06 

Matthew Sefick 


}V Girls Soccer/Peer Mediation 

Harry Ferrell-Locke 


Joanne O'Brien 

Marie Principe 


Class of 09 

Ronald Abate 



Nathan Ciiarette 

Sheila Gibbons 

Barbara Nelson 

Kathryn Nickand] 






door Boys Track/ jV Baseball 

Denise Robertson 


Dan Ryan 


Jamil Siddiqui 

Mathematics Department Chair 

Class of 06 

Spencer Bernstein 

Rita Crowell 
Science Department Chair 

Fred Gushing 

Bill Parsons 

Jean Sarson 


Nancy Ward 





Lisa Carlson 

Foreign Langiiac 
Class of 07 

Rebecca Duggan 

Social Studies 

Curt Shippee 

Social Studies 

Barbara Cillt'spie 

Foreign Language 

Students Activities 

Class of 08 

Chris Liva 

Foreign Language 

Paulo Ramirez 

Foreign Language 

Elizabeth Herbert 

Social Studies 

Arthur lllsley 

Social Studies Department Chair 

Class of 08 

life if you oi 

.vork on the 

3ys when ) 

fee! weir 

Julia Love 
Social Studies 

» ureal 

make onj 

ose Kour 
I over 

Bill Smith 
Social Studies 

Shawn Tarpey 

Social Studies 


Denise Carrara 

Physical Education 
}V Field Hockey/ jV Softball 

Ron St. George 

Donna Eichorn 

hi/sical Education 


"Coach " 

John Fantuccio 
Music Director 

^ t * 

Kathleen Anderson 

Christopher Dickey 

Kaitlyn Driscoll 

Joanne Bemier 
Student Support 

Ryan Tresse 

Student Support 


Field Hoc/cei, 

Mike Conner 
Special Education 

Ryan Eaton 
Special Education 
Freshmen Football 

Donna Muniz 

Special Education 

Sherley Phillips 

Special Education 

Kathy Boyle 

Maureen Hill 

Jane Walsh 


Secretary-Main Office 

Secretary-Principal's Office 

Key Club 

Darren Burkett 

Student Support Specialist 

Football/Girls Track 

Mitchell Daley 
Special Education 

Deborah Benson 

Secretary-Main Office 

1 " / \ 

2005-2006 School Committee 

First row: Superintendent Dr. Margaret Strojny, Beth Hayes, Jayne Curley, Lisa Forbes. 

Second row: Tom Hamilton, Nancy Smith, Assistant Superintendent Susan Cote, Scott Hastings. 





Winston Fairfield, Jr 
Assistant Principal 

Anthony Sarno, Jr 



- i 

? {^eav 

ft Ljridgewc^-be'P ] — tig 





-ave^ew to nine 


o" it? mo?"t aeaicaiea ana longes"b-?erving ""(5icuI"I:l( nnennbers-. h 




s-neer numDer c^ione a^^uve? 

{,r)a{. the m(:;ike-up O" the | — jigh och 


will Oe VCyl?tlL( 

tlu di 

t next "cyili cyind 'ov {.nat 

'eTent nex' 


n thei 

V TetiTe 



ent? trulL) mean'^ the end o'" 


(5in eTfji neTe a 


Barbara Nelson, mathematics 
21 Years of Service 

Bill Parsons, science 

34 Years of Service 

Harold Ferrell-Locke,business 
34 Years of Service 

William Smith, social studies 

36 Years of Service 

Fred Gushing, science 
35 Years of Service 

Claire Kirkcaldy, english 
34 Years of Service 


Spencer Bernstein, science 
32 Years of Service 

Jack Condon, technology 

33 Years of Servce 

Ron St. George, phys ed 
34 Years of Service 



iwson. OWichael ^eC^riiH. i^eraU^cJoiix. QMailhgiF ^eanatrics. Q&eif» fiercsiftw. AsMee ^ihhpi &.chccc,i Millie. AJam ^oite^an. i5^riaiiiut e^atitfa A/i^elidf eiuaer. AmafiJa^pmherepaubf. '^imitrw OUaslro. (^eima oUcAuliJ)?. i^rciina oWc6hf>e. ^hristapherOUc'^amuifk Q&ea 
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Sm/ V'.i'K*// Q^ihcm '\^atncl i^iccie. \:;^rc00rp<^teh. ^ori Q^aherlseiii, Crrai^ (^o^ers. (^reJcrick (payers. OMitrkihi (Collins. Q^amanf/i.t G^asciihetp. OUatt Q^ossim. O&frrf/t Q^uf/a (r'hrislaphrr Ofiarrtfark <S. ran OSir/w/i; &s'ilLi CS^cuJJrr Ckillpn <^imnwiis ^hnslophcr QSdhrck: Ofif( 
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aGfii-f>". <S^Tic^iShkii. 0\arcti Q& Alijcr. Atidrev Aihircseit. AiiJrevAsci. (^re^orpAshbtint. 'Vim0lhp<^,%rmhe. &CiclwUts <^,(nrfs. q^usIin (^cutlic: AJam <^etjlep. Q^e'sliiia<^(;rrp. oW/c/i.fir/ ^/ar// d^linstophtr locales. CKfrm i^c/Cfl Ot^amj/t/lra <^ca//,'fr./. OW/c/tite/ <5^(fp/f 
t &\n:lii}las (^i/nrr ^ffranie <5Siirkc. <5&nl»ep ^^uriis. QSf>anfh tjbpew. iPhrts &hamher!ain. (^csjica i?han. O^iiniii &lhxres. Q^iiliitiiius O^hermesim. i^iclutrj &lemcn!s. O^CPin tybelbo. Q&aslia &hles. ^itillpii irhUins. '^hffmas OhlhrffW. ^arisM iyhslelh. QKalelpu 6^nfi^. Uiikki ^ce CFrum, C< I 
o^tccp (S^iiSifhcfh '\Pitniiati<f, Q^essioi ^irmi0tifa. cM<{(fhe)e <^,trnf0h. O^ertii <\Pf(Pis. cMichel/c '^cJmk Qi5liititmn '^e^oniititci. ^erpir^e^areiisc. Aiiihanp ^cOWain ^aiiii'/lc ^eOWaio. &\iclttilaf ^^>rnnelip oMe^dit Remits. <^ruf>i °<?>emns. oWarpssa ^erauen. <S.ricka^r 
Uthismii- ^anorafi, (Christopher <3i^ati. (^p,t/t ^(tcooJ. AmatiJa^i^airhiirn. <S.li3ahelh {^i^ueireJe. (^emta t^icrim. O^Wtchael i;;;^lar^s. Antbonp ^hpJ. O^iHtam ^luke. ^dth ^oUoiii ^ciiisc fuller. 06/crY// t^itmhfc. Gftlihtm i;;^,imhina ^(^tmis i:;^tSrabeJutii. O^itrcm ai^dherl. A 
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sllS.atelpn Crauj. i^tkh ^ee Crim. OM'ichelle Ciirtin. O^Wallbeir '^acep. (3,lisabetb ^aniiano. (^^cssica ^amujetla. oU'ailhcir ^aria^b. ^erin ^aris. oUicbelle ^ednab. Q&hannon ^e^ominiei. ^erpn^efiorenso. Antbonp ^eOM'aio. Danielle ^1 
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teren (^iisso Christopher Q&aecoacb. <S.ran Q&cbuls. &iilla Q&cuddcr Caitlpn Q&immons. Christopher Q&lack Q&teren\Q&mitb. OWattbe)r Q^te^maper (^rapans Q^iilbran. Q^amcs^'UarJie. Jeanne 'X^arJie. Q&lephanie'Uessiei: OM'icbael^hurston. &iara 'Volbert ^^ennethCommernk O? 
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.erin Chelho. QSiasba Chles. OZaillpn Chllins. Thomas Chllorone ^arissa Chstello. O^atelpn Crai^. (^ikki ^ee Crum. oMichelle Curtiir. OMattbeye "^Pacep (S^bzabeth ^aiiiiano (Jessica ^ami^ella, CMittthetr ^arra^h OZerin ■^aris. CMiebel/e ^eJnah O&hannon ^e^ominici. ^erf'i 
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e. ^nin^r^ackson. Angela i^ohnson. QMatlhetc (^ones tennis OZearnep 'UimothpCKellp O-ife^ban O^ennedp O^aielpu O^ennep. Ofilliam<Kinijman. <^eri Sanson ^anieleiaicson. O^ichael ^e^run. (^erald^edoux. OWatthetc ^conotries. Qi^ean ^eres^fue Ashlee ^ibbp C^ 
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ott^ C^Welissa oMoiikalled. <::^altim & (Joseph &Qcnan. Chelsea @ Chnnell Q§>tepben &lireira. &Cicholas "Wenedo Ocarina "Welti^rett: oMollp l^icklus 'Vraris Womfred. (S^dvard "Wost -V'lrtp// (s^ibeiro. Daniel (^iccio. (^re0orp(^icb. ^on (Robertson. Crai^ Q^Oijers ^:;^rederick 
mantha &.osenbe^. oWatt (Rossini. Q^teren (^tisso. Christopher Q&aeeoaeh. <S.ran Q&ehulsi &\illa Q&cudder Chitlpn Simmons. Christopher O^laek; Q&teren'i'Cidmilh. oWattbetr O^te^maper. <^rapans Q&nlliran. (^ames^'Vdrdte. eSeanne '"Cardie. Ointephanie'Cessicr oWiehael'Cbursfon. Ct 
mmerrik Q&ean ^opoulos Daniel ^fiidebep. <5Sradlep Q^tu^hn. <^an -^i^o. ^^erek O^ll Aaron G^lsb. Lauren Goiters. oKCc&lensic G^bster. Daniel Gtfilc, &ielsepG^l^. Q&amantbaG^i^bt. (SiricS-^alika. OZaren Q& AUjer. Andreyr Andresen. AndreirAsci. t^re^orp Ashbi. 
arnes. Q^ustin (Seattle. Adam i^e^lep Q^oshuaC^errp OWicbael <5^lnnf. Christopher C^oafes. <Kepin (38oseo Q&amanlba <5^oiij)arJ. oWrebael C^ople OCaitlpn <5?rophp oWollp <^ropdriek &ueholas (^ii^er; Moraine <^iirkr. C^ritnep <^urns O&arah d^pero. Chris Chamberlain. Q^ej 
anna Chcrmesino (Richard Clements. OZer/n Chelho Q&asha Chios OCaitlpn Oi/lins. 'Chomas Chllorone ^arissa Chstello. O^atelpn Craig. &.ikki ^eeCrum. oMiebelle Ciirtin. OWalthetr ^acep <3.U3abeth '\?>amiano. ^^essica '^amigella. <:Matthex- ^arra,jh, OZerin '^ans. CAiiehelle '^ 
I. °^rpii<\J>e^oreiiso. Antbonp ^eOWaiA '\l>anielle '^PeCM'aiei &Cicholas '\?>ennehp O-^etjan <\}fennis <^rian tennis. CMtrpssa ^erane/i. (S^rieka'^eQ&onsa. OWeghan '^olaii. 0Zatbarine '^onoran, Christopher (S^0an. <^pan (S.lyrood, Amandai^airbuni. (S.lisabeth t^ujiieiredo.l^ 
'ores. Antbonp ^lopJ, Gfilliam ^luke. ^eah i^olloni ionise t^tf/Arf Q&ieren Q^rmbee. Gfilliam ^ambiiio, tennis c;^arabedian. O^aretis <;;^ilbert Andrea i^ilbriJe ^^amie (£fildea. Q&tephanie i^ilmetli Daniel (pressman O^onia Q?^all ^erek C^l^^m^i O&facep C^fCasfi/iips. C 
nalhan <:^oran. ChomasO^utton O^ple <^rriiie. (^enniJerQ^ackson. Angela Q^ohnson. oMatthew (^^ones tennis O^earncp. "Cimotbp&iellp CMeghan ^cnncdp 0\afelpn OCennep Gfilliam OZingman. (3\eri eiauson. ^aniel^airson. CM'icbael eie<^^^^^^(ld^edoux. OMattbex'^ 
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■!p OMorrissep Christine oUorrissep. CMichael CMotie. CMelissa CMoukalled. C^affim &Cadeau. (Joseph &ieenaii. Chelsea (S>'Connell. Q&tephen ©breira. &iiebolas 'Wenedo CMarma ISeltigreK O^ollp "^icklos. 'Vraris "^om/red. ^dtrard "^asi. ^atrnJn^^fu^aineK^ieeio <^regorpk( 
i^redenek (Rogers. O^arlena (Collins. Q&amantha (^osenbe^. oUalt Rossini. Q&teren <s^iisso, Christopher Q&aeeoacb. (S.ran Q&chuls, &Cilla Q&cuddeK Csitlpn (Simmons. Christopher Q&lack d^teren\0&mith. oWattheir Q6tegniaper. '^ravan^jr^HBS^ames\'T^ardie. Jeanne 'Vuf 
<rstcn. O^ara Colbert O^enneth'Commemk Obean'Copoiilos Daniel Q^tiidebep <5Sradlep O^riigbn C^pan O^igo. <?erek G6^ll Aaron G^lsb Lauren Goiters. ':>WeOZensie G^bster "Daniel Gfile OZelsepGf^l/e. Q^amanihaGe^i.jht (^^^^^^^^mf^iDAl^erAndreK-And 
burn. Cimothp '^arnabe &\icholas (Barnes t^usiin <^ealtie Adam <^eglep Q^osbiia(5?'Crrp OMicbael '^liint Christopher Q^oalcs (Kerin C^oseo Q&amantha <5^oiif7ard. C^'iehael <^ople <3^aitlpn <5^rophp cMollp <^ropdrick &*'ii-'- /^""^ ^^F^^ '"' ^^'^'''"O' CV'wffjC 
C;§essica Chan. O^a ma Chares i^tilia una Cher mes ma (Richard Clements. C^erin Chelho C^asha Ctles. OZaitlpn dhllins Thomas Chllorone. eiarissa Costello OZatelpn Caig (^ikki e^ee Ci-iim, OWiebelle Ciirtin C^ifattheyr <\?aeep (S.b^ / /^ \ ^B Ir^J ^''' ^''^•^"^'^^'^ 
'lelle ^ednah. Q&hannon '\?e^ominici. ^erpn'^eeiorenso Antbonp ^eOWaio Danielle ^eOWaio &\icholas ^ennehp <:>Wegan tennis C^rian tennis. CMarpssa ^erouen <S^ricka^e<^ousa. OUegban ^olan. \^athar/ne ->?,1 1 \J | ^B / L^ J /«-,5^,/ Amaif 
figueiredo. Q^ennai^torini. oMichael (glares. Antbonp i:;^lopd. Gfilliam ^litke ^eab (^olloni. '^eiiise fuller, ^^teren (;^ambee. Ofilliami^ambnio Remits (^arabedian. O^arensi^ilbert Andrea c;^ilbnde i:^amieQ^ildea. O&iepb,. V__^ J ^m >i J >,v/,',, c^^j/*' <^i 

^stings, &aig <::^apes. <^en/amin Cholines. (Jonathan i::!f6oraii, ^hoiiias<:^iit(on. <3^ple iSrrine Q^enniferc^ackson. Angela (Johnson CMattbeie Queues tennis ^Kearnep 'CimolbpO^ellp cMeghan \3^cmiedp. O^atelpn OZennep Gfilb. X ~^^Z^ ^H L^""'^ J ''■i'ncl^^awson C 
IX. oMatlhev ^eottox-ics, Q^ean ^eresiptie Ashlee ^ibbp &.ebecca kittle. Adam ^one^an. <5^ianna ^ongo Angelica ^aeier Amanda^niberopoulos. ^imitnos OMastro. ^enna OMcAulifth <^renna cM'cOhbc ChristophcrCM'e-\?oih\.^^^^^^^K^ ■ CM'ceiaugblin. ( 

ieir&s AmandaCMerntt. (Jonathan oMorrill Chrep OWorrissep. Christine OMorrissep. oMichael OMotte. OMebssa OUoukalled. <:3f6attim &Cadeaii. Q^oseph &Ccenan Chelsea 0'Chnnell Q^tephen (Bbreira. &Cicholas "WeiieJo Czarina l^ein.^^^^^K^^^^^Mraris ■^omt'red, (^dtcani 
10. (;§regorp(^ich. ^ori (Robertson. Craig (Rogers. (Frederick (Rogers. oUarlena i^ollins. Q^amanfha &.osenbe^. cMatt (Rossini. Q&leren C^ussa. Christopher Qfiaccaaeh. (S.ran Qir>ehals. &!,'illa Q^eadder Ctitlpn Q^immans Christopher Qi^l.i.i: <yrteren (^mith. C^Wattheir Q&te^mape 
% Jeanne Cardie ^tepbanie'Cessier. O^ichacl'Churston. <3Zaia Colbert O^cnnelh'Commerrik Q&ean "Copoulos Daniel O^rndehep i^mdlep Q^tiujhn. C^pan C^ipvr '\?>erek GvAll Aaron G^lsb Lauren Golfers C-WeCKensie Q^bs/ei; darnel Gfik OZe/sepGSlJe. Q&amaiit/iaG^^ 
'i:AndretrAndresenAndreicAsci.i;£>regorpAsbbi/rn. ^imofhp C^arnabe. dKieholas O^arnes. (Justin <S^eallie Adam (^cglep ^oshua<^errp OWichael <^lunt Christopher C^oates. <Xerin i^osco Q&amanfha <^on(/i'frd Ot<iehael <5Sople OZaillpn <5^ophp cM'ollp <^ropdrick. Cj 
ke <^ritne» ^^urtM {^\^,ii.rb rfirn^M f?'hr,ct9S,.tmhrrl.t,» ™«->f „-.r /^/..r» C^r,,,., t^h.tfyt ~^^„l,.^„„.t t^Uor^^,,,,^ {^,A,,.l^l,.„^.,t^ ,^*--,.™ i~3...//,^ (W.,.-/. ^,^^/^.- ,^' „//..., r^//..,. 'm..„,.t^.ll^,^.., ^J ,,.„,/^.,v//- n:- .ri^h,«i^^.,.^ r^.t.1.. ^,^i^..«. r-tAA,AI, f?,.ri,,, r-W.titt,,^ <^l).if. 






pi^gewc^irep c^rcning 




er Creii Cdun^j Fdotkd Cheerieadln^ Indoor Track TmniiSd^rkf( Baiek(( Hockeij Baiketkf( Spring Track Fie(d Hockeij Soccer Crou Counfnj Fool 
k^i Baiekil Hockey- Baikefkd Spnnf Track Fie(d Hockeij Soccer Crou Commj- Foofkli Cheerieadln^ Indoor Track Tennis So^fkil Baiek(( Hockeij 

^ Indoor 7t'ack_ 
'kd Hockeu Ba^i' 
'Inj- Fool 
'leif- Baik, 

kiiChee, _ 

Footklt Cheer £eadL 
'erfeadi-n^ Indoor Tin 
■in^ Track Fieid Hock 
'dror Track Tennii So^ft 
Hockeij Soccer Cron 
:/j So^fkff BaieSaff F 
nj Soccer CroH Comfr^ 
k(i Ba^kil Hockeij Ba 
Crou CoMfrif Foofk(( Cheerieadi, 
'Frij' Foofki^^tmmm | ' ^PPPpP^^i/'^?// Hockeij Baikel 

lei/ BaikeFkmmmajgU/j^^ Crou Count nj Foofkff C/ieerft 

k(f Cheerieadin^ndoor /rack Tennii So^fktt BaiekfH Hockeij BaiketkfiSpi 
'lefkCl Spring Track Fietd Hockeij Soccer Crou Coimfrj Foofkii Cheerteadinj 

rkading^ i 
•ig Track Ft. 
or Track Te. 
i Hockej 
er Crou Coi 

; CounPrij Ft 

'ing Indoor 
■i^ Track Field Hok 
or Tack Tennis 
/ Hockej Soccer 
er Crou Counfi 

ilSo^fkefBaiekei Hockej Ba^ketkil Spring Tin 
Footk(( Cheerieading Indoor h 
'^fff Spring Track Field Hod 
'in J Indoor Track Tennis 
ck Field Hockej Soccer 
^rack TenniiSo^FkfCBaie/\ 
ei'd Hockej Soccer Crou 
ma So^Pkit Bankti Ht 
"kej Soccer Cron Conntrj F&i 
'ccer Crou Cou. 
kefkilSpt ^^ ■ mou Counfrj Fo. 

rieading InHmmmmH^^^^^^'^ ~ mkff Hockej Be 
Kg Track Fie^d HockejSo!l?^ii9iiff/fg^^j Foofki(Chei 

'or Track Tennis So^rkii Ba^ekit HocWf Baikefkii Spq 

/ Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj FoofkU Cheerteading In 

'J So0af/ Bajfkff Hockej BaMefkff Spring Track Fi 

•er Crou Coimfrj FooMt Cheer(eading Indoor Track E 

■^ Counfrj FOi 
^k(( Hockej 
tfrj FoofL 
'lei/ Baikef^ 

So^rklt Bankil Hockej Baikefkii Spring Track Fie^d HockejSmm^mig^nfrj FootkilCh. 

icer Crou Counfrj Foofk(( Cheerieadin^^M^i^^^^^^^^^^^-lockej Baikerk\ 

'^ff Baiekei Hockej ^'^^i|fl^HHRBH^^^^^^^^V^'^^^^^ Cheeriea. 

Counfrj Foofkff C/^^^^^^^^^^ '^^'^ffff^^^K^f^^ikefSaff Spring 

'^ Hockej Baikefk((^^^^P^\ ^ ■ ^.'(l^^^^^g^^^keerteadingTnd 

\spring Track F 
Indoor Track ■, 
Field Hockej -^ 
^ Tennii So^fk 
\Socccr Crou 
Counfrj Fool 
f^mck Trnin^ffkff Basekff Hockej 
rck'^FicM Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofkfi'C/i 
'Indoor Track Tennii So(,fk(( Baiek(( Hockej Baikefk . 
Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofkii Cheeriea 

q Baikefkff Spring 
Cheerteading Inn 
Track f 
'oor Track < 
^d Hockej t 
■nii So0k I 
'ounfrj Fool ' 
'kee Hockej . 
rkej Baikefk . 

ktS Baieket HOi 
i- Counfrj Foofk 

3aikefba{( Spring Track Field Hoc 

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UkefSaft Spring t 
^/leerfeading Ina ' 

tej Baikefkfi 
^efkifif Spring^ 
reading Indi 
ng Track Fie(i 
'or Track Ten, 
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a So^fki 'i 
'er Crou C 
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■i Counfrj 
ifrj Fooa 


nii Cheerteading Indoor 
■kef k(t Spring Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Cn 

ikefSatt Sprin^ 

Indoor Track TennU 

ck Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj 

Tack Tennii Sofjfktt Baiektt Hockej Ba i kef ktt Spring Track Fi 

' Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj FoofSatt Cheerteading Indoor Track ■% 

J Sofjfktt Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track Fietd Hoc key % 

'cer Crou Couttm^ofktt Cheerteading Indoor Track Tennii So(jfk i 

Banktt Hoc^^^^f^^^^ Tack Fietd Hockej Soccer Crom 

O'-'infrj Foof/h 

X'kcj Baikefi)^ 



Foofktt Checrteadi 


'ding Jndk 

aoor Ti 
Hcid Ht 

Tennii So^fktt Bi- 
Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofktt Ch 
tt Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track 
■i Counfrj Foofktt Cheerteading Indoor Track Tennii SofjfkttWaiektl I 
Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Fooi 
fij Foofktt Cheerteading Indoor Track Tennii So^fktt Baiektt Hockeij 
\j Baikefktt Spring Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofktt Ck ■ 

\ t 
liack Hi 

'H-' ^ciC 
i r-l^iSi 
•r CroiJ '« 

'fktt Cheerteading Indoor Track Tennii So^fktt Baiektt Hockej Baikefbi % 
Indoor Track Tennii So^fktt Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj FoofSatt Cheerten^ 
J? Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofktt Cheerteading Indoor Track Tennii So]fktt Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Sprini; « 
'^por Track Tennii So^fktt Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofktt Cheerteading M ' 
'"Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofktt Cheerteading Indoor Track Tennii So^att Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track / f- 
rteading Indoor Tack Tennii So] fSatt BaieSatt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Tack Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Counfrj Foofktt Cheerteading Indoor Taci' "' 
ng Track Fietd Hockej Soccer Crou Count rj Foofktt Cheerteading Indoor Tack Tennii So^att Baiektt Hockej Baikefktt Spring Track Fietd Hock Cji 

>adin^ Indoor Track Tennis So^Pl)a(( Baie/jad Hockeif Ba ike fijali Spring- Track Fieid Hockey Soccer Croa Comfrij' Foofbali Cheerkading Indoor Track let. 
'Spring Track Fi,e(d Hockeij- Soccer CroH Comfr^' Foofkii CheerCeadi,ng Indoor Track Tenni,i So^fk(( Baieki^ Hockeif BaikefdaK Spring Track Fieid Hoc 
Indoor Track Tennii So^fkd Baie/iali Hockeij Baikefiad Spring Track Fie(d Hockeg Soccer Croii Counfrg FoofSadCfieerkadlng Indoor Track TenniiSoi 
fack Field Hoc keij Soccer Cron Counlnj FooMl Cheerfeading Indoor Track TennH So^tiiail Baiekll Hockeij Baikefkil Spring Track Field Hockey Socc 
r Track Tennii So(jrkffBaiekft Hockcij Baikerktl Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Counrnj Foolkll Cheerleading Tndoor Track Tennii So^tkll 

i Hockeij Socce,^ 
mii Soi 
•ii Conn. 

'all Hock el 




\ In door 

^ndf$r Track Te> 
\k /Tld/'/orke// 
'iicimennu Se[l 
'oci^i Soccer Cr 

Tndoor Tra> 
Tack Field Hoc, 
Track Tennii 

'11 Soccer Croa < 

yon Counfrg'. 

'w II Hockey t^ 

'rrg FoofkllCh 

'Hockey Baiketkll Spmg Tracn Field Homey Soccer Cron^oimfry Fomall Cheerleading Imeor TrackTennii Sopkll Baiekll Hockey BaikefkllSp 
wlkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So(jlkll Baiekll Hockey Baikelkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Conn fry Footkll Cheerleading In 
'letkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Cron Country Foolkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii- So^lkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Fit 
"ading Indoor Track Tennii Sopkll Baiekll Hockey Baikefkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Coanlry Foolkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tei 
Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Foolkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hoc 
Indoor Track Tennii So f,tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii Soi 

mck Field Ho ^ 
" Track Tennii . 
' Hockey Socc Ci 
mii So^tkll 
■ Soccer Croa 
iall Baiekll 
a Country- FOi 
Hockey Baik. 
'otSall CheerlCi 
'Ctkll Spring I 
'ading Indoor 
Spring Track 
Indoor Track T\ 
dck Field Hoc 
• Track Tennii 
Hockey Socc. 
Soccer Croa 
kll Baiekll 
'■i Country Foot. 
Hockey Baik 
pfkll Cheerlec 
Indoor In 

Hockey Socc 

}nnii So^tkll 

Soccer Croa ( 


on Country-. 

'■ekll Hockey, 

ty Footkll Ch 


Cheerleading In 

spring Track Fit 

[ffdoor Track let 

Track Field Hot 

Track Tennii SOi 

^Id Hockey Socc 

Tennii SojjtSall 

if Soccer Croa i, 


Yoii Country 

'sk II Hockey . 


eerleading In 
ring Track Fit 
'p kiii jji'tf i/'^'f^/g#'^l'(^^ i^ ^Z^ g ^^fSS!S!^ ! ^^ trnv f^MHIfll^door Track let 

Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Tack Tnnii So()t kll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hot 
'ndoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^ 
ick Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii Sopkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Socc 
Track Tennii Sofjtkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tSall 
Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So]tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa < 
mii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So0all Baiekli 
Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country 
kll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey 
i Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Ch 
Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Sf. 
ftkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading In 
"tkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Tack Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Fit 
tding Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track let 
spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hol 
'idoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^ 
zck Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Trr^ ^t^'^rk'f ^^^'■ 
Track Tennii Sopkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoo, 
Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So]tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Fielc 
'nii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tenn 
Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soc 
''all Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^all^aieiall Hockey 
'■'' Tpuntry Footkll Cheerleading Indoor Track Tennii So^tkll Baiekll Hockey Baiketkll Spring Track Field Hockey Soccer Croa Country Footkll Ch 

roii i 

f Baiekll 

^ii Country 




First row: Devyn DeDominici, Samantha Bosco, Jamie Gilbride, Molly Brophy, 

Rachel Davison, Brittni Perry, Jessica Roberts. Second row: Coach Lisa Roberts, 

Jessica Damiano, Lindsay Egan, Amanda Peters, Kateiyn Costello, Sarah Valiant, 

Leah Hartwell, Samantha Wolfe, Keri Kingman 


Jessica Damiano, Molly Brophy, 

Devyn DeDominici 



First row: Amanda Willis, Kathleen Kenney, Joelle McKenna, 

Catherine Ema, Katelyn Dalto, Lauren LeBlanc, Caitlin Powers. 

Second row: Kristen Collins, April McFarlane, Jillian Neenan, 

Jenna Johnson, Michelle Kozak, Emily Kozak. 

Third row:Coach Denise Carrara, Brittany Amadea, Rachel Cobui 

Lauren Frew, Michaela Dunn, Kim Whiting, Nele Schulz, Sam Ri 

First row: Michelle Farrell, Channing Nomiinn, Hilary O'Kelly, Allison 
Basel, Christine Asci, Lauren Bombadier, Emily Goeres, Kim Ferrara . 
Second row: Coach Santina Turowski, Kirsten Nelson, Brittany Michaud, 
Jenay Martell, Lauren DeDominici, Monica Hennigan, Lauren Saccoach, 
Taylor DeGrenier, Emily Rodricks 

First row: Shane Murphy, Nick Venezia, Brian Dennehy, 
Pat Kelly, Brian Coyne, Mike Child, Chad Quaglia. 
Second row: Ryan Brasill, Craig Hastings, TJ Collins, Andrew 
Carey, Dave Pierce, Geoff Charland, Matt Curtain, Coach Cro- 

Captains Craig Hastings & 
TJ Collins 


:(^' ^ 









— rr" 


^^1 . "^ IIB 










First row: Elizabeth Ribeiro. Jordan McDermott, Stephanie Abiassaf, Kayia CotTman, 

Kelly Rogers. Second Row:Karen Zahka, Bridget Callahan, Kelly Kendrick, 

Lauren OTlaherty, Jessica Sproule, Colleen McLaughlin. Third Row:Coach Pam Ross, 

Elizabeth Fairburn, Sarah Mallett, Brenna McAuliffe, Meghan DeSousa, 

Courtney Powers, Kelsey Wile 

Amanda Corr. Katelyn Carey, Sarah Mckneill, Liz Tevis, Ashley Cloine, 
Colleen Reiv, Sheri Salvaggi. Angela Nocera, Meaghan O'Brien, Laikyn 
Nadolny, Lauren Carey,Jess Brodie, Janelle King, Amanda Venezia, Me- 
lissa Blood, Samantha Hines, Kelsey Lynch 


Karen Zahka, Colleen McLaughlin, 
Kelsey Wile 





First Row: Tim Beddia, Kyle Stetler, Fred Rogers, Corey Gilbertson, 

Jesse Masse, Jake Adams. Second Row: Ed Pomfred, Myles Tyrer-Vassell, 

Andy Sproule, Tom Horan, Mike Bouffard, Matt Vital, Adam Beattie, 

Chris Brigham, Steve Rossini 


do b i 

^ -) 

.' T^Vl^f J|| 


Fred Rogers, Adam Beattie, 

Steve Rossini 

First Row: Peter Norment, Josh Decosta, Brendan O'Brien, Tim Hill, John 
Stuckey, Will Shwartz Second Row: Kevin McLaughlin, Bobby McLaugh- 
lin, Tim Norment, John Hachey, James Adams, Nick Clark, Greg Giguere, 

Kevin Costello, Tom Pooler, Jake Ellis 


^^ JP_ ^1 

First row: Kelly Gildea, Vania Chan, Stephanie Gildea. Second Row: Coach 
Rebecca Duggan, Tiffany Clark, Katrina Milauskas, Jennifer Harvey, Kaitlyn 
Boyle, Kenny Rettman, Coach George McCabe 

Captains Vania Chan and Stephanie Gildea 

L)ot)5 (_^ro55 C^ountn 


^ '<«^ 'm 

First row: Tom Rollins, Michael Coles, James Kozak, James Cosby, 

John Shaughnessy, Michael Brack, Billy Cobbett. Second row: Kevin O'Brien, 

Nathan lUsley, Matthew Shea, Chris Donovan, Will Kenney. Travis Picklus, 

Gerald LeBrun, Mike Berry, Coach Geroge McCabe 


Chris Donovan, Will Kenney, 

Travis Picklus 


First row: Adam Yakavonis, Will Gambee, Corey Morrill, Dan Lauzon, Eric Wright, Derek 
Virgo, Mike Lawson, Brian Dennis, Dennis Jones. Second row: Paul Larkin, Chris Trask, 
Chris Boudreau, AJ Hoffman, Ryan Tevlin, Nathan Gilbert, Matt Anderson, Eric Medeiros. 
Third row: Ben O'Kelley, Joe Irvine, Matt Cepero, Mark D'Angelo, Kevin Boates, Craig 
Robertson. Fourth row: Brian Phillips, Jon Yerkes, Greg Baggett, Kyle Quinlan, , Anthony 
Garreri, Greg O'Sullivan, Nathan Brown, . Fifth Row: Mike Curtain, Kyle Buitenheys, Jon 
Gentile, Alex Lucier, Dan Fairbum, 



Alison Buitenlieys, Holly Benson, Chelsea Murphy, Valerie Martin. Second row:Ashlyn Johnson, 
Melissa Schatzl, Sydney Joyce, Jennifer Finerty, Krishna Hammond, Danielle LaFratta, Casey 
Monahan, Sarah Murphy. Third row: Amanda Hedlund, Megan Hennessey, Jennifer Irvine, Jane 
Larkin, Courtney Schatzl, Cassie Zimmerman. 

j , a* 






First row: Greg Asci, Ryan Tevlin, Mike Berry, Travis Picklus, Robert McLaughlin, Adam 
Yakavonis, Chris McCabe, Chris Cepero, Chris Donovan. Second row:Mike Brack, Chris 
Contre, Matthew Shea, Will Kenney, Ben O'Kelly, Brian Phillips, Kevin O'Brien, Bryans 
Stegmeyer, Fred Rogers. Third row: John Shaugnessy, Myles Tyrer-Vassel, Ben Knox, Brian 
Coyne, Andrew Carey, Pat Horrigan. Fourth row: Ed Pomfred, Tim Norment, Sean Tommer- 
vik, Tom Rollins, Kyle Quinlan, Nick Bonner, Rob Butler. Fifth Row: Coach Nate Charette, 
Alex Lucier, Kyle Buitenhuys, Anthony Gareri. 








r 1 

W\ 1 


^^\ K 





ns inaoor 




Molly Brophy, Liz Fairburn, Kaitlyn 

Boyle, Kaitlin Coles 


First row: Kaitlin Coles, Kaitlyn Boyle, Molly Brophy, Liz Fairburn. 
Second row: Mikayla Astor, Sarah McNeill, Colleen Reid, Kelly Kendrick, 
Channing Norrman, Hilary O'Kelly, Stephanie Abiassaf, Meaghan O'Brien, 
Allison Basel. Third row: Erina DePina, Vania Chan, Elyse Benner, Holly 
Benson, Amanda Corr, Kristen Collins, Lindsay Egan, Kathleen Kenney, Chris- 
tie Almeida, Sarah Mallett. Fourth row: Lauren LeBlanc, Erica DePina, Amanda 
Venezia, Emily Kozak, Erin Foley, Lea Signori, Sarah Valiant, Sam Rice, Lauren 
Carey, Kim Ferreira, Lauren Saccoach, April MacFarlane, Christine Morrissey. 


ys' basketb 


'.IP- . f 


• ^ A^l ^^ 


First row: Jessica Damiano, Devyn DeDominici, Kelsey Wile. 
Second row: Jessica Sproule, Lauren O'Flaherty, Kelly Harvey. 
Third row: Samantha Hines, Laikyn Nadolny, Lauren Frew, Jordan 

,J-^ \^\ 


C'_ -1 







Ivv '^ /jBs 

^ f^Ki^r 

» ^ 





1 ^j 



First row: Daniel Topoiilo^, livd Rogers, Andy Foster, TJ Collins, 
Ben 0'Kelly,Daniel Marble, Greg Baggett Second rowjon Merritt, 
Will Kenney, Tim Moukalled, Chris Connolly, Corey Loughlin, 
Nick DeMaio, Coach Patrick Cronin. 

First Row: Kelly Harvey, Sarah Mallett, Jamie Gilbride, Julie Brooks, Sam Wolfe, Jess Damiano, Keri 
Kingman, Brenna McAuliffe. Second Row: Jess Roberts, Jordan McDermott, Kelly Kendrick, Amanda 
Peters, Kelsey Wile, Karen Zahka, Taylor Richards. Third row: Coach Mike Dunphy 





1 , ^ 

g|i ^y 


^^^^K' -^B 

i /«y^*^ 



■^ ■ ■ "^'^ 

*^*»»'"^J^ -. » 

, ■.'>*^1 

First row: Will Brigham, Sam Phillips, Garrett Breheny, Pat Bishop, Dave Loomis, Dave Bombadier, Brian 
Hammond, Jon Ferbert, Eric Wright. Second row: Will Gambee, Chris Brown, Steve Haskell, Travi Picklus, 
Chris Donovan, Greg Asci, Chris Cepero, Mike Berry. Third row: Chris Brigham, John Dennehy, AJ Hoff- 
man, Ryan Tevlin, Tim Norment, Ed Pomfred, Anthony Flores, Kevin Clements. Fourth row: Devin Sulli- 
can, Mark D'Angelo, Tom Rollins, Nathan Illsley, Keith Piesco, Kevin O'Brien, Mike Brack, Chris McCabe. 
Fifth row: Myles Tyrer-Vassel, Justin Dodge, Joe Irvine, Matt Shea, Kevin Costello, John Shaugnessy, Alex 
Lucier, Jon Gentile, Coach George McCabe. 



First row: Shayna Neumann, Jenel DeGrenier, Katelyn Carey, Megan Brophy, Nicole West, Alysia 
Wakeman, Mikki Wakeman. Second row: Katelyn Costello, Kaitlyn Coles, Molly Brophy, Liz Fair- 
burn, Kaitlyn Boyle, Jenn Irvine, Erin Foley. Third row: Coach Dee, Kelly Rogers, Brittni Perry, Kim 
Campbell, Elyse Benner, Lycia Nadolny, Lauren Carey, Coach Darren Burkett. Fourth row: Christie 
Almeida, Lindsay Egan, Kayla Coffman, Angela Atwood, Rachel Cc^lburn, Kathleen Kenney, Megan 
Lincoln. Fifth row:Jillian Neenan, Elizabeth Ribeiro, Jennifer Finerty, Meaghan O'Brien, Kristen Col- 
lins, Stephanie Abiassaf. Sixth row: Samantha Rice, Sarah Valiant, April MacFarlane, Lauren LeBlanc. 
Seventh row: Christine Morrissey, Lea Signori 


. , L ' ■ 


^ HiUdnj Advance EBCTV Vearhffk /^if Cid NaHenat Hendr SgcMij- SAW SfudentSenak French Chii) HiHdnj Alilance EBCTV Veardeffk f^if Club N 
wr SdCletf SAW SUidenf SenaPe French CM Hlifm/ Alliance EBCTV Vearkok K^ij- Cluli NaUonal Hdndr SdCMtj- SAW SCudenP Senate French CM A 
ance EBCTV Vearhdk H^ij' CM NaHmal Honor Socle f if SAW SMdenf Senak French CM Hl^fortf- Alliance EBCTV Vearhok Keif CM NaUonal Mono 
)D Student Sen ak French CM HlHonj Alliance EBCTV Vearhok Keif CM National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French CM Hlitonj Alliance 
^book Keif Club National Honor Society SAW Student Sen ak French Club Hi it orij Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key CM National Honor Society SAW . 
ak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hiitory Alliance EBCTV Vearbt 
^ National Honor Society SAW Student Sen a k French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Sena t 
'i Hlitory Alliance EBjjjTV YearbooLiifp^ Ammm/fym- 'Si 
'or Society SAW Sti^^Scnatghrench Club Hutory^lliance 
ance EBCTV Yearb/ok /\cium/^atlonal Honor Soc^y SAW 
)D Student Sen a j T fl i n i >^^ b Wiitory Alliance EBC 
'book Key Club/^ational i\^^mitii Sdi^ Studn 


rie^ SAW 
\ude^LSrnifr Fi\ 
\Key (%L.blfatio\ 

{Senate , 

y Club 
\ch Club\ 
i Hono\ 

itlonal H\ipi 
tiitory Ai 
'Society Sf 

■nee EBQM^mrbook Key Club A 

\AW St^ntSenate French Club h 

EBCTV YearbooP^f^fflt^atlonal Hono 

'u dent Senate French ClubWiitory AlllanCi 

Keif Club t^S ^aJJjonJr Societu SAW 

ch ClitH^iitor^ 
Ik French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club HutorfAlliance EBCTV Yearbt 
f National Honor Society SAW Student Sen a k French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senat 

i Hlitory 
■or Sociei 
mce EB( 
)D Stude> 
kok Kcy\ 
itc Frenc, 
'i Nat ion a 
'i Hlitory 
or SociCi 
mce EBi 
)D Stude> 
'book Key\ 
2k Frenc, 
'j Nation, 
'i Hlitory 
or Socici 
uce EBi 
)D Studf, 
'book Key\ 
2te Frenc, 
'i Nation, 
'j Hlitory 
or Socici 
uce EB( 
)D Studek 
'book Key 

Key CM A 
mch Club k 
ry AllianCi 
ety SAW . 
' FT V Yearbt 
dent Senat 
Key Club A 
'nch CM / 
onal Hond 
■if AlllanCt 
ty SAW . 
\CTV Yearbt 
dent Senate 
Key Club A 
mch Club / 
onal Ho nt 
ry AllianCi 
ety SAW . 
\CTV Yearbt 
dent Sena/' 
Key Club A 
'nch Club / 
onal Hon t 
ry AllianCi 
ety SAW 


Ik French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Clu/j Naitvnal Honor Society SAW Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbt 
^ National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senal 
^ Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club A 
or Society SAW Student Senate French CM Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Keif Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club / 
ance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Hont 
)/0 Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory AllianCi 
'book Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW . 
%k French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbt 
'i National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senal 
^ Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club A 
■or Society SADD Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club / 
ance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Ky Club National Hont 
)D Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SAW Student Senate French Club Hlitory AllianCt 
-book Key Club National Honor Society SADD Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD . 
ak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD Student Senak French Club Hlitory man ce^TV Yearbt 
'i National Honor Society SADD Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Socu^^DD ^^mt Senat 
^ Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EP"^^^ £\ Club A 
'or Society SADD Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD S . ^ , ; '""^' >^lub t 
ance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV YearF [ 

)D Student Senate French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD Student Senate /^ J I _ ;~5j , 

'book Key Club National Honor Society SADD Student Senak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Key Club National Honor Society SADD . 

ak French Club Hlitory Alliance EBCTV Yearbook Kf Club National Honor Societii SADD Student Senak French Club Hntorii Alliance EBCTV Yearbt 

'/ -^lub 

■ I Hont 


Front row: Sarah DeMello, Karena Garabedian, Elizabeth Fairburn. Second row: Sam Bosco, Brittni Perry, Mike 
Harvey, Kelsey Hacker, Kaitlyn Coles, Jenna Johnson, McKenzie Walters, Loraine Burger, Summer Moukalled. 
Third row: Alex Allen, Matt Smith, Sam Piesco, Jaclyn Hefferon, Meghan Davis, Jenay Martell, Alex Nordberg, 
Amanda Willis, Kimberly Whiting, Lindsay Kelly, Kate Conant, Joelle McKenna, Christine Morrissey, Lauren 
LeBlanc, Tom Horan, Bethany Phillips, Megan Lincoln, Kara Thurston, Sam Piesco, Stacey Hamilton, Jenna 
DeChristo, Nick Bonner, Mariamie Kearney, Brittany Michaud, Kyle O'Neil. 



First row: Samantha Wolfe, Jessica Damiano. Second row: TJ Collins, Elizabeth Fairburn, Jamie Gilbride, Brenna 
McAuliffe, Devyn DeDominici, Molly Brophy, McKenzie Walters, Juliamia Chaves. Third row: Fred Rogers, Ed 
Pomfred, Tim Kearney, Karen Zahka, Craig Hastings, Jessica Chamberlain, Will Kenney, Brad Vandehey, Briana 
Lonergan, Tom Horan, Andrea Gilbert, Matt Smith, Stacey Hamilton, Ben Hayes, Vania Chan, Stephanie Gildea. 

Student Senate 

First row: Sam Wolfe, Craig Hastings, TJ Collins, Karen Zahka. 

Second row: Shannon Dednah, Leah Fluke, Will Kenney, Leah Hartwell, Jessica Damiano, Matt Smith, 

Liz Fairburn, Jamie Gilbride, Mike Bouffard, Matt Rosenberg, Kristen Collins, Lauren Bombadier, 

Devyn DeDominici, Meaghan O'Brien, Jess Roberts, Sonia Grosman, Rachel Davison, Lindsay Egan, Ben Hayes, 

Stephanie Stephens, Brittni Perry, Chris Donovan, Emily Brady, Stephanie Rollins, Tim Norment, 

Norah Kleckner, Cody Bourne, Ryan Brasill, Danielle Tardie, Sam Rollins, Alex Nordberg, Tom Horan, 

Meghan McPartlin, Emily Kozak, Nathan Illsley, Michelle Kozak, Robert Butler, Kevin Costello, Andrew Carey, 

John Shaugnessy 


First row: Derek Virgo, Mike Lawson, Ryan Egan. Second row: Jon Merritt, Mr. Fairfield, 
Chris Cepero, Matt Rosenberg, Ben Hayes, Karena Garabedian, Mike Bouffard. 


"A.n (S^l 6 ^ant Affair" 
Q&emi (^^ormal (^ehruarp 11, 2006 

Craig Hastings 

Brenna McAuliffe 

Tom J-ioran 

lannon Deana 
Business Editor 

Jamie Gilbride Elizabeth Fairburn 


Molly Brophy 

McKenzie Walters Samantha Wolfe 

Wilson Phillips Tribute Band 

Kathleen Kenney Kayla Coffman Stephanie Rollins 

Glenglarry Glenross Dept. 

Jenna Johnson Joelle McKemia 

Young Padawans 

Mr. T 
Dear Leader 




^^" - — _, 




To my beloved stdtt: 

It's hard to believe that it's already May. Especially because it's only 
December; but it's May as you are reading this, so I guess that's close 
enough for jazz. We've had an odd year, what with the yearbook office 
being moved into a locker cin the sophomore hallway and all. But I think 
we've made the best of it. 

To our newest staff members, McKenzie, Molly and Sam— thank you 
for all your hard work, even if was usually reading books for AP Eng- 
lish. Sam, I'm glad you and I realized that we were on "the same side;" 
I'm awful proud of the person you've become. McKenzie, sorry I lacked 
insight into the works of Elie Wiesel. And to Molly, my protege-nothing 
beats being a Brophy. It's been fun getting to spending time with all of 

Elizabeth and Jamie-you've done a great job stepping up to the plate; 
thanks for signing up for a voyage on what turned out very quickly to be 
a sinking ship. Jamie, special thanks for being a Jedi master, teaching our 
young Padawans the way of the yearbook. Shannon, thanks for making 
sure my hair was always cut. 

Craig- You've outgrown your young punkdom somewhat and proven 
yourself responsible in ways that aren't immediately evident on a year- 
book page. I can easily imagine you returning to EBHS in ten years for a 
visit and the two of us having a knock-down drag-out fight about which 
of us is more awesome. I'm looking forward to it. 

Tom-Lome Michaels, producer of Saturday Night Live, has always 
said that he's glad to see cast members move on from the show, that he'd 
rather see them go before they got sick of him or he got sick of them. He 
made an exception though for Dana Carvey, saying that he wanted him 
to stay forever, that he knew that Carvey would never let him down, that 
he'd never get sick of him. I know I can always rely on you Tom, and if 
I could keep one of you forever— you'd be my Dana Carvey. Thanks for 

Brenna- Craig does the computers, Tommv takes the pictures,Shan sells 
the ad space. But if someone were to ask me what Brenna McAuliffe's role 
in the production of the yearbook is, I'd be hard-pressed to explain it to 
them. But you know; I'm not sure if a yearbook needs a heart and soul, but 
I am positive that the yearbook office doesn't feel like home unless you're 
there 90 minutes a day, as you have been for the past two years. You will 
be much missed. 

Someday one of the four of us will write about all the misadventures 
that have taken place in the making of these two books. Needless to say, 
June 6th will be quite a sad day for this humble advisor. Luckily I will 
have these pages, and the memories I have of their creation to console me. 
I wish you all the best. 

Mr. T 

I Remember You Kids Before You Were the 
2005 Patriot League Cliampions 

Thanks for another terrific season, ladies. It's difficult to imagine being more proud of a 
group of individuals than I am of the lot of you. Thanks for letting me be your fake coach 
this past year. Best of luck to everyone, especially Molly, Jessica, Devyn, Samantha Wolfe, 
Jamie, Keri, Katelyn, Sam Bosco, Leah and Loraine. Until next time, I remain. 

Your #1 Fan, 

Mr. T 
PS- Sorry I didn't bake more this season. 


^^^^K-^^ ', ''^y^^^^^^^^^Bi'H^^^^^^^^^^I 

Were very proud of you. Best of 

luck to you and the Class of 2006. 


y^ollo'SS) your dreams. Ton ki)Y all it tal^s 


to succeed. Tou )y made us Ipeiy proud. 

Mom, Dad and Kathleen 

J^oy>e, .Mom eP T>ad 

* JtvJ^L 

Tom Horan Presents: 

Goin' To The Gun Show 

t (j 

WL ..A 

As alwayg-The Torch Staff Gxtends 
our deepest and most heartfelt thanks 

to Mr. Jamfl Siddfqui for his tireless 

dedication and hardwork on our behalf 

If a man and a yearbook could have a 


PS- Thanks for the cookies. 

"Let's clean up I 
this freakshow!" 

Homecoming Queen Molly Brophy, 
October 22, 2005, 11:05pm 


Congratulations on 
your graduation from 
E.B.H.S.! You made us 
proud and every year 
with all your effort 
and accomplishments. 
Have a wonderful life! 
We love you! 
Dad, Mom, Greg, 
Maggie,and OUie 



Aim high Si do the right thing! 

With lots of lovC/ 
Dad/ MoiTiy Pat/ 61 Tim 

All the best to the 
Class of 2006! 


It seems like you just had 
your first day of school 
and now you're already 
graduating. Time flies 
when you're having fun, 
huh? We're wishing you 
success and happiness 
in vour future. Keep on 
With much love, 

Dad, Mom, Steph + Linds 



The Library- 
It's where the fun be at! 


(^ou have such character, integrity, and kindness. 

Ve marvel at the person you are. We love you. 


.ove. Mom, Dad, Elizabeth, Allison 


\X/fe love you 165 tiixies 


Love— Dad, Mom, 
AntHony, and Melissa 


It seems like only yesterday I held you in my arms and now 
you're graduating high school. Where has the time gone? 
You have brought such love and joy into our lives. You are 
an amazing son and a great brother, we are so proud of the 
wonderful man you have become. You have a big heart; keep 
it filled with love and happiness. We are proud of all your 
accomplishments and the choices you have made in your life. 
Anthony, the road of life is never easy but you have the drive 
and determination to achieve your goals and dreams. Believe 
in yourself: the future awaits you. The opportuniies are end- 
less, so work hard, have fun, and enjoy life. We know you will 
have success in whatever you choose to do. Looking forward 
to you next journey in life. 

Congratulations. We love you. 
Mom, Dad, and Ashley 



We are p<? pvoxid of you'. We amlMi't 
koA/e aA^ed for a btUe:r cUM-dvterr or 
U'fher. You briiuj joy mto our iU/e^ 
en/eryday. You kcwt arotmifrdw. 
our UA/eei LUtU aLrt Uvto a. wMwre 
omA l^zaAAA:ifui yoxuuj -w^vkmi. Sdr 
your aoaU hiak- you are caimMe 
of re-ocluAUj tk&m. KenteiMJ^tr tkat 
Mfkat ever you do or wkerer\/er you 
ao, -ure will always l?t there for you. 
MoU: lAM^^rrtoMiy, alumyi be true to\ 
yourself omA don't choM^e. We Un/e 
you the amy you are! 


AAofK, Dad, MajttaMA Kevin 

Our Utile Jecca Marij! 
f>ei ijou goah high and ljou 
will achieve! We love ljou 
and are veni f^roud of our 
Uttle$t ^abui OirIT 
love, \Padd\Ji & Momma 

Gike <9 Gike 

Together as toddlers 

Together as teens 

Together as graduates 

Friends Fr family always. 

We could nt be more proud then <9 now! 

Its been a joy! 

Love- Mom & Dad (Auntie Laurie & Uncle John) 
& Mom (Auntie Moe) 


From fhe^tnfdaij o^ ^chml fM Phe 
fa^'f, pu hai/c made u^ ^'V protidl Sfaij 
fnie tG ijdunef^, pu area katiU- 
\ ^iil penon tnudeand ouf. Know fhat 
whereirer pup, whak\/er pu do, we'Si 
aCwap' k n^hfhere ^or pu. 
Ld\/e, Mom, Dad, Heat^her and Und\ 

Since If dii were ij dim ^, ijmireie^Hnij waHd 
kcomea mrid ciai'Hhe(..Meii, ndw ijm 
are &n ijGur waijff K^ep ijdiir Wong- mrk 
efhic, If our HnH d( humor and if our con- 
fidence in ai^ijou do- then Mccei'^ wiiik 
ifour^f Weaiiioireifou and wi^hijou much 

Mom, Dad, JuMn and Laura 

How to Make a Yearbook in 7 Steps, 
by Samantha Wolfe, age 17 

Here are seven simple steps to help you make a fabulous yearbook: 
Step 1: You take two pieces of chewing gum, and stick 'em in your mouth. Step 2: Chew like crazy. Step 
3: Start to exhale through your mouth, forming a bubble. Step 4: Continue blowing a bubble. Go very 
slowly. Step 5: Continue exhaling until the bubble can no longer hold, and it explodes all over your face. 
Step 6: Clean gum off face. Step 7: Now make a yearbook. See? Easy as pie! 


If playing video games were a career 

choice, you would be a n^illionaire! 




Drench yourself in words unspoken. 
Live your life with arms wide open. 
Today is where your life begins. 
The rest is still unwritten. 

By Natasha Bedingfield 

Love you to pieces. 

Mum, Dad, and Rhiannon 

|Congratulations Brenna! 

I hope you realize how many 

special memories youVe made 

for us and how many times we 

have been proud to say, 'That's 

our daughter!'' 

We love you! 
Dad, Mom and Jay. 



(1 /.. 



Communication Link 

Newsletters. Brochures* Wedding Programs 


Beth Hayes 

Jane Haines 

Through the years of joy from our little boy 

you've grown to be a man. 

You've set you goals, you're in control, 

your future's in your hands. 

We wish you well but we can tell 

our luck you do not need. 

You're on the right track, just follow the path, 

we know you will succeed. 

As you open doors success will be yours, 

ladders you will be climbing. 

You always be our little boy, 

our Sir Prince Charming. 

Love, Mom and Dad 



• .^^^H 1 I^^^^H 





^' 3825869 


W \ 







The Official Photographer of 
East Bridgewater High School 






do <& i^^lUMlDliil. 

t>87 Central Street 




(508) 378-327G 




specializing in 

Photo Collages 

OVD Picture Slideshows 

na^eoding photography 

Cljstomizeo Photography 





l/Okm^ QJ434JL J2j(mk ^jdsdy 


3^ initial/y intended to use this space to Verite a letter to the Qlass 0/2006, a class 
that 31 hd)>e ^wv^n for the past six years. 3 felt there yeas a lot J yoanted to say to the 
seniors, but hd\x' since decided that it might be better if U instead let a camera do the 
tall(ingfor me. The first fes^ pages are pictures you submitted for inclusion in the year- 
boo^ from the (fentral (^chool and the 'J\Ciddle ^^chool, but ^entually the pages begin 
to fill up yfith photos J hdlpe taken in my time vcith you at the ihCigh (^chool. They 
say a picture is ''^orth a thousand "^ords, and in that spirit, U offer the 0ass of 2006 
these photos in their place. Ut has meant a great deal to me to yporl^ VDith you seniors 
olper these past fevs> years. 7'm glad to hd\>c captured so much of that time vpith these 

'J)iCy best ypishes to the 0ass of 2006. 

iJhCr. Tressel 

I ' •? 

/4r / tovk bade ok cww senior year at Ea/st Bnd^e^umttr Hlak Sckaui, t coMMMirkeip Imtfe^ a ^en^ of 
pHde Lit ike CUm of 2006. 1 hoA/e amtcked our cLom eM)iA/t ovtr tke '^<wt sckovi year jr&ui. a coCUdtUm, 
ofclujiies omA dvdes offHenM iMto ovu larae extended fTmiMy. We area.fMKUy who aver tke cour^ 
oftkese jmr years ka^ arowK Uvto an amAzUia ayouf> ofUuiUnMuiU lirko will all enteraefr&m. Ba/U 
BncUewater Hiak Sckoui to bzaUi a new and exdHna 'pko/ie of our iU^es. AUkauAi laany ofiu will 
ao in different dlredtion^, -we wOi alt carry with u^ iMAny imuUr ntevuiories fr&m. our tim£ at East 
Bridgwater Hiak Sckoui. Can you renteHihtr kowyou feit tke fivit doj/ offre^h/KtKyear? HaA/tn't 
we aliarown, io iMAAxk Unce tken.? Wkeret/er wejofr&m kere, wkeiker it i^ kiali,er eduxuvtloK, enter- 
ina tke woric force, or sennna in tke iMAUtary, we are now tke fre^h^ten once aaatn. We wUi alifaxi^ 
new ex^erienx^, wkick we will Learn jr&m, and that will keip us to contiiuu to arow. We can net/er 
itot> l^earnMia. We can net/er itoP arowina. We iMAAst take advantage ofex/ery om^ortunity tkat life mm/ 
offer eaxJi ofws. Embyax:^ tke future, Imt nei/erforaeir where you cajm^frovn. Our education at East 
Bnd^ewater Hiak SckooiwiUbetkefowMationforeuery endeoA/or we atteuiy^, et/ery UMy^{\Me in tke 
road, and ei/ery dream, tkat we chase fortke rest of our LU/es. 

Wishmayou alt ike best. 
Your class President, 
Karen Zakka